Flexibility and balance aren’t innate skills that everyone possesses. These skills take hours of practice and dedication.

Personally, when it comes to balance, I have all the grace of a cat with socks on and the flexibility of a stick.

There’s always little give, but too much pressure and I’m liable to split in two. As with everything, these skills, or lack thereof, follow me into the bedroom and between the sheets.

Modern media has fooled us with depictions of effortless sex between flexible people with perfect balance. In mainstream movies and TV shows, even in porn, everyone’s genitalia line up perfectly, no matter what position they are in. In the world of fantasy, your lover can bend over backward and everything still fits as it should. 

Sadly, that is not how real life works.

When it comes time to actually engage in sex for the sake of pleasure – and not just for the camera, things get messy. Body parts don’t fit together, and in some instances, there is a major height difference. It’s a huge bonus and a rare find when two people’s bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, but the truth is that not everyone is compatible. Thankfully, there are companies like Liberator who provide aids to help those couples in peril.

Sex furniture might seem a frivolous purchase to some, but to others, it’s the key to effortless sex. Ramps, wedges, couches, and other pillows to help align your body with your partners are a godsend. Sex furniture is a great addition to an already exciting experience.

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The Liberator Ramp

Wedge/Ramp Combo

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The most iconic and well-known piece that Liberator has to offer is, of course, the Ramp.

The Liberator Ramp fits almost perfectly into anyone’s play sessions. There is no other piece of sex furniture that perfectly suits the needs of so many consumers as does the Ramp by Liberator.

The Liberator Ramp is a mid-sized piece of sex furniture and has been referred to as being “large but manageable.” I recommend having ample storage space if this is an investment you are interested in. I have the “regular size, which is 34 inches long, 24 inches wide, and has a height of 12 inches. There is also a short and a tall, both having slightly different measurements from the regular.

It’s tall enough to drape myself over while standing but short enough that even my smaller partner doesn’t have to stand on her tippy toes to do so. It is the perfect height and angle for doggy-style, but the limits on how to use it are only limited by your imagination. The angle also makes anal sex easier and gives oral a new, more upright position.

As with all Liberator products, the Ramp comes vacuum sealed and appears much smaller upon unboxing it than it actually is. The foam puffs up fairly quickly once it’s taken out of the plastic and is plushy yet firm. The cover is packaged separately and I washed it before putting it on the ramp. The cover can be machine washed and dried but the ramp itself needs to wiped down with an antibacterial wipe.

The foam is high-density, making it perfect for supporting your body during sexual activities. The Liberator Ramp was designed with a clear purpose in mind and when in use, it’s clear that it gets the job done much better than anything we have ever used to prop our bodies up.

The Liberator Ramp can be used on the bed, floor, by larger individuals, and people with mobility issues. It’s an incredibly versatile toy that hasn’t let us down so far.

The only problem we have had with it is storage. While it isn’t an in your face piece of sex furniture, those who know of Liberator will know what it is and hiding it can be bothersome in shared living spaces or areas with little storage space.

Other than that small issue, the Ramp by Liberator is lightweight and easy to move around. We literally toss ours under the bed when we are finished with it. It can also easily be fished out from under the bed when we want to use it.

While it didn’t give me the ability to balance or be more flexible, it does help us get into positions that, otherwise, would have been impossible. It’s not a cure-all for your lack of balance but it can certainly help by giving you something to brace against or push on. I highly recommend it for anyone who is like me and has a hard time getting into certain positions or having standing sex (it can be wobbly during standing sex, so please take care).

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Suggested Positions

Whenever my partner or I reach for the Liberator Ramp, we are signaling to one another that we are feeling explorative. We have tons of other pieces of sex furniture that we use for our tried and true favorites, but the Ramp is what we go for when we want to do something new. 

The size and shape of the Ramp by Liberator may seem straightforward, but it takes work and practice to get the most out of it. Even when exploring familiar positions with a new element, such as the Ramp, it will take some dedication and tweaking until you find that angle and tilt that works for you and your partner.

My partner and I had become accustomed to propping up body parts with pillows. There was no judgment and little thought put into placing a pillow under our rumps to position our genitals a little high. After trying the Ramp, we can’t go back. There isn’t anything wrong with using pillows, there is just something so luxurious about using a piece of furniture designed specifically for propping up your body for easier sex.

As I said, using the Liberator Ramp is only limited by your imagination, but thankfully, Liberator has taken the liberty of presenting us with some suggested positions to get the creative juices flowing. Even after having it for a while, I still feel like there’s so much we haven’t done with it yet.

Anyway, here are some position suggests we enjoyed from the Liberator website:

* Take Flight – Position the Ramp with the thinner end at the edge of the bed. With the receiving partner laying with their head on the thicker end and their legs drawn up, the giving partner will stand between their legs and enter them. Once penetrated, the receiving partner will give their ankles to the standing partner and… well, take off.

* Pleasure Garden – The pleasure garden is done with the Liberator Ramp in the same position as above, but one partner will lay on the ramp with their head hanging off the bed, and the other will straddle their face. This is a more comfortable and easier version of the classic 69.

* Teacher’s Pet – This is another position with one partner standing, but rather than having the thinner end at the edge of the bed, flip it around and have the receiving partner lay across the thicker end with their rump in the air. This is a great take on doggy style that allows both partners to relax and enjoy the activity without straining to stay upright.

* Down Periscope – For this position, scoot the Ramp by Liberator back enough so the giving partner can climb up on the bed and get on their knees. Have the receiving partner flip around from their doggy style position, and place their rump on the thicker part of the Ramp, this allows the giving partner to enter them while on their knees, again without anyone straining.

These are just a few of our favorites, and the website and box that the Liberator Ramp comes in has a lot more suggestions. We also enjoy regular doggy style, but with my partner laying on their stomach across the larger portion of the ramp.

She says she feels like the Liberator Ramp is making her lazy, but I’m just happy that it takes a lot of strain off of my arms and a lot of stress out of being balanced or flexible.

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Final Thoughts


With all my praise, you’d think that the Ramp by Liberator was perfect, but nothing is without flaw. Some people may find the Ramp to be too tall or too short, I recommend checking out the other sizes on the official website or the Liberator Wedge.

The Ramp by Liberator has been an enormous help in enhancing my sex life and has had a huge impact on my and my partner’s pleasure. This tug-tastic piece of sex furniture is perfect for trying new positions, reviving old favorites, and taking some overall strain and stress off of the users.

The Liberator Ramp is perfect for people of all mobility, size, and sexual explorative-ness. It has opened a ton of new doors for my partner and myself and has made some aspects of sex nearly as effortless as media would have you believe sex is.

I highly recommend giving this luxurious, soft, piece of sex furniture a go. If you’re going to purchase a Liberator Ramp, I highly recommend purchasing through their website. Liberator has excellent customer service, discreet shipping, and quick and easy returns!

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I don’t recommend products just because I am an affiliate, I recommend them because I enjoy them and hope you will, too. I respect and value you as a reader and you can always expect my honest and unbiased opinion.

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