If you’re browsing this site right now, you probably love tuggin’ just as much as the rest of us. Now, I know the prejudices some people may have, and I know the limits that exist in people’s heads, but today I wanna talk to you about something that was considered taboo for a while (a long while) but has thankfully been de-stigmatized in recent years. 

I’m talking of course, about male anal play. 

Look – it’s a fact that the anus has a ton of nerve endings and can be one of the main sources of pleasure for the human body, males & females alike. If you ask me, that’s all the reason I need to shove a vibrating toy up there. 

Today’s industry has provided us with near-unlimited potential when it comes to the creation of any type of anal toy, so you can find pretty much anything out there, made out of any material and even to your exact specifications!

However, today we’re gonna talk about one specific category – prostate massagers. 

The first time I tried one, I realized that if you enjoy cumming, you really can’t shun prostate massagers. Ever. These things feel too good and make me cum too much to ignore, and today I get to talk about one of my favorites – the Cheeky Boy, by UK’s leading sex toy manufacturer, Rocks-Off.

What Is The Cheeky Boy Prostate Massager?

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When I first came into contact with prostate massagers, I wasn’t very experienced in using them but once you realize the almost necessary need for lube, it’s easy to start having mind-boggling orgasms and spraying massive loads all over your chest – or on a women’s chest, for that matter. 

If you don’t know your prostate massagers that well, the Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy looks just like any other rubberized, bendy sex toy. Usually, you’d be right, but this toy offers so much more than just “a better orgasm”. 

The Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy comes with an RO-80 multi-speed bullet vibrator inserted into it. The bullet is removable and you can take it out for a special playing session, and taking it out also helps when you wanna clean your toy.

The RO-80 vibrator has 7 different settings and odds are, one of them will suit your personal preference. I couldn’t find my setting until the fourth try, but once I got that rhythm on my prostate, I knew the Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy would have a lasting presence in my life – and in my ass! The bullet vibe also comes in handy for couples since it can be used to stimulate both the clitoris & prostate!

The Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy has four bulbous beads curving inwards, tipped with a penetrating phallic head. The curve cusps your prostate and makes it drip. It feels like you’re inserting something between a butt plug, anal beads, and a vibrating dildo, but better, and more unique than any of them.

When the vibrations start hitting your P-spot, it won’t be long before you’ve got some heavy moans on your breath because all four bulbs are in direct contact with the walls of your anus and rectum from the moment you push the toy all the way inside. Anyway, now that you have a general idea about what it is, let’s talk about how to use this beautiful device to get the best results. 

How To Use It

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Surprisingly enough, it’s really not that all that complicated, you just do the usual rundown. First, make sure the bullet vibrator’s batteries are full and that the toy is washed and dried. Put a generous amount of lube around your desired pleasure hole and the four beads of the Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy then slowly slide it into your starfish, with the curved part gently massaging your scrotum.

Remember, the rubber feels very slick and smooth with all the lube on it but if you don’t lube it up, it’s gonna feel a bit rougher – and not in a good way!

Anyway, when you wanna relax with the Cheeky Boy, I suggest finding a comfortable spot on your back, sliding it inside you and tuggin’ until you sing “Oh come all ye faithful”.

That’s all there is to it.


Maintenance & Care

Any respectable TugBro knows the value of caring for your toys… especially your anal toys. We know what comes through there and a vast majority of us don’t enjoy the smell, so make sure to always wash your Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy prostate massager toy with a long stream of warm (not hot!) water and a wash with your favorite sex toy cleaning product, even if it’s just soap.

Make sure to wash the toy thoroughly because rubber is a porous material and can provide a living space for bacteria and you don’t want to exchange those with anyone. 

You will know your toy is clean when it smells 100% like the cleaning product you used instead of, well, ass. When it’s washed, wrap it in a clean, dry towel and leave it there until it dries. After that, place it into a clean and disinfected area until you’re ready to take it for another spin!

Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep this toy lubed up for maximum pleasure. Thankfully, we’ve written a Fleshlube Review covering Fleshlight’s own brand of lube which you can find on their official store. Why not pick up a pack of lube with your Cheeky boy and save big with our Fleshlight coupon code (TUGBRO10)?!

Read User Reviews

Before we get into grading the Cheeky boy Prostate massager, let’s take a look at some actual user reviews from the Fleshlight website to find out what your fellow TugBro’s are saying about it!

“I’ve never used anything like it and it definitely creates a sensation that I’ve never experienced. Give it a try! An extremely well-made toy that adds something new to the bedside drawer!”

James M.

“Definitely my favorite out of the three that I’ve tried. Definitely a great product. Comes highly recommended. If you’re on the fence, don’t be!”

Andrew B.

“The old lady likes it a lot! Solid construction & amp, safe to play with!”

Weinand S.

My Ratings

Use code: TUGBRO10 for 10% off your purchase!

To ensure maximum truthfulness for our readers, I’m gonna rank this toy in four different categories. 

External Design

The toy has some special protruding balls from its lower part which massage your balls as you milk your prostate. They were quite effective on me, but I like it rougher, so the outside feel gets a 4/5.


Interior Design

This is the part where the Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy excels. Big bulbs, strong vibrations, smooth feeling. 5/5.


Variety of Sensations

With 7 different vibration modes and the option to use the bullet independently, the Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy gets a 5/5 in this category too. 


Ease of Use

Considering all sex toys need maintenance and that this is a prostate massager, you’re gonna need to put some elbow grease into washing it but it’s still not any harder than washing any other toy.

4/5, just because the beads require individual rubbing to clean properly.  


Is Cheeky Boy Right For Me? 

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Well, that depends. Do you like shaking like a leaf in autumn when you’re cumming? Then yes. 

Are you prejudiced against anal play for men? Then again, yes, and try to learn how to enjoy yourself, will you?

Are you really into anal play but you’ve never tried anything like this? Then yes, you’re gonna love it!

The Rocks-Off Cheeky Boy is a toy that will make your tugger cry tears of joy from both ends – not just by tuggin’!

You can try anything in the strange world of male sex toys, but until you feel those vibrations on your prostate, you can’t say you’ve had a complete orgasm.

You can even use it with a partner if you get tired of tuggin’ alone and we all know when the person who loves you is controlling your prostate – that’s when the most powerful orgasms happen!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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