Could you give up masturbation for a month? Better question; why would you?

To get Tugger to quit you’d have to saw both of my arms off. Probably my feet too.

After watching this video you’ll want to do two things: Jerk off. And then jerk off again to make up for all the jerking off these idiots weren’t doing for 30 days.

Not masturbating has absolutely no health benefits whatsoever. Even the professional benefits like increased productivity are negated when you consider all the time you’ll waste thinking about not jerking it, instead of just doing it and getting on with your day. Think of all the time wasted by anti masturbation Christian groups trying not to masturbate, when they could just rub one out in 3 minutes and get on with their days. How serious are these groups about not masturbating? VERY!

Seriously? You’re thinking about jerking off so you call your Bishop or Pastor? I guess having your buddy masturbate you instead of doing it yourself leaves your conscience (and your hands) clean huh. You win this round Christians!



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