Ahh, we all know and love the male g-spot – the prostate.

This is a walnut-sized organ just within the anus (about three inches in) and is used to induce ejaculation without stimulating the penis. Prostate orgasms are more intense than normal orgasms, and when paired with penis stimulation can result in a blended orgasm. Whether you are new to anal play or looking for your next challenge, there is something in the vast world of sex toys for everyone.

There are nearly as many sex toys on the market for those interested in prostate-play as there are for those with a g-spot. That being said, you should never use a g-spot toy for prostate massage, these often don’t have the flared base required for anal play and can risk an embarrassing trip to the ER.

If you are tempted to try out your partner’s Lelo Mona 2 for anal play to see if it can give you the same intense orgasms that it gives her, I highly recommend checking out the Lelo Loki Wave.

The Loki Wave by Lelo has a similar shape and motor as the Mona, with a flared base for added support and safety! 

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What is The Lelo Loki Wave?


The Loki Wave luxury prostate massager looks strikingly similar to the Mona, just with an anal-safe base. It was designed with the understanding that Mona makes women moan, and men deserve that, too.

The Wave has an amazing feature that distinguishes it from it’s more powerful half-brother: a reticulating “arm”.

This arm moves back and forth to continually massage two spots at once! The prostate and the delicate perineum. Combining this with the stellar vibrations that we saw in the Loki results in the only anal toy I’ve seen that comes with the full package.

If you don’t know what the Mona looks like, it has a gentle curve and a bulbous head, Lelo just changed the color and added the flared base. The Loki is 7.75 inches long, with an insertable length of 4 inches. It has a 1.25-inch diameter and is made of Lelo’s special silicone blend.

To add to the luxury of the Wave, it is also waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a wide variety of functions. The vibrations include a single steady vibration and five patterns. There are four buttons on the base, two that cycle through these patterns and two that increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations. 

The shaft of the toy is incredibly smooth and fairly rigid. The bulbous head provides a full feeling and a broad to pinpoint stimulation. If you push the Wave deep enough into the body, the front of the vibrator massages the prostate. But if you push it in just enough to get the tip of the head to the prostate then it will tease with pinpoint stimulation. 

The neck tapers off a bit, but not enough to use it hands-free. Despite this minor flaw, it has all the bells and whistles I have come to expect when ordering from Lelo. An hour of charging gave me two hours of playtime and the rumbling vibrations were more than worth the wait!

My Experience With The Lelo Loki Wave

My Lelo Loki Wave

After charging the Wave, I heavily lubed it up. It’s important to use high quality, thick lube for anal play to avoid any damage or discomfort. The tapered head makes it easy to push in and guide to my prostate. The curve makes it easy to get into the ride place and I know when it’s sitting properly against my prostate because it sends a shiver down my spine every time.

Check out Lovense lube for male lubricant designed with prostate massagers in mind.

Once it’s in place, I turn on the vibrations, which are strong, but not as overpowering at the Lelo Hugo. It didn’t take me long to get relaxed and start exploring the buttons. As usual, I found myself enjoying the steady vibrations best. I did find that after a bit of playing with it, my sphincter muscles were more tired than when I use smaller toys.

If the Lelo Loki is as similar in use to the Mona as others have stated, then I can understand why the Mona is so popular, and I am grateful that Lelo took the time to give us guys something as luxurious. While I do find myself wishing for a bit more power sometimes, the Loki is a great prostate toy that I find myself reaching for a couple of times a week!

Maintaining Your Loki Wave

The Wave is not only silicone but is also completely waterproof – making cleaning a breeze! Not only is it great for shower or tub play, but when it comes time to wash it, I don’t have to worry about ensuring that water doesn’t get to a certain portion of the toy. I use a mild, unscented soap and warm water for regular cleanings. When I want to sanitize the Loki, I use a 10% bleach solution. 

If you prefer to use toy cleaners, I recommend giving it a thorough rinse under the tap or in a sink full of water and then giving it a healthy spray of the cleaner of your choice. There is a slightly open seam where the silicone meets the plastic, which is commonplace for lube and bodily fluids to get trapped, so be sure to pay attention to that area when cleaning.

As far as lube goes, any time you are practicing anal play, I recommend a healthy dose of a quality thick lubricant. Silicone is best, but I also use a lot of silicone-water lubes that work just as great.

We always recommend getting your male lubricant straight from reputable male sex toy retailers like Lovense or Fleshlight that make high-quality products specifically with these anal toys in mind.

Lelo Loki Wave: Pros

The Wave is incredibly powerful. While it isn’t as powerful as others I have tried (Original Loki, Hugo), it is more than enough to give me orgasms without penile stimulation. Considering that it only takes an hour to charge, gives an hour of playtime, and gives tug-tastic orgasms, I’m more than happy with the amount of power this anal vibrator has.

The girth of this toy isn’t recommended for those new to anal play. It definitely gives me the full feeling that I was searching for after my early days with prostate massage left me wanting more. If it has been a while since I have played with my backdoor, so I do take time to warm up first. You should also use a good bit of lube. Remember, anal play should never be painful!

Finally, I absolutely love the flared base on the Lelo Loki prostate massager. It stays out of the way during use and isn’t uncomfortable at all. It is wide enough and shaped in a way that puts any worries about losing the Loki to rest. Even experienced anal players have noted how comfortable the base on the Loki is compared to most anal toys currently on the market.


Lelo Loki Wave: Cons

While the Wave is damn near perfect, it does have its flaws. I hate that I had to hold it in place during the entire session. I enjoy sitting on a plug and rocking, or wearing a vibrating probe while running errands. The Loki takes more manual work than some other anal toys on the market, and this can become trivial during longer sessions.

Another issue I had with this toy is that it twisted if I did let go of it or was thrusting. The tip will move away from the prostate, and while I can still feel the vibrations, it isn’t nearly as stimulating. I then have to twist it back around and this can be uncomfortable or frustrating. It’s easier to use with a partner, especially when I want to stroke while massaging my prostate.


Final Thoughts

Lelo made a great move by replicating the Mona for men. The Loki Wave is an amazing sex toy that isn’t only a treat to use, but also aesthetically pleasing.

It has a single motor and deliciously rumbly vibrations. It’s perfect for men who want vibrations on just their prostate (if you’re looking for perineum stimulation as well, check out my piece on The Top 7 Best Prostate Massagers).

Overall, the Loki Wave by Lelo is a luxurious option for men who enjoy feeling full and like rumbling, powerful vibrations. It quickly became a favorite of mine, even with my mild complaints. I will happily slap on the Tugbro seal of approval and highly recommend it for anyone looking to achieve strong prostate orgasms. 

*Full Disclosure*: This review contains affiliate links and purchasing from one of these links doesn’t cost you anything extra. I earn a small commission from each purchase made from my links, which helps to keep Tugbro up and running.

I don’t recommend products just because I am an affiliate; I recommend them because I enjoy them and hope you will, too. I respect and value you as a reader and you can always expect my honest and unbiased opinion.

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