I love Fleshlights just as much as the next guy, but there’s something about the integration of sex toys and technology that gets me more excited than anything else.

It seems that most sex toy manufacturers are noticing how many consumers are similar to me in their high-tech tastes – they all seem to be coming out with the new version of “the next best thing”.

Now that every sex toy company, (even the little guys), is coming out with new high tech toys and boasting about how it’s the “best ever” – it can be tough to distinguish between toys that are truly high quality and toys that were simply made for a quick cash grab.

In my experience, Lelo has always stood at the top when it comes to quality.

When I was first introduced to Lelo it was through my partner, as their inventory was relatively small and didn’t have much in the way of pleasure toys for men. What my partner did get from Lelo she greatly enjoyed, but I wasn’t all that impressed.

Since my first introduction, the brand has gone through some huge changes and is now among the most well-known in the industry. They not only offer female pleasure products but have extended their inventory to include prostate and penis products for men!

This brings me to our topic of interest: the F1s Developer’s Kit by Lelo.

Initially, the name leads me to believe that I was getting a “build your own” sex toy “kit” or something that was complex and mysterious…

Thankfully, the futuristic name of this masturbation device is just the clever way Lelo decided to go about marketing their new revolutionary toy. 

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What Is The Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit?

You’re probably just as confused as I was… what exactly is the F1s Developer’s Kit? What makes it Tugbro approved? 

The Lelo F1s is designed to wake up the nerve endings in the penis and provides 360° stimulation. Although it isn’t as complex as I initially thought it was, it does have the name “Developer’s Kit” for a reason.

It allows users to customize their masturbation experience with more precision than any other male pleasure device before it.

Along with the toy, I was granted access to an exclusive interface that allows me to tweak tons of the toy’s settings and write a personal script for my own wants and needs. The software is completely free to use and works independently from the pre-programmed settings of the F1s, but is useless without the machine.

While the technical side and option to mess around with the software make the F1s Developer’s Kit by Lelo wonderfully unique, it isn’t the reason for its instant success.

The innovative and statistic-based features & design are what make this toy stand out among its peers.

Before digging into this device and investing my time, I did do a good bit of research beforehand, just so I wouldn’t be misled again. Thankfully, after getting my hands on it, I found there were very few complaints to be had.

How Does The Lelo F1s Work?

This is probably going to be the lengthiest part of this entire review, as you can imagine, the F1s Developer Kit has a lot going on.

This sex toy blends nature with science – making downloadable porn and VR goggles look like child’s play. With the ability to manipulate the finer details and settings along with the ability to use VR goggles synced to your favorite porn star, this sex toy has forever changed my precious tug-time for the better.

The more basic features, (things I have come to expect from Lelo) include that the F1s DK is completely rechargeable and waterproof. Even though I said that I expect Lelo toys to be waterproof, I was a bit shocked to find that this high-tech toy is indeed waterproof! Fully charging the toy will give you 2-2.5 hours of playtime

I think one of the best features is that the F1s DK allows you to track your progress using its internal sensors, but that’s not all!

There is so much going on with this device that I’m not certain I’ll be able to list them all here. That being said, forgive me if I leave something out.

There are two internal motors that use a series of different sensations, utilizing sonic waves and vibrations – finally, a sonic wave toy for us guys! There are 10 sensitive sensors that read your body’s cues better than any human I’ve ever been with. The monitors control and manage the rhythm of your masturbation session.

The medical-grade silicone sleeve has curved grooves that give a strong pleasurable experience. There is also a “cruise control” setting that sets the F1s to “automatic.”

There are three buttons on the alloy and ABS plastic casing that control the intensity level and are easy to reach and control. It’s a great product for those who have mobility issues (no reason for you guys to have less!). There is also a clear panel in the casing that allowed me to watch myself within the machine and holy shit – that was hot!

As with most technologically advanced sex toys these days, and as I have already mentioned – the F1s DK comes with its own free phone application.

This app works with all F1s toys and most other Lelo brand toys. The app is available on Android and iOS, allowing anyone with a phone to access Lelo SD. This app connects to your phone via BlueTooth.

It is also incredibly discreet. The design is very masculine and doesn’t look anything like a sex toy. It is nicely compact, measuring only 5.5 inches in length with a 2.8-inch circumference, and it weighs in at less than a pound.

