Pornography seems to have become so much more prevalent in recent years, so much so that from time to time you find yourself on the internet surfing through to watch the latest updates, pictures, videos, or even news that have been uploaded. Well, if you’ve ever had an interest in any adult videos or pictures, certainly your attention has been grabbed by one slender, blue-eyed, sporty fitness girl with size 34D melons. Nicole Aniston’s “Fit” Fleshlight is sure to please avid tuggers just as much as her videos have.

This blonde-haired babe is fearlessly acting and exposing her goodies to the camera and producing scenes that have definitely left you drooling, hardening your chorizo or maybe even getting your pussy wet. If you search thoroughly, you will discover that this beautiful blonde bombshell is a pornstar called Nicole Aniston.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to experience Nicole Aniston’s pussy for themselves. I, for one, would love the chance to brush against this babe. Fortunately, Nicole has gone out of her way to add her pussy to the popular Fleshlight Girl line of Fleshlights.

A replica mold of her perfect pussy lips (a lady vaginal sleeve) was first created in 2016. Therefore, regardless of your pocket size, location, race, or gender, you can finally get a feel of Nicole’s pussy for yourself.

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Why Choose Nicole Aniston?

It’s no secret that Nicole Aniston has become one of today’s most popular pornstars. Her fit and curvy body and beautiful look has gained her tons of horny fans around the world (myself included). She also happens to be one of the most popular Fleshlight Girls. Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlight sleeves are some of the best selling Fleshlights available. She’s one of the few Fleshlight Girls who’s sleeve regularly sells out. I actually had to wait almost a month before I could order her vaginal sleeve since it was sold out at the time I tried to buy it.


Nicole Aniston has two Fleshlight sleeves available, the “FIT” & the “Flex” which are both very fitting names considering she’s probably the fittest pornstar I can name of the top of my head and if you’ve ever watched any of her scenes you’re probably aware that she’s very flexible.

Being a huge fan of Nicole’s work, I decided I’d pick up her Fleshlight sleeves to have a more realistic experience while watching her on screen performances.

Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlights

The “Fit” – Lady/Vaginal Sleeve


The design of the “Fleshlight Fit” was driven by Nicole’s beautiful pussy aesthetic. The orifice imitates Nicole’s pussy lips. The sleeve is soft and tender enough for you to truly enjoy. When you drive your penis through the opening, a highly realistic feeling is drawn. Ensure that your pocket pussy is properly lubricated before inserting your penis. 

Nicole’s pussy sleeve (The Fit) contains a total of five different chambers that have tight constrictions, with many different textures. The first chamber is 2.4 inches, and it contains a lining of three continuous ribs that spiral and twist as they go along. The ribs also have additional bumps to maximize pleasure.

The second chamber is smaller, with a couple of raised rings and circular bumps that have varying textures. The bumps are offset against each other. In the end, this chamber has large rectangular bumps topped with small round bumps and chamber ends in tight constrictions making the second chamber even tighter. 

Just 5.1 inches from the entrance, the sleeve widens into the third chamber. It has unusually elongated triangles that look as though they slope at one end. At almost 7 inches, we enter the fourth chamber through a tight constriction lined with four rings that have bumps of medium size. The walls widen into a series of tiny nodules in the fifth chamber. The nodules will help to draw your penis in. The different chambers make this Fleshlight a bit too complex for beginners. 

Although, its complexity is a non-issue because upon using a suitable Fleshlight lubricant, you will get an intensive explosive orgasm, cumming liters of jizz, especially if you make use of the “Fit” while watching a POV video. Personally, I recommend a Water Based Lube which can be purchased directly from the official Fleshlight Website. This way you know you’re always getting the real thing, for the best price.

How Does It Feel?

As we have earlier seen, this pocket pussy is molded after pornstar Nicole Aniston’s vagina with five chambers that have different textures and sizes. Stimulation on your hard pecker begins immediately as you enter the sleeve. The initial stimulation is caused by multiple ridges and bumps in the first chamber. The winding ridges in this chamber draw the head of the penis more and more into the sleeve. Since the chamber is wide, the stimulation is soft and gentle on the sensitive head of the penis. 

The numerous constrictions bring an intense stimulation while the bumps increase your arousal. This can lead to a very quick climax and orgasm because of the different pressures put on the penis.  

