If you’re an avid tugger like myself, you’ve probably come across a few pop-up ads for “Watch My GF” at some point in your tuggin’ career. It’s happened to me multiple times and every single time it happened, I automatically clicked on the red X button. Not because I wasn’t interested, mind you, just because it was getting in the way of my stroking. 

Well, a few years passed, and I still came across Watch My GF again, and again. Finally, I gave into my curiosity… and ever since, I gotta say, I’ve changed my opinion on the site. Of course, they still use the same aggressive marketing techniques such as employing trillions of pop-ups and fake chain websites that lead to it, but now there’s one crucial difference – I’ve seen their mouth-watering content!

And trust me, this is a site worth signing up for if you’ve ever had someone break your heart. Yep. This is where all the ex-girlfriends are, along with all those Facebook harlots you keep eyeing but never actually talk to. Let’s take a more in-depth look at Watch My Girlfriend, and find out what’s it’s all about!


What Is Watch My GF?

Well, the revenge porn concept seems to be the picture this site is trying to paint for its users. The reality is, the content on Watch My GF isn’t completely user-submitted. Of course, as that’s kind of their thing, they will accept user submissions, and publish those pics and/or clips, but they also scour Tumblr and other sites to get the very best amateur content, as well as receiving content from a vast array of professional porn sites, with titles modified to fit their amateur niche. 

WatchMyGF began in 2008 as an amateur website, but they quickly outgrew their primary goal and started accepting professionally-made content through their partners as well. This meant that eventually, most of the content on the site would be professional.

Today, there are over 4,000 amateur porn videos with 8,000 galleries to browse through on Watch My GF, with the videos lasting anywhere from three to fifteen minutes each, and each gallery containing anywhere from five to eighty pics. As you may have guessed, that’s a whole tug-load of content, and you’ll have a hard time ever running out of stuff to watch. 

In addition to that, Watch My GF has also partnered up with the Amaland Network which adds an extra 17 sites to their membership offer, multiplying their provided content by a lot. Basically, this site is meant to be the final destination of anyone looking to unload some pics or vids of ex-girlfriends, as well as anyone looking for hidden stashes of content made by their significant other.

There’s even a “Delete my GF” page at the bottom! Since the site seems to be moving more towards professional content, I doubt it’s been used it in quite a while, but they do maintain it. This is part of the Watch My GF code – if someone wants to delete specific content that they uploaded (or if some girls find themselves on the website), they can message the site and Watch My GF will take the content down immediately.

Pretty nice for a revenge porn site, right? Let’s talk about what you can expect during your experience browsing the amateur porn with a subscription from Watch My GF. 


What Makes It Special?

Aside from all the content that you’d regularly get from Watch My GF, you also get access to over 5,000 porn DVD’s of all types via their 23 DVD sites. Watch My GF may be notorious for their persistent marketing techniques, but once they get you to join, you won’t want to leave simply because of the vast amount of content you receive!

Anyway, the site has several other special features – they allow you to stream as well as download all of their content, there are daily updates of at least a few galleries and some videos, and a good portion of the material is in full HD. As this site is around 12 years old right now, most of the older content isn’t in good quality for today’s standards, but at least we can see it in its original form and reminisce on the pioneer days of internet porn.

They do have brand new content in high quality as well as quality-enhanced older content to make up for the abundance of pixels on some of the older videos. Trust me – you’ll have plenty of material for tuggin’ your man meat.

The girls on this site are usually featured in all the types of situations you’d expect for an amateur/voyeur/revenge site. Ex-girlfriends in all kinds of wacky adventures – anal, oral, lesbian, spanking, toys, orgasms and everything in between. This even includes stuff like emo sluts, MySpace (people still use that?!) and risque Facebook pics. They even have some controversial cherry popping porn, which is a bit rarer, but still non-exclusive.

Additionally, all the sites connected to Watch My GF are girlfriend-themed sites as well, which means you’re getting access to a huge amount of niche content you’ll probably never gonna be able to finish. So, in order to set yourself up with infinite tug-material from this site, let’s see what it’ll cost you.


How Much Does It Cost?

Watch My GF is one of those sites that is so confident in their work that they let you test out their features for a tiny fee before signing up. This means that you’ll be able to get a 24-hour trial period for only 1$ during which you can peruse the site’s content and decide if you wanna go for the full membership.

Click here to take advantage of their 1-Day trial for 1$!

Once your 1-Day trial ends, you have three options:

  • $27.95 for 1-month
  • $59.97 for three months ($19.99 per month!)
  • $95.95 for a full year ($7.99 per month – best offer!)

Whichever one you pick, you’ll get a recurring fee so if you don’t want to pay for it anymore, you can just cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

You can pay for Watch My GF through credit card, but not cryptocurrency or any other older form of payment. Also, these are all billed at once, so if you wanna get an entire year, you have to pay for it now instead of on a monthly basis. I know, I know, it’s not my favorite feature either, but trust me – with this much content in one specific niche at your disposal, you won’t care either!

Is WatchMyGF Worth It?

I know you’re probably wondering if this is the site for you, so let me try to answer that for you before we wrap this up. 

Do you have an ex-girlfriend who may have online pics you’re not aware of? Then yes. 

Would you like to watch amateur babes get pummeled? Then, also yes. 

Are you just in the mood to watch gorgeous teens do the dirtiest imaginable shit in the sheets? Yes, definitely.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then yes, WatchMyGF will definitely be worth it.

If you’re more interested in MILFs or GILFs, this probably isn’t the site for you. Otherwise, go check it out, you won’t regret it!

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