With this extensive list of features, it’s not difficult to see why this toy is gaining so much popularity. While I am usually incredibly skeptical of a sex toy that claims to have it all and checks all my boxes before touching it – the Lelo F1s Developers Kit was one of the rare exceptions that pleasantly surprised me!

What’s Included In The Packaging?

The box is similar to that of most Lelo products, I really wasn’t expecting anything fancy just because I know what to expect from Lelo at this point. If you were expecting a fancy box and are disappointed, don’t fret, Lelo gives us a ton of goodies inside – they know how to spoil their consumers.

Here’s what I discovered upon opening the box:

  • The Lelo F1s Developers Kit, of course
  • A sample bottle of Lelo Toy Cleaner
  • USB charging cable
  • F1s User guide
  • Instructions, warning, and downloadable PDF manual 
  • A “Do Not Disturb” sign – which I love and find hilarious
  • Fingerless, patented leather gloves
  • Satin drawstring storage pouch
  • Warranty registration card – don’t forget to register your F1s DK!

There weren’t any traditional lube samples, but I have more than enough, so I was happy with the toy cleaner – which I don’t have enough of.

That being said, don’t use this device without lubricant, you will need a good bit of lube to help cut down on the amount of friction created.

How Does It Feel? – My Experience

If I’m being completely honest, it’s difficult to explain how the F1s actually feels because there isn’t anything similar to compare it to.

The sonic waves entirely engulfed my penis in 360° stimulation. The stimulation is smooth and flawless, spoiling me and feeling even better than an actual blowjob.

Being able to develop my own settings and set my own routines has only proven to spoil me more. The curved grooves are precise and cruise control is incredibly sexy. Adding all these features together, including the peeping window, set the bar high for all other sex toys.

Pros & Cons Of The F1s

Every adult product, no matter how perfect, has its pros and cons.

While this one has an amazing list of features that I greatly enjoy, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t tell you about the features I found less than awesome. That being said, let’s take a look at the pros first.


* Heavy Duty – While incredibly light, the F1s by Lelo is still super durable and easy to use.

* Price – Most high tech sex toys cost hundreds of dollars, while the F1s comes in at only $189!

* Slip and Slide – I was shocked to find that the F1s DK is waterproof. I was scared to try it at first, but with the warranty, I went for it. And I can vouch that it is, indeed waterproof!!

* Rechargeability – As I mentioned, the F1s Developers Kit is rechargeable and a full charge gives 2-2.5 hours of playtime

* Customization – You can tinker with the programming, which makes the experience completely customizable. This is the #1 thing that sets the F1s apart from other high tech sex toys.

* Clear Panel – Anything that allows me to watch myself get off gets extra points in my book. 

* 360° Stimulation – This provides intense pleasure and I absolutely love it.

* Sonic Waves AND Vibrations – I love the combined stimulation!

* BlueTooth – It wouldn’t be considered high tech without BlueTooth compatibility.

* App Compatible – The same thing goes for app compatibility, but you can also be a developer with the use of this app.

* Hands-Free – There is a Cruise Control option that allows for hands-free play, which is another great feature that I adore about this device.

The Cons

* ShortThere are only 4.5 inches of insertable length. This is great for average-sized or smaller guys but wasn’t ideal for me since this prevents me from going balls deep.

* Long Charge Time – While I do get 2 to 2.5 hours of playtime it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the Lelo F1s Developers Kit which can be frustrating… but still worth it!

Final Thoughts

The development team at Lelo has done a fantastic job of providing us with a great male sex toy that is both familiar and innovative.

It has features that we are all aware of and have used with other devices – Lelo managed to improve on these features while incorporating a ton of new ambitious ideas. There are very few aspects of the Lelo F1s Developers Kit that I could complain about.

The price is great, it’s well made, waterproof, rechargeable, and has a ton of features to appease my sexual needs. There are so many awesome features with the F1s DK by Lelo that I can’t even say that my dislikes are strong enough to be upset about.

I absolutely love the innovation of Lelo F1s – it’s the only toy that allows me to be a developer for my own sexual escapades & desires!

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*Full Disclosure* This review contains affiliate links and purchasing from one of these links doesn’t cost you anything extra. I earn a small commission from each purchase made from my links, which helps to keep Tugbro up and running.

I don’t recommend products just because I am an affiliate, I recommend them because I enjoy them and hope you will, too. I respect and value you as a reader and you can always expect my honest and unbiased opinion.


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