There are a lot of strange fetishes in the world. So whatever yours is, it’s probably not as strange as the guy who learned to ride bikes in a different way to the rest of us.

If you’d like to feel slightly embarrassed to be human for a few seconds, check out the video and story below. And if you like what you see and would like to try this yourself:

1. Cut hole in bike tyre.
2. Stick dick in hole.
3. Run, before whoever owns the bike connects your other head to a cricket bat.
4. Find a better way to masturbate on this site.

Sweden: A masturbating man was caught on camera, rubbing himself against the seat of a bicycle.

The owner of the bicycle, Per Edstrom had set up a camera, as he had grown tired of finding the tyres punctured, the Local reported.

The film, published by the Kvallsposten daily, shows how a hooded man approaches the bicycle, punctures the tyres and then proceeds to pleasure himself.

The owner told a newspaper that he had to install a camera, as he was irritated over all the punctures that he had to fix.

The man, who appears in the footage, can be seen holding a picture in his hand and Edstrom has expressed concerns that it might be of his girlfriend.

Ostersund police are investigating if there is any link between the recent spate of masturbation bike attacks with similar incidents from 2007.

A 35-year-old man was arrested in 2007 after having slashed the tyres and ejaculated over some 20-bike seats in the city.

The man was sentenced to secure psychiatric care and is reported to have been released.

source: ZEENEWS


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