I always get the most excitement from online shopping when I order a new piece of luxury sex furniture!

The anticipation while waiting for it to be delivered and the excitement when it finally gets here is unlike anything else. Liberator is one of the biggest and best sex furniture brands on the market, their collection includes many foam shapes and Fleshlight mounts that we’ve grown to love here at TugBro.

The materials Liberator uses is of the highest quality and all of their products, thus far, have been very impressive.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – sex furniture may seem like a luxurious purchase, but it will 100% change your sex life for the better!

Whether you’re masturbating or having sex with a partner, sex furniture will up your game and increase the pleasure you get from your normal, mundane activities.

The product I’m talking about today is meant to be used in tandem with a Fleshlight but has many alternative uses as well!

Introducing… the Liberator: On A Mission (Toy Mount).

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Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On A Mission

As you can imagine, after reviewing the Hipster and Esse, I was eager to get my hands on one of their Fleshlight mounts.

I’m a huge fan of both of these companies and the idea of being able to use them together was arousing in and of itself. Both Liberator and Fleshlight use minimal packaging and their boxes aren’t discreet at all.

The packaging it comes in, though, is extremely discreet and gives nothing away to anyone who happens to see the brown shipping box. It came labeled, as the previous pieces I’ve gotten from them, as “orthopedic cushions.”

On a Mission – Packaging

The interior packaging box features a hairy, tattooed guy seductively stroking himself. While this wasn’t appealing to me, my partner found the man on the packaging to be incredibly attractive and tasteful. The package also features cheeky messages, my favorite of these is “Thank You For Letting Us Into Your Bedroom”.

As with every other Liberator product that I have reviewed, the leather cover and cushion are packaged separately. The cushion is vacuum compressed and will never fit back into the bag once it’s released.

Setting up the Fleshlight Mount was incredibly easy and was much like the others I have used. I was surprised by how big the Mount is once it expanded to full size.

The mount, without the leather cover, is already moisture-proof and should never be removed. After the foam piece is completely filled out, the leather cover can be put on it and you can start using it immediately.

Once put together, On a Mission is incredibly lightweight. It measures 27 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 10 inches high.

It is made with a firm sort of foam, very similar to memory foam. There is an upward slope at the end of the cushion where the Fleshlight is meant to be inserted. It’s angled so that when in use, it feels as though you’re thrusting in Doggystyle.

All in all, the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission is sturdy, high quality, and multi-purpose which I’ll explain below!

Liberator Fleshlight Mount – Uses & Positions

I wasn’t sure how this was going to fit in with partnered activities but we tried a couple of different positions that I was pleasantly surprised with – it isn’t just for solo masturbation sessions!

I want to go over how to go about using it with a Fleshlight as well as a part of foreplay and sexual, partnered intercourse.

Click here for Liberator’s complete sexual positioning guide!

Using “On A Mission” With A Fleshlight

Unsure what sort of Fleshlight you want to pair up with On a Mission? Check out our “Ultimate Fleshlight Buyer’s Guide” for some recommendations & discounts!

Using the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission with a Fleshlight couldn’t be simpler.

Just insert the masturbator into the hole at the end of the mount. I had to push on the Fleshlight with a little bit more force than I thought I’d need because it is a fairly tight fit.

Due to how secure it rests and the angle the mount sits at, it is perfect for penetration.

It’s easy to slip into any Fleshlight when using the mount, especially if you’re lubed up, it truly does feel like going at it with a partner. Once inside, it’s comfortable to rest against the mount while thrusting and just use my hips.

I found that it was also easy to get on my knees and go at it doggy style. This isn’t the most comfortable position as it puts the Mount between my knees and eventually gets tired.

This could be easily fixed if the Fleshlight Mount was slightly tapered, which would make it fit between my knees without pushing up against the inside of my thighs. Another way I found to use the Mount with a Fleshlight was to lay it on its side and spoon it while thrusting.

It does feel similar to humping a pillow, but when I put on some porn, it wasn’t too difficult to readjust my imagination to believe I was plowing a textured, tight partner from behind.

I also found that using a Fleshlight with the mount does prolong how long it takes me to get off, which is great when I’m wanting a longer masturbation session or when I’m using it for foreplay.

Using “On A Mission” With A Partner

While I originally thought that the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission was going to be a solo toy, I was surprised to find that I got the most enjoyment out of it when using it with my partner!

I can pump away into the Fleshlight Mount while using my hands and mouth on my partner. The inside of the box gave me a few ideas, some of my favorites were:



This is my personal favorite use for the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission. I can slip into the Fleshlight hands-free, and pump away while my partner uses a strap-on or I eat them out.

My hips are positioned perfectly for a prostate massage threesome and adding the sensation of the Fleshlight of my choice just puts me over the edge. Using the Fleshlight Mount by Liberator as a two-person threesome prop almost always gives me an explosive orgasm!



As I already mentioned, the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission allows me to perform oral on my partner while thrusting into a Fleshlight. My partner will sit on the other end and I can easily lean forward and eat them out while thrusting into the Fleshlight.

I found that I can also position the mount beside the bed and have my partner sit on the bed while I eat them out. There are so many possibilities with this one!



Using On A Mission leaves my butt exposed for my partner to do with as they please, which includes spanking!

I love using the Fleshlight Mount by Fleshlight this way as it adds comfort to BDSM play. There is nothing like pounding into my favorite Fleshlight while my partner vigorously flogs my ass!


There are so many ways to use the Liberator Fleshlight Mount and the limit truly is only your imagination –  I know I say that a lot.

It has been a huge treat to use this product by Liberator because it allows us to explore positions that never even would have thought of before! I love the hands-free aspect and how it allows me to use my hands and mouth while also enjoying myself!

Clean-Up & Storage

We can easily store the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission in our closet, but others may not have the option to store such a large piece of sex furniture.

Unlike previous Liberator products I have used, this one isn’t as discreet and it may be more difficult to explain away thanks to the hole in the front. 

While it may not be an option for those with limited storage space or in shared living spaces, the Liberator Fleshlight Mount is a great option for people who can’t stand products that require extensive cleaning.

The On a Mission Mount is super easy to clean, as simple as wiping down the mount with a wet, warm rag and some mild soap.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the Liberator Fleshlight Mount, it enhances solo play with my favorite Fleshlight but it also adds something new to couples play!

Sure, you can use your Fleshlight hands-free without the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission, but it isn’t as fun nor as comfortable. Honestly, every time we have used the Fleshlight Mount by Liberator has been a mind-blowing experience and we look forward to using it again between sessions!

We have spent hours upon hours exploring new positions and different ways to use the Liberator Fleshlight Mount: On a Mission. If that sounds like something you’d be down for, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t, then you should definitely give this piece of sex furniture a try!

Use our coupon code: *TUGBRO10* at checkout for 10% off when you buy “On a Mission” from the Fleshlight store!

*Full Disclosure* This review contains affiliate links and purchasing from one of these links doesn’t cost you anything extra. I earn a small commission from each purchase made from my links, which helps to keep Tugbro up and running.

I don’t recommend products just because I am an affiliate, I recommend them because I enjoy them and hope you will, too. I respect and value you as a reader and you can always expect my honest and unbiased opinion.

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