Alrighty friends, if you’re reading this post, then obviously you’re either curious to learn more about the Kiiroo KEON specifically OR are simply in the market for a male masturbator in general and this is just one stop on your journey researching what’s out there… either way, reading this review will provide you with all the information you’ll need to know about the KEON, Kiiroo’s latest automatic male masturbator.

Right out of the gate I can tell you confidently (as I myself own quite a few of Kiiroo’s toys, including the KEON) that you’ve definitely got the right company.

Kiiroo has been making top tier sex toys since 2013, and have won several international awards for their sex toy’s designs, and they really held nothing back when creating the KEON… but before I get into the specs, and highlight my favorite features of this bad boy, if at some point reading this you decide the KEON is for you, you can get it through this discount link and save quite a bit of money, and a 10% off coupon gets automatically applied when at checkout… SUPER SIMPLE.

What Is The KEON?

Sooooo technically speaking the Kiiroo KEON is a “combo pack” product, because it consists of TWO PHYSICAL PARTS:

Kiiroo’s real feel stroker AND the “KEON” which the real feel stroker fits right into… and the KEON itself is what makes this masturbator “automatic”.

Special note: The Kiiroo real feel stroker CAN be purchased on its own and used MANUALLY.

HOWEVER… Kiiroo currently does NOT sell the KEON separately, which is important to know… just in case you were thinking that you’d buy the stroker, and at a later time get the KEON as well…

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re interested in buying the KEON (or any Kiiroo product), you can save 10% off sitewide at by clicking the following button:

(it will automatically apply a coupon at checkout)

What Comes With It?

  • The Kiiroo Feel Stroker
  • The KEON unit
  • A USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual & Warranty
  • A free trial for cam + VR porn (which can sync to your KEON)


How To Use The KEON

And NOOOWWWWW we get to the fun part. Just what makes the KEON so damn amazing? And why is it currently my favorite sex toy? I thought you’d never ask…

First of all the KEON has two modes: MANUAL MODE and INTERACTIVE MODE

Manual Mode

In Manual Mode, you can control the speed and length of the KEON’s STROKES, using the up/down buttons located on either side of the KEON. While in this mode, you can also PAUSE anytime by giving the power button a press, and to continue, you’d just press the power button again…

Using The Buttons To Control It

When in manual mode, use the buttons along the LEFT SIDE of the Keon to control the LENGTH OF THE STROKE.

Also while in manual mode, use the buttons on the RIGHT SIDE of the Keon to control the SPEED OF THE STROKE.

Interactive Mode

The second mode is INTERACTIVE MODE… which provides LOTS of options… for one, you can pair the KEON with your phone using an app called FeelConnect. Once paired, you can control the KEON using your phone. The app actually has a very minimalistic, and super clean look to it, and it reacts perfectly in real-time with the KEON.

What’s nice about controlling the KEON with your phone is that your partner can get involved too, and now solo play just got not-so-solo if you know what I mean…

How Is It Interactive?

Now, although controlling the KEON with your phone is pretty neat… that’s not all. You can also connect the KEON with other Kiiroo toys or Feel Technology-enabled toys…

AND… you can connect your KEON with 2D and Virtual Reality porn, as well as interactive webcams! Kiiroo has partnered with a site called and all the content on that site is compatible with the Kiiroo KEON…

Syncing Your KEON With VR Porn


So what syncing to porn in this manner means is this: What happens in the content you’re viewing gets mirrored by the KEON…

FOR EXAMPLE… If the female pornstar in the video you’re watching begins to jerk faster… THE KEON’S STROKING SPEED WILL SPEED UP AS WELL!

Not only THAT but the real-time connection is astounding. I expected that there would be a time lag to the KEON mimicking the video but that really wasn’t the case, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by that.

The awesome thing about the interactivity with porn is that IT’S TRULY THE FUTURE OF PORN… So the library of porn that will be compatible with the KEON is only going to keep expanding! 😉

What’s It Made Of?

  • Outer Casing/Body Of KEON: ABS+PC (A special type of plastic that is both durable and very light… think high-end luggage)

  • Sleeve: TPE which stands for THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER (think silicone meets rubber meets oh la la 😉)

*****Not only does the TPE material make for a great, tight feeling sleeve, but the sleeve has grooves and ridges inside for extra sensation and it feels AMAZE-BALLS*****

You’ll especially appreciate that the Kiirroo is made out of light plastic material if you’ve ever used other strokers or masturbators… automatic or NOT… because if you have, you know how much of a shoulder workout it can feel like sometimes just getting yourself off… with the KEON, shoulder soreness is reserved FOR and ONLY FOR the day after shoulder presses at the gym 😉

The sleeve is made of TPE which stands for thermoplastic elastomer. This material is very similar to Silicone except it’s actually more stretchy, and actually ever so slightly contains the heat that is created through friction (stroking naturally creates friction), adding a little extra value in my opinion that the typical silicone sleeve doesn’t carry with it. This difference however IS rather subtle, but still worth mentioning.

My Experience Using It & Recommendations

Now my friends after having ACTUALLY used this bad boy quite a few times (damn right 😉), I have a few tips I want to throw out there. This is just practical, but still… have a damp rag nearby when getting down with the Keon because you’re going to have to lube both the sleeve and your “member” up a bit which will inevitably get your hands all lubed up which will REALLY handicap your GRIP on the Keon… and you don’t want that since you’re holding on to this sucker for the whole ride, ya know what I mean? Also… EXPERIMENT! I’d highly recommend experimenting with all the different stroke speeds and settings, while also trying out different ANGLES… that’s right, ANGLES! Meaning simply this… no matter what mode you’re in try periodically tilting the Keon to different angles (think: tilting TOWARD YOU, AND TILTING AWAY FROM YOU) to experience some crazy pleasure! Personally, I found while laying on my back and tilting it AWAY from me that it hit this spot on the very top of the head of my penis that LITERALLY made my neck tingle… NO JOKE… different strokes for different folks so be sure to EXPERIMENT!!!

When using the KEON, the only kind of lube you want to use is water-based, and if you want to try something really cool, Kiiroo makes a water-based lube called SPARK, which actually creates heat with friction!

Price & Where To Buy It

So… like anything that is high quality and well made, the Kiiroo KEON is not the cheapest male sex toy available, HOWEVER… you can get the Kiiroo KEON for the best price available by clicking the following button:

(The button automatically applies a 10% off coupon at checkout)

Do I Recommend It?

All in all the Kiiroo KEON is in a class of its own. It’s not the cheapest sex toy by miles which is why if you get it, use this discount link for sure to save yourself some cash, and look when it comes to sex toys, do you really want cheap??? Nah, you want GOOD. And with the Kiiroo KEON, you’ll actually get GREAT.

Well, my friends you now know all you need to know about the Kiiroo KEON, and I really hoped you enjoyed my breakdown and found it useful and informative, and maybe even… AWESOME???

No, but in all seriousness, if you enjoyed this review, let me know with a comment below, and if you have ANY questions at all, you can write them below as well and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Til the next sexy fun review, ADIOS!

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