Humans are strange creatures, they hardly ever agree on anything, even when they do agree on something – their opinion on why they agree differs. Except when it comes to blowjobs. Blowjobs are simple and enjoyable for everyone for the same reason: they feel good. The sucking, licking, light nibbles, deep throating, we can all agree that it feels amazing.

Fleshlight clearly understood this and created the Swallow line. This is a line of Fleshlights that come in styles designed after the mouths of some popular Fleshlight Girls.

There are currently swallow fleshlights for models such as Tori Black, Jenna Haze, Misty Stone, Stoya, Tera Patrick, Teagan Presley, Riley Steele, Jesse Jane, Lisa Ann, and Asa Akira to name a few.

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While every orifice has a unique look, the texture remains the same.

Pushing past the opening and seeing the lips envelop my penis is the only difference between all of them. I love seeing the specific lips of each porn star wrapped around my cock, but the lack of a different feeling once inside doesn’t take away from the experience. If anything, it just provides the same blowjob across the board. I change up the experience by adjusting the suction via the cap on the end of the device, but more on that later.

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Fleshlight Swallow Texture

Once you get past the lips, the head of my cock is met with a ring of bumps. Past that is a canal of ridges. The Forbidden texture is 5 inches long and 0.6 – 0.8 inches in diameter. At the end of this diameter is a cone-shaped chamber with a single round of six large nubs, similar to those found in the STU. The next part of the chamber is a 0.4 inch wide, smooth chamber.

Penetrating the Swallow is extremely exciting. The first ring of bumps provides pinpoint stimulation, followed by an intense massage from the ribs. Once past the ribs, there is a strong squeeze from the row of circular nubs after moving on to a smoother part of the sleeve.

Tons of lube wound up accumulating in the smooth section of the sleeve, so I recommend warming it up before use. This way you’re not shocked with a glob of freezing lube when you reach that chamber.

Warming the lube also gives me the feeling of thrusting back into a nice warm, constricted throat. Paired with the suction from the cap, this is an intense blowjob experience, when pulling out, there is a vacuum effect created that makes it that much more intense.

Do I Enjoy Using It?

As with most Fleshlight products, I recommend warming the sleeve and lube up before use, as this creates a more real experience. After the warm-up, I find that pushing into the sleeve is the most visually arousing thing I have found with Fleshlight toys. The first bit of texture is subtly stimulating.

The ribbing vibrates as I thrust in and out of the sleeve, creating a different stimulation that I don’t find with many Fleshlights, kind of like a partner humming while giving head. The vibrations create an intense feeling as I build up to an orgasm. Starting slow and gradually building up speed helps the vibrations to not be overwhelming.

The final chamber of the sleeve is the tightest and provides a tight squeeze directly to the head of my penis. If you’re of average length or shorter, you may not be able to reach this portion of the sleeve. This part of the sleeve only offers tightness. The portion before it is the best part of the sleeve for me, it feels as if I’m entering the throat of my partner but with a stronger sucking sensation as I move in and out.

As far as blowjobs go, the Fleshlight Swallow is by far the most realistic. Even the noises and mess are realistic. It sounds, looks, and feels like a sloppy blowjob from a professional. The more lube I use, the messier it feels and looks (and the more clean-up it requires).


The Fleshlight Swallow was discontinued in April of 2019. I was sad to see them go, but there are other options available on the official Fleshlight website that offer a similar stimulation. ​

The Turbo Ignition ​and the Turbo Thrust are both oral Fleshlights that create an intense suction and provide fantastic stimulation.

Neither one of these options has the texture that the Swallow sleeve offers. They both have intense, tight textures through the entire sleeve and have powerful suction, even with the end cap on low.

Both of these options are non-descript orifices, and the opening is set away from the initial opening of the sleeve, creating a feeling of entering lips and then a tighter opening. They are both stimulating from the very beginning and I have found that the initial openings can be incredibly tight and difficult to enter without enough lubricant.

If you missed out on getting your own Swallow before they were discontinued, I highly recommend the  Turbo Ignition ​and the Turbo Thrust as an alternative. While they don’t have the same texture, they are both oral Fleshlights with hella suction.

Final Thoughts

Nothing compares to a real blowjob, but the Swallow comes very close. The lips of my favorite porn stars encircling my lips are enough to make me rock hard. The first half of the sleeve is intense and adds a sense of vibrations, like someone humming around my cock, while the second half has no texture and is incredibly tight. It feels as if I’m penetrating deep within my partner’s mouth.

Sadly, this Fleshlight line has been discontinued, I’m not even able to find any sleeves with lips on the website anymore. I did find that Turbo line is the closest thing I have found currently available on the website. They create just as much suction, if not more, than the Swallow sleeve and the unique opening creates a more realistic feeling of entering a mouth. Sadly, the entire thing is texturized, leaving me craving the smooth tightness of the original blowjob sleeve.

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