Another day, another penis size study. Only this time it’s the largest compiled set of research ever on the size of penises.

Most studies on the size of penises are labelled unreliable because they rely on men to self report their size, and as we all know – men are full of shit! We’ll damn near impale ourselves pushing a ruler into our pubic bones to get an extra couple of millimeters.

So, a crack team of U.K researches have compiled measurements made by health professionals who used standardized measuring procedures. The standard measuring procedure is:

Length – pubic bone to tip of the glans
Girth – the circumference at the base or middle of the penis

The research compiles measurements from 20 different studies, which total 15,521 men from countries across the world. And for participants in the Tug Bro poll of over 1000 readers, the news is good. According to Tug Bro poll stats around 52% of all measured boners fall in the 5.0″ – 6.4″ range. Of course nearly 5% of you claimed to be famous horse dicked actor Liam Neeson aswell, so our study may not be water tight in accuracy.

The official research though, published in the British Journal of Urology International, covered measurements across all ages and many races with the following results:

  • the average flaccid penis is 3.6ins (9.16cm) long, or 5.2ins (13.24cm) when stretched, and 3.7ins (9.31cm) in circumference.
  • Erect penises are 5.1ins (13.12cm) long on average and 4.5ins (11.66cm) in girth.

The averages across this much larger study comes at a much lower length for the average erect penis compared to other previous studies which range anywhere from 5.5″ to 5.88″ or even 6.1″.

So if you’re rocking a hardly vagina shattering 5.3″ and your lady calls you out on it for being small, you can whip out a ruler and this study and show her you’re king dick compared to the world average of 5.1″.

Also interesting to note is that body features, such as testicular size, weight or foot size, had little to no strong or consistent correlation to penis size. So girl’s you can stop looking at the size of a man’s shoes for hints. A “small” positive correlation between erect length and a man’s height was noted though. So if you’re prowling for guys with big dicks, just look out for the ones who have to duck to get through doorways.

If you’re a sucker for reading sleep inducing study data, the full results can be found here ..

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