Usage Tips:


It is always vital to use a suitable lubricant, preferably one from the official Fleshlight Website as all of their products are of the highest quality with the best price. This will help you avoid bruises on your penis’ sensitive tissue. Friction from a dry Fleshlight can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable bruising. At the same time, a lubricant heightens the sensation as the thrusts will become more pleasurable.


Cleaning Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlight Fit is quite a fiddly job because of the numerous chambers and intricate textures. It, therefore, will take quite some time to clean. You need to run plenty of clean, warm water from both ends through the sleeve to remove any “love juice” and lube that may have built up in the sleeve. Warm water will help remove any unwanted residue. 

Due to the increased difficulty in maintaining the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight, we recommend you check out the Product Care Kit again, directly from the manufacturer. This includes the FleshWash that is a must-have for cleaning out your Fleshlight as well as Renewal Powder for keeping your Nicole Aniston Fleshlight feeling brand new after every use.

After cleaning using a mixed solution of running warm water and your FleshWash serum, leave the sleeve to dry in a warm, dry spot and air out for several hours before storing it in its case or using it again. This keeps the unit hygienic and will prevent any mold from building up. Afterward, sprinkle some of your renewal powder in the chamber to ensure maximum pleasure on your next use.

The Pros & Cons

A brand new Nicole Aniston Fleshlight Fit (at the time I’m writing this) will cost you around $79.99, although the cost may seem bit high, its services are of vastly superior quality and we think the price is well worth it. If you order it at 3:00 pm EST on weekdays, the item will be dispatched the same day, and you can receive it the next day. The packaging is plain with a discreet return address.

Pros Cons
  • Durable and lasts longer than many other options
  • Has five chambers with uniquely different textures giving you the most intense and diverse stimulation possible
  • One of the best products for stamina training
  • If you’re prone to intense ejaculation, this is the toy for you
  • It’ll never get boring, thanks to the diverse chambers
  • Might be too intensive for beginners
  • Cleaning the sleeve can be quite challenging without the recommended cleaning products
  • The price is slightly higher than non Fleshlight Girl sleeves

The Nicole Aniston “Flex” Sleeve

So now that we’ve learned everything there is to know about Nicole’s Fit model (lady), let’s take a quick look at the anal version: The Nicole Aniston “Flex” Fleshlight. Ah, the forbidden fruit, anal sex is no longer the taboo that it once was, so why not take this chance to finally explore the other side of the Fleshlights we know and love.

As we all know, Nicole is well known for her solid body and athletic physique. Back in 2017, porn lovers finally got to see Nicole do anal for the first time and now, at long last, we get to see what it feels like first hand. The Nicole Aniston Flex comes with a standard 9-inch chamber that TugBros of any size will enjoy. The tight chamber reflects Nicole’s actual tight booty-hole, giving you the most realistic experience possible.

Here are a few things I like about the Flex sleeve:

  • The tightness of Nicole Aniston’s “Flex” is unmatched. It’s the tightest Fleshlight I’ve used to date.
  • The Flex is one of the best Fleshlights available to help with sexual stamina training.
  • The sleeve texture is very satisfying.

Where Can You Buy Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlights?

It is essential to buy your Fleshlight from a company that is trusted and reputed to sell authentic products. In the current market, you will always run the risk of finding cheap, knock-off items that are not worth your cash. We recommend that you buy this sleeve directly from the manufacturer to ensure you’ll always get the best price, free shipping and so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always receive a legit Fleshlight product. 

To see what your fellow TugBro’s are saying about these products, click here and navigate to the review section to see what consumers are saying. This is the official Fleshlight Website, so you know these are genuine reviews, from satisfied customers.

You’ll also save 10% off by using coupon code “TUGBRO10” at checkout!

Final Thoughts

If you are a man who is obsessed with Nicole Aniston, looking to build up your stamina or last longer in bed, then Nicole Aniston’s Fleshlight line may be the ideal pocket pussy or anal orifice for you. However, if you are still a beginner, I would recommend you consider trying a different Fleshlight Girl first. Personally, I recommend all TugBros give Jenna Haze’s line a try, regardless of your experience.

Thanks for reading fellas, click here to visit our homepage for more Fleshlight reviews and TugTips.

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