Digital Playground is one of the most successful porn networks on the planet. They’ve become world-famous for creating only the very best in HD porn videos!

The extremely high standard that Digital Playground holds themselves to is further evidenced by their winning the “Oscar Quality Award” back in 2015! They’re among some of the most prestigious & beloved porn studious currently dominating the industry – and for good reason!

If you’re a TugBro who values blockbuster production quality, big-budget porn parodies and want to get access to over 4,000 porn videos in full HD then boy do I have an exciting deal for you!

Digital Playground is currently offering an exciting 2-Day Trial for all new users! 

If you’re at all intrigued by what the Digital Playground network has to offer, right now you can get 2 days of full access to their massive porn library for only 1$!

This means you get a full 48 hours to try out their premium service before signing up for their monthly subscription service! You can cancel at any time once your trial begins – or if you decide to continue your service, you can opt to choose from any of their premium membership offers that we’ll touch on later!

Now I want to break down exactly how you can redeem your 2-Day trial step by step. Sit back, relax and let’s get tuggin’!

Redeem Your 2-Day Trial (Step by Step)

First things first, you’ll want to click the button above to be redirected to the Digital Playground homepage!

Step 1

Once you’ve redirected to the Digital Playground homepage, spend a few minutes checking out the naughty images on-screen to get a taste of what you’re about to get access to!

To activate your 2 Days of full access, you’ll first want to click the eye-catching banner with the text “2 Days For 1$” (ex.below)

Alternatively, you can click the green “Join Now” button in the top right!

Step 2

Upon clicking either the button or banner above, you’ll be brought to this screen:

Above are the various membership options for the Digital Playground network. It’s worth looking through them as you’ll be prompted to continue your service once your trial ends – but this is 100% optional.

You’ll want to highlight the “2 Days Membership” option highlighted in red, then click the blue “GET ACCESS NOW” button to move on to the final step!

Step 3 (Final)

Now that you’ve chosen the 2-Day trial option, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment info.

Keep in mind that the Digital Playground Network is 100% safe & secure and your information won’t ever be shared with anyone. Don’t worry about receiving any strange emails or charges on your card either, DP values your privacy!

Upon entering your information, you’ll have unlocked your 2 days of full access to the thousands of HD videos that Digital Playground and their partnered sites have to offer!

You can cancel your service at any time before your 2-day trial has ended, though if you enjoy your trial, I highly recommend signing up for the 12-month annual subscription. You’ll get an entire year to explore their vast porn archives for only 10/$ month!

Final Thoughts 

That’s all she wrote! Now that you’ve finished signing up, you’ve got a full 48 hours to figure out if it’s the right porn subscription for you!

Let us know in the comments what some of your favorite Digital Playground videos are and if you’re satisfied with their premium service!

If you’re interested in further exploring your options, TugBro has a couple more guides to signing up for porn trials that I’ll link to below!

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