Liberator is a sex toy company that specializes “bedroom adventure gear.”  Or to put it simply: Sex Furniture. Based in the USA, the idea behind all of the Liberator’s products is to make sex easier and more enjoyable.

Despite sex being one of humanity’s most popular pastimes, many people find that some of the more enjoyable positions are difficult to hold for long periods of time.

These positions are even more difficult for those that aren’t fully able-bodied. Certain sexual positions can be rather difficult to maintain for anyone, making for multiple changes in one session – sometimes at a horrible time, like when one partner is about to climax. And changing sex positions isn’t always sexy… I can think of multiple times that I’ve accidentally pulled my partner’s hair or had them kick me when trying to get into an ideal position. 

The Wedge Pillow, our topic of interest, is their best seller.

That being said, they offer a huge variety of sex furniture including couches, pillows, bondage benches, (another best-seller) and the legendary Fascinator Throw. They offer discreet shipping for all of their products, under the guise “orthopedic pillows.” Even if this box did wind up under the scrutiny of your mail carrier or nosy neighbor, no one would have any suspicions about it.

I’ve noticed that most of their products come compressed in a vacuum-sealed bag, but they puff out quickly once the bag is punctured. All of their products come with an instruction manual, the cover in the color of your choosing and the product.

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The Liberator Wedge Pillow

The Wedge is one of Liberator’s best-selling products. Without the microfiber cover, it is a white foam brick, shaped like a triangle. Just like the Esse, the Wedge has just enough density to keep you in position, but still cushioned enough for comfort.

It is 24 inches wide and 7 inches tall at its tallest point, it also features a 27-degree angle. There is also a “plus-sized” version available, it is recommended for those over 350 LBS. 

Like I said before, the cover and wedge come separately. When I opened the package I was greeted with the black moisture-resistant liner of the Wedge. This doesn’t come off and is easy to clean. Due to the slipperiness of the liner, the microfiber cover slips easily over it.

There are several color designs to choose from, including Saphire and Chocolate. There is also the option to buy additional covers separately if you have trouble deciding on just one. Just beware, the colors are much brighter than what they are advertised. The microfiber cover is easy to wash, but I’ll go into more detail on that later.

The cover is incredibly comfortable against bare skin, it doesn’t cause me to sweat or overheat. The design of the material also keeps me and my partner from slipping around on the cover while we use it. The liner, on the other hand, is difficult to use without the cover. It does cause profuse sweating and there was a ton of slipping and sliding… which could be good or bad depending on your preference. 

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Suggested Positions

Speaking of slipping and sliding, one of our favorite positions is the Slippery Slope. Basically, one partner lays with the small part of the Wedge under their back and their bum resting on the taller part.

This makes it easier for the other partner to give the first oral pleasure. This puts everything further up and easier to access. 

Moving from the Slippery Slope to the Over Easy is as simple as penetration. The receiving partner lays in the same position while the other partner penetrates them rather than performing oral sex. My partner tells me this is tug-tastic for deeper penetration and that I hit her g-spot every time without fail in this position.

Liberator also suggests a modified doggy style, called the Down Low.

Basically, the receiving partner lays across the Wedge with it pointing toward their chest, their hips raised thanks to the higher point. This allows the receiver to relax more and puts less stress on the giver’s arms.

We also found that missionary was vastly different with help from the Wedge. Pointing the slant towards the shoulders and resting the hips on the high point readjusts everything, making penetration so much more intense. Again, for the receiver, penetration feels deeper and far more pleasurable.

Using the Liberator Wedge has made sex easier and more enjoyable for both my partner and I. In many positions, it helps one of us to relax more and puts less strain on the other. While the aforementioned positions are our favorites, there are no limits on how to use the Wedge. We have tried all the suggested positions on the website, and even more that we came up with on our own!

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Cleaning the Liberator Wedge

Clean up is surprisingly simple. The microfiber cover slips easily off the moisture-proof liner and can be tossed directly into the washer. I let mine air dry, although the official product page says it is completely machine safe. While I wash the cover, I simply wipe the liner off with an antibacterial wipe such as Clorox or Wet Ones. 

Once everything is clean and dry, it’s easy to slip the cover back over the liner and I store mine in the closet. Storage may be an issue for those with limited space or shared sleeping areas, such as a dorm room. But it is discreet enough to explain if you do live in a dorm and have to have it.

Using The Liberator Wedge

After trying out the Liberator Esse, I had rather low expectations for the Wedge. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how its simple design could be so useful. With the simplistic design and high price tag, it seemed like an overly expensive cushion.

This just made it all the more satisfying when I decided to give it a shot.

We never pass up a chance to use the Liberator wedge. When sex is on the menu and we aren’t using our Esse, usually because of laundry, my partner grabs the Wedge. It is a great way to explore new sex positions and just the thought of how exposed it leaves my partner is a huge turn on. I didn’t realize just how much more adventurous our sex lives could be with a simple door stopper.

I have actually even seen my wife using it to prop herself up in bed when reading. It provides perfect back support and is better than any “reading pillow” I have bought for her in the past. The design is perfect to soothe aching joints during sex and ease back pain for other times.

It’s easy to get to the point where I ignore those aches and pains, focusing on the pleasure of sex. It’s easy to accept “this is as good as it’s going to get” due to issues I have with my body due to injury or aging.

The Wedge relieves all this, it allows me to completely relax, taking all the tension out of sex, and truly allowing me to enjoy myself. The Wedge relieves all the pressure of keeping myself off “that” leg or not putting too much pressure on “that” elbow.

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Final Thoughts


If you can’t tell, I adore the Liberator Wedge.

While simple in design, it adds a whole new level of sexual pleasure. I’ve used it for a while now, loving every second with it and every position we try. I’m unsure if I’ll ever go back to regular sex without using a product from Liberator. 

If anyone sees it, it’s easy for me to dismiss it as a “fitness” prop for spinal exercises. My wife tells people it’s her book pillow, which isn’t too far from the truth. I’ve even heard my friends and family refer to it as our “trendy” couch cushion. It manages to look like, and even function as, many different things, without ever giving away our secret. The Esse, on the other hand, has been a bit more difficult to explain.

I recommend the Liberator Wedge to everyone who’s familiar with my work here on Tugbro. It’s functional, easy to clean, comes in beautiful colors, and has been the best thing to happen to sex since lube. Everyone deserves a wedge to spice up their sex life.

This simple prop has changed my sex life in ways I never thought possible. Without having to focus on my aches and pains, I can focus on getting my partner off and enjoying the ride myself. It has made vaginal and anal penetration easier and oral isn’t such a pain in the neck anymore, pun intended.

I recommend buying it straight from Liberator’s official website as they have the best prices and customer service.

It’s been called a “must-purchase” by Timothy Ferriss (The 4-Hour Body) and is hailed as a miracle product by countless users. You really have to try it for yourself to see just how much this simple design can change your life!

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Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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