Everyone that’s moved more than twice in their life has probably come across some delicious realtor or landlord that you’d absolutely love to present with a “tug shower”. Or, if you’re a landlord, you’ve probably had the hots for one of your tenants, but it was either inappropriate or impossible, so you dropped it.

Well, as it turns out, plenty of people out there have had this same experience and apparently zero of them have given up on the idea. Instead, some among us consider it a fetish and we all know what happens with anything remotely sexual – it gets its own porn site!

So, like with all other fetishes and perverse sexual thoughts, there’s a porn site specifically dedicated to this type of sex. It only came out recently, but it’s so widespread by now that you couldn’t have missed it. Of course, it’s called Property Sex and it deals with pretty much every sexual situation you can think of, involving property – renting, living together, selling, buying, the whole she-bang. Anyway, let’s take a look at the site.

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Property Sex – Got Real Estate?

Property Sex was founded in 2015 to be the top repository of all types of property porn. If you’ve ever tugged your man stick to fantasy, you can now watch pretty much that same fantasy on the screen and entertain yourself that way. This site and its content became incredibly popular in a very short time for several reasons.

First of all, all of the videos are shot from the guy’s point of view so your imaginary video dick will always be in the same position as your real one. Anyway, everyone knows how PoV works and while it was one of their main selling points, it’s not the only one!

Property Sex delivers quality content not only because it fulfills your fantasies, but because they do it consistently – at a rate of one movie per week. If you’re thinking of some obscure fantasy, chances are, they’ve already done it.

You wanna see a property manager getting fucked by their tenant? No problem! A real estate agent choosing a tenant by their tugger-suckin’ abilities? Of course, they’ve done it. Two roommates going at it? C’mon, that’s pretty low-level stuff, they have it in droves.

All of the models (or, at least most of them!) in Property Sex videos are names you’d recognize instantly from previous tuggin’ sessions. They rarely deal with amateurs, instead choosing to make everything look as professional as possible but still maintain its natural appeal, as opposed to sites out there that make everything look plastic.

Anyway, Property Sex shoots all of their videos in HD and gives them all to you when you get a subscription. Not that you can’t find most of their material on sites like PornHub or Xhamster – of course, you can – but not all of it, and never the full-length versions! If you wanna see that cumshot, which, as we all know is the most prized scene and is rarely shown for free, you’ll have to check out their website and create an account. Speaking of their website, let’s take a closer look at it!


Property Sex – Well Designed, Immersive, Tug-worthy!

PropertySex.com is the company’s website and it’s one of the better-designed porn sites that I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. The visitor site is divided into several categories, the first of which is of course called “Videos” because that’s what we’re here for. In this tab, you’ll be able to see a list of all the videos that Property Sex has created over the years, along with the videos’ specific theme, details on which porn star is in it and publishing date.

The second tab shows you all of their “Agents and tenants”, a long list of over 200 models that work with Property Sex in their sexiest lingerie. Yummy!

Next, the third tab gives you a breakdown of Property Sex videos by category, and these are pretty standard. Finally, you get a site tour and a “Member Login” area, where you can get your paid account and instantly get access to all the videos you’ve been dying to watch. Speaking of paid accounts…


Property Sex Premiums 


PropertySex offers several different types of accounts and two different types of payment processors to handle their business. You can get a two-day trial membership for $1 but there is no free option. Still, though, it’s $1, who cares! If nothing else, you can test the site out and determine if it’s worth paying a monthly subscription.

There are three other types of subscriptions besides the two-day option using a credit card as a payment method:

– 1 month for $29.99

– 6 months for $89.99 (50% off!)

– 12 months for $119.99 (75% off!)

However, alongside credit cards, you can also use cryptocurrencies. This way, you can get the standard one-month package, as well as the yearly package, but there is no six-month subscription. Instead, this payment method offers a five-year membership, costing $499.99 which comes out to $8.33 per month – the largest decrease in price per month in all payment packages!

Is Property Sex For Me?


That depends. What guides your tuggin’? Is it fierce horniness or fierce loneliness? I’m just messin’ with ya, this ain’t Cosmo.

Property Sex has some really hot babes getting boned in all possible ways somehow connected to the property. You could tug to this type of porn or literally any other type of porn and it would rarely make a difference.

But, the one time it does change things is when you actually have a situation in your life that you could relate to this type of fun.

Do you have a really sexy tenant? Don’t hit on her, tug it out to a scenario neither of you could ever allow happening!

You’re selling the house and the agent has some giant knockers that you’d love to dive into? That’s sexual harassment and you’re better off tuggin’ to PropertySex.

Basically, what I’m saying is – of course, it’s the site for you. Go check it out!

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