Nowadays, porn sites are a dime a dozen – that is, if you’re looking for the typical mundane porn that everyone else likes…

However, if you want some tug material that’s a little more… specialized, you start seeking out the less eclectic sites, in favor of those that deal in the specific niche you feel like watching. Most of those that want something different aren’t necessarily looking for a specific niche – just something new and exciting! However, there are those of us that enjoy the occasional bruise, bite, electrocution, bondage, or literally any taboo sexual activity that involves pain or submission. 

So, if you’re in love with the BDSM porn genre (Bondage, Domination/Submission, Sadomasochism, etc.) or any other seemingly extreme/out-there genre of porn, there’s a good chance you have already heard about the website I want to talk about today. started out as just one little site in the vast sea of hardcore pornography, but over the past two decades, they’ve quickly spiraled into becoming one of the most important porn studios in the world, even reaching international news, and achieving recognition for their very specific type of headquarters…

A castle.

A fucking castle. 

Even Brazzers doesn’t have one. That’s truly hardcore. 

Let’s see what else has to offer its viewers aside from being the coolest porn company around – and the only one with their own BDSM porn dungeon!


What Is

Unfortunately, if we focus solely on the castle, this is going to be a rather short review. While it’s true that was in possession of the San Francisco Armory, they sold it in 2018, making it somewhat irrelevant in our story. However, they shot a ton of material on-site in the Armory, and that content is what made so iconic and helped expand their popularity even more. first took off way back in 1998, and at the time, it was just a humble little bondage site. 22 years later, it managed to earn the reputation of being one of the largest BDSM porn sites on the web, and it encompasses a whopping 60 sites, with 27 different studios, so when you buy a subscription to one site, you get access to them all. There are 17 gay bondage sites among these, so if you’re more interested in those, has got you covered!’s wide array of fetishes can’t be summarized in one article, even if I just list everything they’ve done. These guys have been coming up with new ways to inflict pain for 22 years and they’ve left no kink overlooked. Ropes? Chains? Wires? Speculums and other medical equipment? They all find a comfortable place among the many kinky categories of 

Usually, there will be some type of sadism in the video, along with even more submissive masochism ready to take all the punishment being delved out. However, what most people don’t tell you is that unlike any other site, does not fuck around and won’t censor anything. The bruises are real. The cuts are real. The electrocution is real. And most importantly – the pain is real (and consensual).

If it weren’t, would probably be out of business by now. Instead, they continue to succeed thanks to the millions of happy BDSM kinksters all over the world. Today, it’s by far the most fleshed-out destination for all the highest quality kink & BDSM porn on the internet! 

And the fans are happy because this site offers more than meets the eye at first glance. They’ve continued to prosper while countless kink/BDSM porn sites shriveled up and died over the years, so let’s try to figure out why persisted and became the best & most popular BDSM porn site on the internet!


What Makes Special?

When you first visit the homepage, you quickly realize that they’ve taken all that power and money and molded themselves into the quintessential BDSM porn provider. First of all, alongside their content, they also have a cam site dedicated entirely to BDSM camming, and while it’s not breaking any records, you can find cam models in any kinky niche you can think of! 

Additionally, has its “Behind Kink” series where they show what goes on behind the scenes at their company, including plenty of juicy details about their girls and their respective scenes. They also provide educational BDSM resources, a section to help introduce you to the community, and especially the lifestyle. Not many sites seem to do this kind of thing, but has been doing it from the start. Next, they offer their very own news outlet which offers BDSM and fetish news. also has its own online store where you can buy their branded toys, machines, restraints, and so on. If you feel like really tuggin’ today, you may wanna get some special BDSM rope from there! This shop is really, really well-equipped – I didn’t expect to find it to be so rich in variety but trust me – everything from every facet of BDSM related sex toys can be bought there, except for the actual kinky humans, that is…

Otherwise? They have chairs, swings, toys, entire machines that look like they belong in a gym, steel in all shapes, and sizes, etc. My point is, it’s an impressively well put together online marketplace, and they won’t make you search anywhere else. also provides access to several other sites. These are broken down into four categories. I won’t stop to explain what each site is about as the names give it away for literally all of them, so let’s quickly go through the list. 

Kink Unlimited (’s subscription service) includes sites with themes such as:

  • BDSM / Bondage sites – Bound Gang Bangs, Brutal Sessions, Device Bondage, Families Tied, Hardcore Gangbang, Hogtied, Public Disgrace, Sadistic Rope, Sex And Submission, The Training Of O, The Upper Floor, Water Bondage, Kink University, and many, many more!
  • Fetish sites – Everything Butt, Foot Worship, Fucking Machines, Ultimate Surrender, Gangbang, Pussy Hunters (TS) and Seduction (TS).
  • Gay sites – 30 Minutes Of Torment, Bound Gods, Bound In Public, Butt Machine Boys, Men On Edge, Naked Kombat, Gay Bondage, and Gay Fetish.
  • Femdom sites – Divine Bitches, Electrosluts, Men In Pain, Whipped Ass, Wired Pussy. 

Did you count’em? I sure didn’t, as they’ve got more than enough tug-material to get you through the apocalypse. They claim to have over 10,000 hours of HD content and over 2 million photos. How many do you need?

So, to get all of this you’ll eventually have to pay someone for it. Let’s see what requires to begin tuggin’ your hard member to its unrivaled video archive of hard-core and heavy porn videos!


How Much Does It Cost?

First thing’s first, payment methods. accepts credit cards as well as Eurodebit. Once you’ve made the choice, you have to decide one more thing – the length of your subscription. Let’s look at your options!

Your best bet on saving some cash is to use this link to get 50% off your first month with Unlimited! Otherwise, for long term subscriptions, your options are as follows:

  • 3 months for $89.97 ($29.99 per month, recurring quarterly)
  • 6 months for $137.95 ($22.99 per month, recurring twice per year)
  • 12 months for $179.99 ($15 per month, recurring yearly)

After you’ve picked the length of the subscription, you’re pretty much ready to start tuggin’! I almost envy you… you’re gonna be like a kid in a candy store while browsing for your first time.

Final Verdict is one of the best & most expansive porn sites in the world, maybe even number one when it comes to BDSM, and fetish-specific content – you’re gonna have a great time if you’re into the lifestyle! If not, you may find some of the content a bit extreme, but if you didn’t like BDSM, what the hell are you doing reading this review to the end?!

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