The Lelo Billy has been yet another amazing addition to my growing collection of prostate massagers. I had been curious about it for a while, mostly because the design is appealing, before finally ordering it. It’s even sexier in person than it was in all the photos I spent months fawning over.

As a self-proclaimed sex toy connoisseur, I’ve learned that there are countless sex toys on the market that look nice, have flashy packaging, or sexy names, but are sorely lacking in the orgasm delivery department. While this logic is often applied to people, it goes to show that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Billy by Lelo is a toy that offers the exact prostate massage I crave in luxury sex toys.

My first time playing with Lelo Billy wasn’t anything to write about. I had technical issues that were no fault of the device and I was so eager that I didn’t prepare. On top of not taking any time to get used to the control pad, I was unable to get the job done.

I’ll go over, in more detail, my second experience with Billy by Lelo in a different section of this review. I think it is important to note that any time you get a new toy, you should take a few moments to get used to the controls, no matter how excited you are to use it. And warm up with any anal play is incredibly important and should never be skipped.

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The Lelo Billy Prostate Massager

Anyhow, let’s get into my first initial impression and unboxing.

Once the plain, brown, discreet brown shipping box was delivered and ripped into, I was greeted with the signature, simple black box that all Lelo products come in. It isn’t anything fancy, but is made well and is great for storage. The Billy was nestled in a foam insert within the box and I found the accessories stored inside a smaller internal box.

Within the box was, of course, the vibrator, a charger specific to the country, a satin storage pouch, a sample of Lelo’s lube, the user manual, and a warranty card.

Please register your sex toys in case anything happens to them, you can get them replaced. It isn’t often that a toy from a company such as Lelo has a technical issue, but it does happen.

The Lelo Billy itself is 6.9 inches long with 3.9 inches being insertable. While this may seem like a great “beginners toy,” it should be noted that the width at the widest point is 1.1 inches. I would only recommend this for beginners looking for their next step or experienced users. It isn’t exactly “brand new to anal play” friendly.

The insertable end of the Billy is coated in a velvety feeling silicone, that is just as pleasurable to run my fingers across as it is to slip between my cheeks and past my sphincters. The silicone has a matte finish and is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.

It is fairly rigid with no flex or bend, making it perfect for pushing as hard as I can against my prostate as I near a finish. I have no idea what the inner core is made of, there is no give to it at all, if I had to guess, I’d say it is an ABS plastic casing to hold the motor. That being said, it does feel incredibly luxurious and is a fantastic texture for anal play. This end of the Billy ends with a flared base made of the same silicone.

The handle portion of the Billy by Lelo contains the charging port and control panel. It is made of ABS plastic and should not be inserted. There is a seam between this portion of the toy and the silicone portion where lube and bodily fluids can get trapped, so be cautious of that when cleaning it!

LELO Billy – Red

All in all, the Lelo Billy feels great when being held and controls are durable and solid. The rub plug at the base keeps lube and other liquids out of the charging port. The attention to detail is noticeable and befitting of the “luxury” I expect from Lelo.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the Lelo Billy is rechargeable and completely waterproof. A two-hour charge will give four hours of playtime – or in my case 5 play sessions before it dies. It also has a 90-day standby, according to Lelo. But mine never sits that long.

I’ve never let mine sit for 90 days because the vibrations are phenomenal. There are four distinct vibration patterns and one steady vibration option that can be selected by pushing and holding one of the up and down buttons, you can increase and decrease the vibration intensity with the left and right buttons. There are nine levels of vibration intensity, the transition between each level of intensity is smooth. This creates 45 different combinations to choose from!

How Does it Feel?

After my initial flop with Billy, I waited a few days and tried again. While the shaft of the Lelo Billy isn’t beginner-friendly, it isn’t all that thick.

It slides in very easily and with a little wiggling, fits perfectly against the prostate. I recommend a good, thick anal lube – silicone or hybrid are best because they don’t dry out as easily as water-based lubricants.

For the best selection of male-lubricant made with prostate toys in mind, we recommend Lovense lube.

Once I had it against my prostate and turned on, it felt amazing. It doesn’t provide the full feeling I enjoy, but there isn’t any discomfort either. It’s the perfect length and width for wiggling around and probing of the prostate.

I had about three solo orgasms in one go and it left me a quivering mess of jelly. About a week after this experience, my partner wanted to use it on me and I obliged, excited to use it again.

I quickly came to the realization that this toy really shines brightest when you have someone else use it on you!

If you do plan to use it on your own, I highly recommend spending a while playing around with the controls to get used to them. It isn’t difficult to learn but can be a little confusing when you can’t see it. When a partner uses it, though, they can see everything that they are doing and can control it easier.

The vibrations from the Lelo Billy can be felt through my abdominal area when cranked all the way up. The vibrations aren’t localized to my prostate and can be felt in everything. Even without an arm for perineum massage, I can feel the vibrations there as well.

When going at it solo, I prefer to use it while laying on my back with my knees up and legs spread. This helps me to Insert it and control it easier. I can find my prostate easier in this position and find it the easiest to achieve orgasm.

When using it with a partner, we use our imagination and let the sky be the limit. I can be in nearly any position, and my partner can pleasure me out of my mind with Billy by Lelo.

Final Thoughts

It’s a very sexy prostate massager, it’s stylish and ergonomic. There are 5 vibration patterns and 9 levels of vibration intensity. Altogether, there are 45 settings to choose from, which makes Billy always exciting. The intensities run from low and soft to full mayhem within my rectum. It provides me with intense orgasms and in general is tug-tastic.

With anything, there are flaws, and Billy by Lelo isn’t great when used solo. It is amazing but takes a lot of work to get the right angle and buttons worked out. I also found that I can’t put it all the way in without completely missing my prostate, so I have to leave about half an inch out, and it will slip out when I take my hands off of it.

I highly recommend the Lelo Billy for anyone looking to up their anal game and wanting strong vibrations.

This is a great toy for not green behind the ear newbies and advanced users alike. I love the Lelo Billy and any time my partner reaches for it I’m instantly hard and eager for it to be inside of me. I love my Lelo Billy.

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