Prostate massage is still looked down upon with grimaces and glares from those who don’t understand the benefits and pleasure you can get from this practice. Not only can prostate massage feel incredible and give orgasms without even touching my penis, but they also have many health benefits as well.

Just like practicing your Kegels, massaging your prostate is beneficial to your sexual and overall health.

Not only does prostate massage promote healthy prostate function, but it also reduces the build-up of prostatic fluid. Using a prostate massager that has vibrations provides a stimulating massage and helps to promote a stronger, longer-lasting erection by improving blood flow.

Learning to give yourself a proper prostate massage can also improve the production of semen and prevent potentially harmful bacteria from clogging the prostate gland ducts. On top of all of this, it also creates intimacy between partners and improves urine control. It’s a mystery as to why, with all of these great benefits, that men still look down on and sneer at the idea of prostate massages.

The Rude Boy Intense 10 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager is the perfect toy for those who have tried the smaller, “beginner” toys and are seeking something a little more filling, with a little more oomph.

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The Rocks Off Rude Boy

The Rude Boy by Rocks-Off is a perineum and prostate massager that offers 10 different vibration modes. The vibrations come from a removable, USB rechargeable bullet: the Ignition.

The entire device is completely submersible and made of soft, flexible body-safe silicone.

On a full charge, the Ignition bullet can run for about an hour, depending on the setting. There is a single button on the base of the bullet that sticks out the front of the Rude Boy by Rocks Off. This button turns the vibrations on and off when held for 3 seconds, or cycles through the 10 settings when pressed quickly.

Overall, the Rude Boy is 7 inches long, with only 4.5 inches of that being insertable.

The bullet has a width of 0.71 inches, while the tip and shaft of the sleeve are 1.5 inches wide and the perineum stimulator is 2 inches wide. This is the perfect size for those who are bored with the “beginner” prostate toys and are looking for their next thrill.

I found it shocking how quiet the vibrations are on the Rocks Off Rude Boy compared to how powerful the bullet is! There are three steady vibrations: low, medium, and high; as well as 7 pulsation patterns.

The patterns are great for building up to an orgasm but have never been able to push me over the edge. I use the steady vibrations to give me that final push for the big finale.

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What Makes The Rude Boy Special?

The prostate is located about 3-3.5 inches deep within the rectum.

While the Rude Boy by Rocks Off has about an inch on this, it is designed to wrap around the prostate with the curve and push on it from the top.

This creates a sensation different from those that massage from the bottom or directly against the walnut shape. The shape of the massager also makes the Rude Boy hands free after it is inserted.

When I was first presented with the Rude Boy, I was skeptical of the strong vibrations. The vibrations are much more intense than those found in the Naughty Boy, but I found that these strong vibrations helped me to achieve many things.

First of all, on the lowest setting, the vibrations helped me to relax the muscles in my anus, which increased the blood flow to my prostate. The vibrations are aimed directly at my prostate, creating an intense and pleasurable (sometimes even elusive) prostate orgasm.

Finally, I came much more, which makes for a more intense and pleasurable orgasm all around.

Rocks Off started out with a bullet vibrator for women, which brought in tons of praise and brought more women to orgasm than most men will in their entire lives. They took this revolutionary bullet, tweaked it to make it better, and presented it to us men for our own use. It’s a great bullet vibe!

My Experience With The Rocks Off Rude Boy

My Rocks-Off Rude Boy *black*

As with any sort of anal play, I took the time to warm up my sphincter muscles with gentle massage and light probing.

Once I was incredibly relaxed and aching for more, I generously lubed up the Rude Boy. Since the Rude Boy by Rocks Off is made of silicone, I was able to use my favorite silicone lubricant. Using silicone lube for anal play helps it to last longer, but is more difficult to wash off.

Anyway, once I had the toy lubed up and ready to go, I slowly inserted it without any vibrations on. I prefer to get the device in place before turning on any vibrations. This ensures that I won’t hit my prostate wrong (or right) and push the toy out while trying to get it in place. So, once it was in place, I turned it on the lowest setting. This alone was enough to elicit a moan.

I skipped over the next two settings and went on to explore the 7 patterns. The patterns are interesting and make for a fun time of edging, but they can’t get me there. When I was ready to finish myself off, I went back to the lowest setting and slowly pushed myself to the highest steady vibration.

I wasn’t surprised by how quickly it pushed me over the edge, but I was shocked by how hard I got my rocks off…

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Final Thoughts

The Rude Boy Intense 10 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager is an intense anal play toy and I don’t recommend it for those new to anal play. I would suggest this device for those who have explored all they can with smaller toys and are looking for a little power.

The size is non-intimidating for those not so new beginners looking for the next step.

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