Lelo is known for its luxurious toys that are built around the average body to provide the best stimulation. Knowing their high standard for sex toys, I was still a bit shocked when I came across the Lelo Earl Gold Butt Plug with matching cuff links.

I was shocked because it is made of 24k gold (although the user manual says 18k), comes with matching cuff links (what?!), and costs $2,590! You read that right, two thousand five hundred and ninety dollars, and it doesn’t even vibrate. While it is long enough to reach the average prostate, for that much money, I’d expect a bit more oomph.

This butt plug claims to be “the most distinguished gentlemen’s plug in the world,” that being said, it is very similar in shape to the Lelo Billy and the discontinued Lelo Bob. The major differences are, of course, that the Lelo Billy vibrates and the Earl has a loop on the end for easy handling. Not to mention that the Earl comes with 24k gold cuff links, which is pretty nifty.

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Lelo Earl Gold

Getting or giving jewelry is a cliche gift-giving move, but it isn’t all bad. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a new watch, but giving jewelry as a gift is a bit overdone, so the Lelo Earl is a great way to shake things up. It comes in 24k gold or stainless steel and both versions come with the matching cuff links.

As with all Lelo products, this butt plug comes with a one-year warranty and if you order on the official Lelo website, you are guaranteed delivery within 3 to 5 business days. Another perk to ordering straight for the official website is that it automatically signs you up for the warranty.

Lelo not only went all out with the material but as with most of their products, the Lelo Earl was designed to fit male anatomy perfectly. The ring base makes it easy to control and remove when you’re done. Both material options are perfectly body-safe and incredibly durable.

Both the cuffs and the prostate massager come in a luxurious wooden box, lined with velvet. The Lelo Earl comes with a total length of 4.8 inches and a max diameter of 1.1 inches. This may be intimidating to new users, especially considering that it has absolutely no give. But to advanced users, like myself, this golden butt plug seems just the right size.

The gentle curve paired with the handle makes the Earl perfect for hitting the prostate nearly every time. It is a well made, incredibly luxurious device and there’s lucky few who have the privilege of owning one.


Using The Lelo Earl

The Lelo Earl should only be used with a generous amount of lubrication.

It may be beneficial to use a finger to help relax the sphincter muscles, and if you’re still having issues inserting it – laying on your side or on your back with your knees pulled up to your chest can further assist with relaxation. Never force any anal toy into your body and take your time with insertion and never insert part of the ring.

As for how to use the Lelo Earl once its inserted, that comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to leave it in place and enjoy the full feeling while others enjoy thrusting with it. You can even use the Lelo Earl during partnered intercourse.

The website recommends using ONLY water-based lubes and to wash the Lelo Earl before and after each use. Alcohol, petrol, and acetone should never be used on the Lelo Earl. Leaving the Earl by Lelo in direct sunlight can cause damage while using it under 2 degrees Celsius can cause bodily damage.

Final Thoughts

Remember to use code: TUGBRO15 for 15% off your purchase with Lelo!

The Lelo Earl is an incredibly luxurious toy, plated with either 24k or 18k gold and paired with matching cuff links- this gift is sure to leave an impression.

It features a pleasant curve and a nice flat surface to rub or thrust against the p spot. My favorite part is that it also comes in silver, as I prefer silver over gold.

The Lelo Earl is great for intermediate to advanced anal players and may be intimidating to some new users. There is no give to the material and its fairly easy to take care of, despite being more high maintenance than most of my toys.

Ease of Cleaning
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