Teledildonic masturbatory devices are more or less “sex toys with computer chips in them that can be controlled through the internet for remote masturbation”. The term was first coined in 1975 by Ted Nelson and later redefined by Lovense in 2009. In 2009, Lovense released a vibrator that was capable of being remote-controlled through Skype, paving the way for the new generation of teledildonics that didn’t need to be directly connected to the computer.

Each company has its own unique software to allow the user to control the device through an app or other means. Depending on what the software is programmed to do depends on what the app and toy can do. Some allow the user to control the intensity of the vibrations via a “slider bar” whereas other apps allow you to share your patterns with the public. Others allow the user to control the vibrations with their voice or music, some sense movement and respond accordingly, additionally, some can be used in chat or with video connections in the camming industry.

Teledildonics were made with a variety of people in mind. While these high-tech toys aren’t a substitute for real human connection, they can make the distance feel a little less intimidating or make a camming session more immersive. These types of sex toys are also a great way to connect with cam girls/guys and have become a huge attraction for many people who cam. My favorite aspect about toys of this nature is that they are fantastic for public play. Thanks to teledildonics, public play is easier than it has ever been! It is easier to control the vibrations of a device my partner is wearing since I can change the setting on my phone rather than fiddle with a remote. 

The Lovense Edge Prostate Massager

Yes, today we are looking at another high-quality Lovense toy, the Lovense Edge Prostate Massager. At its maximum diameter, the Edge sits at 1.41 inches, just barely under the 1.5-inch mark that most anal toys land at. There is a 3.13 inch total of insertable length of the internal arm and the external arm is 4.49 inches in length. The size can be intimidating at first, but the versatility and power make up for the slightly large insertable arm. The Edge is also made completely from body-safe silicone, is waterproof, and rechargeable.

A huge bonus in my book and something that makes the Edge stand out among the sea of prostate massagers is that it has two motors, yes, this baby is dual motored and very powerful. A motor is included in the prostate arm to massage the walnut-sized organ just inside the rectum and another motor in the perineum arm to massage the delicate “taint”. The Lovense Edge hits most of the lower pleasure zones! The best part is that these arms can adjust to the perfect angle for whoever is wearing it.

An hour and a half of charge gave me an average of two hours of playtime with the Edge. That does vary, depending on how I choose to use the device and what setting I use the most. Speaking of which, as with most Lovense toys, this one is BlueTooth enabled and has the ability to sync up with the Lovense app for complete customization over the intensity and patterns for both motors!

Another fantastic feature of the Lovense Edge is that it can widen or tighten the angle to fit your unique body shape, and is guaranteed to provide a successful prostate massage. Whether the wearer’s prostate is deep within the anal canal or rests closer to the opening, the adjustable angle can find and stimulate exactly where it’s needed. 

How Well Does It Tug?

The Lovense Edge Prostate Massager gets the job done in a Tugbro approved manner. A prostate orgasm from a toy made by a company that knows what they are doing is guaranteed to be more powerful, intense, and overall more pleasurable than most types of orgasms. Exploring the back door is intimidating to many people, I was even intimidated before diving in, but it is so worth it. 

The fact that the Edge is rechargeable, waterproof, and has an adjustable angle makes it the perfect toy for anyone exploring their backdoor and trying to figure out that perfect angle to look for in other anal toys. The width of the toy is a bit larger for what I would recommend for those new to anal play, but with enough warm-up and lubrication, it can be a fun experience. Once in place, the soft silicone and thin stem are barely noticeable, besides providing a full feeling and being snug. It can be easy to forget about a well-made plug being inserted, even if it is larger, and wearing a plug should never cause pain.

The lubricant most well-suited for this product is — Lovense’s Water-Based Lubricant of course! This lube is simple to use, non-acidic and is made especially for Lovense products.

On to how it actually feels, the Edge is a tug-tastic fit and provides powerful, customized pleasure directly where I want it. On the highest level, I find myself bracing against the nearest wall or clenching the sheets because of the amount of power the dual motors pack. On the lowest level, I find myself subtly aroused while watching TV, doing dishes, or going out with my partner. The customized orgasms and pleasure from the Edge have made it a favorite in my toolbox for anal play.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Lovense Edge

I have a routine for anal play that not only gets my body ready for anal pleasure and play but also gets my mind in the right headspace for truly enjoying myself. I will always start with a hot shower to help my body relax and I take time to really clean around my rectum and be in the moment to feel my body losing tension from the stress of the day. While I’m in the shower I make sure that my fingernails are trimmed and clean.

After my shower, I find a comfortable position on the bed, usually with my foot hiked up on the edge of my bed and liberally lubricate the Lovense Edge, or whatever anal toy I’m using that day, this ensures easy insertion. I also apply some lube inside my rectum using my finger. After everything is lubed up well, I slowly insert the toy. This affects a slight pressure, but should never be painful.

It takes a little wiggling and maneuvering to find my prostate if it’s been a while since I’ve played with my backdoor. Usually, there is a satisfying pressure that signifies when I have found my sweet spot. Once I have the Edge in place, I’ll play around with the vibrations. I have a couple of custom patterns saved that I enjoy the most and they are my usual go-to’s. If I find that my anal muscles or sphincters are getting tired, I’ll take a break, but after using anal toys for a couple of months I found that my muscles got tired less often. 

Where To Buy Your Own

The Lovense Edge retails at about $119, but it isn’t rare to find it on sale (keep reading to see an excellent promotion). I got mine directly from the Lovense official website and can only recommend buying directly from them. Included with my purchase, I got a 1-year warranty, as well as product protection plan. While the price may be a bit intimidating, the adjustable arm alone makes it totally worth the investment.

It is fully BlueTooth and App compatible, allowing the user to customize their entire experience. Add in the fact that it is rechargeable, waterproof, and made with the silkiest silicone I’ve ever laid hands-on, this makes the Lovense Edge the Ferrari of prostate massager world! Nothing I’ve used compares to this bad boy.

Customer service on Lovense is phenomenal and any time I ran into an issue, no matter how minor, they were incredibly responsive and explained any resolution in great detail. I am able to directly contact them at any time I require assistance through the app.

Final Thoughts

I honestly feel that even if I had been new to anal play, I would have still enjoyed The Lovense Edge. It is by far, the most luxurious and versatile prostate massager I have yet to find, and for only $119, it’s quite the deal! It is, without a doubt, the most superior and versatile toy on the market as of today. 

The adjustable angle allows me to hit my prostate every time, the customizable vibrations provide me with a variety of titillating sensations, and the waterproof ability is invaluable for shower play. If you’re in the market for a quality prostate massage, remember that The Lovense Edge comes highly recommended by TugBro.

Overall, the Edge is a smart buy for anyone who enjoys anal play, newbs, and veterans alike. It’s fantastic for long-distance relationships, amazing for public play, and a great addition to the camming community. I cannot recommend this device enough, it has given me the best prostate orgasms and I am convinced that due to the ability to customize everything (right down to the angle) it is a toy that everyone needs in their arsenal. 

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