Note to airlines: This is what happens when you don’t supply enough in-flight entertainment … and the toilets are full … and you seat us next to a female … whose tears of horror could be confused with … tears of delight?

Most women could be accused of sending us guys mixed signals at times, but screaming and calling for help is a pretty strong ‘no’ right?

Monica Amestoy, 18, has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines, in which she has claimed that a male passenger seated across the aisle from her exposed his penis to her during the flight and masturbated, reported.

She was flying back to L.A, from a high school debate tournament in New York.

Amestoy told Allread that she complained to a flight attendant multiple times but they did nothing to stop the man.

She asserted that neither was she moved from her place nor was the passenger addressed in any way.

Amestoy said the man stopped masturbating for a while when the flight attendant was nearby, but quickly resumed once the flight attendant left.

The man in question has since been arrested, prosecuted, and convicted in connection with the alleged crime.


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