We’re lucky enough to live in a new era of identity acceptance and in the past few decades, bros everywhere have accepted that it’s completely normal for girls to have dicks and that you can tug to them, guilt-free.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s also perfectly normal for guys like us to want to see a train of 15 girls all fucking each other in the ass with their respective dongs. Yeah, I know you’ve looked for it. I’ve looked for it too. Where else are you gonna see a t-girl train if you don’t specifically browse for it?

Anyway, the deeper you go into she-males, the more you realize that of course, there’s content out there, just nowhere nearly as much as any other type of porn. But I think that sexy babes that happen to have purple-headed tuggers don’t deserve to be last and that the trans girl scene has plenty to offer the world in creativity, sensuality and overall content appeal.

Well, today we’re gonna have a little lesson on acceptance for the trans community all while tugging ourselves out to the majestic mix of permanent anal, superior blowjob skills, and gleaming surprise cocks. Let’s talk about TransAngels.


What Is TransAngels?

Whatever type of porn you may be into, before signing up for a site, you have to know what you want to watch.

When it comes to trans porn, in particular, TugBros can choose to watch any of a large variety of niches – Thai LadyBoys, holiday bang sites, professional sites (make-up and unintended comedic effect included), and then there are sites like Trans Angels, which don’t do any of the weird shit and just concentrate on making their site literally the same as any other porn site – except with transgender girls instead of the typical vagina-bearing pornstars!

Is that politically correct enough, guys? I’m trying, c’mon.

Anyway, the niches on TransAngels offer you the same currently popular “scenario” categories such as step-sibling porn, roommate porn, POV, intruder porn, etc. But, in terms of variety and sexual inventiveness, the videos on TransAngels don’t lag behind their heterosexual counterparts – these videos are fun to watch, everyone has a secret cock, they’re all light-hearted and people get filled up with cum like oil drums. Y’know, fun for the whole family! Quite literally, in some videos on this site…

Basically, if it’s part of the “vanilla” way that trans people usually have sex, it’s on this site. Videos of rimming, BJ’s, HJ’s, full-blown parodies and anal cream-pies galore – and you’re gonna have a ton of fun tuggin’ to all of them and milking yourself dry at the same time as literally every person in the video!

The problem that prevented t-girls from joining the widespread discourse in porn – until now – was that straight guys couldn’t really identify themselves with banging a dude in a wig in the ass. But thankfully, that’s the past.

When you fire up TransAngels and scroll through the videos, you start to realize that times really have changed, and the way people transition from one sex to another is far more aesthetically pleasing for everyone involved. Well, this site holds only transitioning transsexuals who by the wonders of modern medicine, make-up and all-natural, present incredible beauty that proves to be a challenge for even the straightest of TugBros to resist! If you think you’re “too straight” for these lovely trans girls, try picturing one of them slobbin’ on your tugger. What are you gonna do, push her away?

TransAngels is a bridge for people from other sexual orientations to get into trans porn as categories like “Trans Girl Fucks guy” and “Trans Girl Fucks Female” are extremely popular. While this may be unintentional, it connects people and gives trans porn, in general, a much wider audience than ever before. So, how does this site work and what makes it better than other trans porn sites?

What Makes TransAngels Special?

At the time of writing this article, TransAngels offers 247 videos with a total of 62 models, with more videos and models being added every week. Before writing this, I was researching the site and noticed that just a year and a half ago, it had under a hundred videos. This means they’ve expanded production by a lot and now publish 6-7 videos every month, with every clip having a minute-long preview available for free.

The categories offered at TransAngels include a ton of the sort of variety you’d expect – anal creampies, blowjobs, sex toys, bondage, ass licking, 69, doggy style, massages, parodies, POVs, T-girls fucking guys, girls or other she males, masturbation videos, facials, and of course, for you Tarantino fans out there: feet.

The TransAngels site is fully responsive so it can be accessed from nearly any type of device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The video quality is always HD so you can get a good look at those anal trains, and the videos are regularly updated which means there’s a stream of regular content incoming for all those that subscribe to the Premium membership. Let’s look at the cash options at TransAngels – because every site out there has something special they can sell!

How Much Does It Cost?

When you use our link to sign up, all TugBro’s can redeem a 2-day trial offer for 1$ so you can get a taste of what TransAngels has to offer before committing to a permanent subscription!

In general, when you look at a free site that also offers a premium option, that almost always means it’s even better than all the free stuff. That’s certainly the case with TransAngels as well, as their premium subscription offers full and unlimited access for the duration of the paid membership.

That means all of their videos streamable in HD, all photo sets opened to browsing and all new updates as well – for the duration of the membership. Aside from the standard plan options, bros looking to tug one out on the move should know that it costs $15 to be able to download the full videos instead of streaming them online.

When I was writing this review, TransAngels had a 25% yearly discount called “Anti-Valentine’s Day”. However, generally, their plans are pretty simple. You can pay via credit card or via cryptocurrency and there are some differences in the plans available for both payment options.

For example, when paying via credit card you can get:

  • 1 month for $29.99
  • 3 months for $19.99 per month (billed in one payment of $59.99)
  • 12 months for $7.49 per month (billed in one payment of $89.99)

However, if you’re paying with cryptocurrency, you can choose between:

  • 1 month for $29.99
  • 12 months for $9.99 per month (billed in one payment of $119.99)
  • 5 years for $8.33 per month (billed in one payment of $499.99)

TransAngels is a site that takes fetishes and niches that have generally been regarded as straight and shows that they can be tug-worthy in literally any context, with the trans option being among the most enticing.

I know there are times when you might tell yourself – “that’s a dude, this is gay”!

Don’t be that guy. To use the words of the legendary Doug Stanhope, “how much surgery is one person supposed to have before I’m not gay for liking it?”

Exactly this much.

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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