One of the tastiest looking sets of lady parts in porn arguably belongs to the stunning Riley Jensen – the veteran adult performer famed for performing fearlessly in her girl-on-girl and solo masturbation scenes.

If you’ve ever watched one of Riley’s scenes and wondered how it would feel to be inside her gorgeous pussy lips, then you’re about to be a very happy man.

Thanks to Fleshlight, TugBros around the world will now have the opportunity to have Riley all themselves!

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Why Choose Riley Jensen?

Standing at only 5 ft. 1 and weighing 100 pounds, Riley is covered in tattoos and has an equally impressive resume as a tattoo model, frequently gracing the cover of publications such as INKED magazine and starring in prominent tattoo shows. 

However, now residing in California, Riley got her start in the adult industry as a fresh-faced 18-year old that loved to play with other girls on-screen.

She started out shooting with a female friend of hers and clearly loved it, as she went on to star in shoot after shoot. She quickly gained fame and prowess for her energetic lesbian sex scenes. 

Although it was her lesbian sex scenes that catapulted Riley into stardom, she states she is bisexual and enjoys men equally as much as women.

When it comes to sex, you’re much more likely to see Riley with her legs spread with another woman’s face buried in-between, so it makes sense that she’d only have a vaginal Fleshlight.

Just like Riley herself, this toy promises to blow your mind and take you all the way to the finish line.

Riley Jensen’s Fleshlight

The Riley Jensen “Wild” – (Lady/Vaginal Sleeve)

Riley’s vaginal Fleshlight sleeve is called Wild and promises to emulate Riley Jensen’s wild personality, giving you a unique, exciting sensation that keeps you on your toes until you climax. 

Every part of this Fleshlight has been designed with a tuggin’ good time in mind, and you can rest assured that you’ll always be left feeling hungry for more.

Designed with a texture similar to a standard anal Fleshlight, Wild is 9 inches of pure ecstasy.

Sleeve & Texture Design


Rather than starting with a traditional chamber as with most Fleshlights, Wild starts with a 1.4-inch long ribbed pathway that feels amazing against your penis and ramps up the intensity before you’ve even really begun tuggin’.

This tightened ringed section, which makes it feel just like entering beautiful Riley for the first time, creates a very intense feeling as it strokes all-around your penis before finally pushing through into chamber 1. 

Chamber 1: Once you penetrate the first chamber, the intensity does drop slightly. Although that’s probably a good thing since your penis rubs against cross ribs, angled nubs and rounded bumps that can overstimulate you very quickly. 

This chamber continues with consistent, even pressure and pleasant stimulation as the structure moves slightly to the side and builds up pressure around your penis. 

Chamber 2: This section keeps the pleasure going, with another ring-shaped structure at the beginning and the end of the chamber. This time, it’s filled with bumps and nubs on the side that stroke the underside and tip of the shaft. 

In the middle of this chamber, you are met with large angled cross ribs that reduce the space available and create more tension around your penis. You’ll also get to enjoy the twisted ribs that create a small vortex motion around your member. 

This chamber is the biggest of all, at 3.4 inches and is where most men will finish. 

You are tugged from all angles and there’s a constant feeling of pressure which will have you ready to blow in no time at all. 

Chamber 3: If you don’t blow your load, and you’re over 7 inches, you’ll make it here where you will enjoy another ringed section that consists of two midsized cross ribs that will stroke the tip. 

The intensity isn’t quite as strong here but if you do make it to the final chamber, you’ll still be heavily satisfied as you get to enjoy all the twists and turns that Riley Jensen has to offer.

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Does It Tug?

Having a pretty face and gorgeous body is nothing to scoff at, but before I spend my money I want to know one simple thing, how does it tug?

For me, the Riley Jensen Fleshlight was fantastic and after pushing through her tight entrance, I enjoyed a wave of stimulation before emptying myself deeper and deeper inside this wonderfully constructed sleeve.

Where To Buy?

When buying Riley Jensen’s Wild sleeve, we recommend that you only buy directly from the official Fleshlight website.

They not only offer the lowest price available as well as free shipping, but you can also rest assured you’re going to receive a legitimate Fleshlight product.

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It’s also worth noting that you’re always going to need lube and something to clean your Fleshlight with.

For this, I recommend you pick up some FleshWash and Renewal Powderespecially since Fleshlight gives you 15% off when you buy them as a set at the time of placing your order!

The first time I bought a Fleshlight, I didn’t have any lube… Long story short, it wasn’t the experience it should have been and I ended up quite disappointed. Wild has tons of nubs and twists, I’d hate for you to make the same mistake I did. 

Final Thoughts

Riley Jensen has a perfect body and I couldn’t wait to try her out for myself. I saw her name and read the description – knowing just how good a Fleshlight is, I knew Riley’s would be exceptional. 

The multitude of twists and turns interspaced with ribs and nubs that subtly stroke your tugger from all angles was more pleasurable than I ever could’ve imagined. 

From the moment you enter this product you know you’re in for a good time and it’s definitely one I will use again and again.

If you’re not sold on Riley, you can browse our full list of Fleshlight reviews here.

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Sleeve Texture
Suction Effect
Ease Of Cleaning
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