For those of you who haven’t heard of Joanna Angel – the queen of alt-porn, you’re in for a rough… unique treat.

Why rough but unique?

There’s nothing inherently “smooth” about Joanna Angel’s Fleshlight, but that’s only to further complement her rough personality & sexual preferences.

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Who Is Joanna Angel?

Laden with tattoos and piercings on her gorgeous body, Joanna Angel has so much more to offer when it comes to being unique and memorable.

She’s been in the business just under two decades and in that time, she’s not only captured the hearts (and tuggers) of men around the world, she’s also commenced building an alternative erotica empire, starting with her punk-themed porn site – Burning Angel

See, you have heard about her! 

Even if you aren’t a fan of the bad-girl punk image she puts on, any porn-enthusiast can appreciate her fearless on-screen performances!

Joanna Angel’s Fleshlight Sleeves

First of all, as all Fleshlights come with the exact mold of the honoree’s pussy, so does this one! Joanna Angel’s delicate lips are on the front, along with a little “xoxo” and her signature.

This Fleshlight bears the “Misfit” sleeve, which I’m sure you’ll agree, is a fitting name for something with Joanna’s name tied to it!

Joanna Angel “Misfit” – Sleeve Design

The Fleshlight can take up to 9.5 inches of tugger in it but the sleeve is designed to leave a lasting impression on anyone, regardless of their size! The Misfit sleeve has several different textures and patterns inside it, starting off with a one-inch entry point which, unlike most sleeves isn’t “smooth” per se. 

Instead, it has tiny little ribs to stimulate you from the second you put yourself in it! Then, there’s a slight expansion for about two inches and its walls are laden with little nubs designed to put pressure on certain key points of your tugger.

The next two inches of the sleeve has five chambers separated by ribs, each smaller and tighter than the last. The last 4.5 inches of the sleeve are all in one pattern.

I know what you’re gonna say – “but Mr. Cox doesn’t that make it boring?!”

And the answer is a simple “no”.

You see, the second half of the Misfit sleeve isn’t straight like almost all the other sleeves out there. No, this one is curved with eight curves in both directions and little nubs on the wall to stimulate your tugger!

If you’ve grown bored with the status quo and need a unique Fleshlight to spice up your tug-time, I have no doubt this sleeve will blow your mind!

Not only that, but the curves go around the chamber less than half an inch wide, meaning anyone over 5 inches will be able to enjoy the tightness! Also, there’s a screw-on cap at the end that makes the entire toy suck like a vacuum cleaner. Obviously, this was my favorite thing about trying it out!

Joanna Angel “Punk” – Sleeve Design

For her anal/butt Fleshlight, Joanna has her own signature Punk texture! It’s got ribs that fluctuate in width and depth to offer a diverse experience like never before. Never before have we seen a sleeve texture with such varying degrees of intensity!

Each of its unique ribs will knead, caress, and tug on your precious member. This may prove to be a little too intensive for newcomers but any self-respecting TugBro should never shy away from such a challenge!

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Cleaning & Maintenance

This Fleshlight isn’t that hard to clean – all you need to do is remove the sleeve, put it under some running water and let the stream take care of everything. You may need to put a finger in around the mid-section to clean out the ribbed part, but overall, the cleaning process isn’t that hard or complicated!

Check out our Fleshlight Cleaning Guide for a full instructional guide!

If you wanna make sure your toy is preserved, get some FleshWash & Renewing Powder to ensure the sleeve is always 100% clean and lasts longer. After you finish cleaning it, let it dry out for a few hours before filling it up with your man syrup again!

Overall Ratings

Now let’s take a moment to grade this Fleshlight on four different scales to ensure maximum truthfulness and accuracy for our readers. 


No pussy out there is curved, at least none that I know of! However, this sleeve still delivers with the classic realistic feeling we know and love so, 4/5 on realism!


5/5. No embellishment or explanation needed… it’s as tight as they come!


Again, 5/5 for almost anyone. The longer you are, the closer you’re gonna come to that perfect 5. The shortest tuggers may experience a bit less intensity but if you’re over 5 inches, you’re good!

Ease of Use

I’d give the Joanna Angel Fleshlight a 4/5 for ease of use simply because of the necessity to stick a finger in the ribbed section to get any lube or man juice out of it. Otherwise, it’s really easy to use – just unscrew the suction cap, put your dick inside, screw the cap back on and start pumpin’!

Final Thoughts/Where To Buy It

Click to Browse all Fleshlight Girl Toys!

The Joanna Angel Fleshlight offers the ultimate tightness for anyone with a member of over 5 inches.

So, I’d say that if you’re over that length, it’s definitely for you because you get to experience the full scope of this delightful little toy. 

Don’t get me wrong – if you’re under 5 inches you’re still gonna love it as it was designed to handle all types of tuggers, but you’ll only get the full value of the product if you can penetrate all the way into it!

If you’re not sold on Joanna – take a look at my Ultimate Fleshlight Buyers Guide for coverage and honest reviews of every single available Fleshlight variant!

Either way, you’ll quickly understand why Joanna Angel is the queen of alt-porn with each and every thrust! 

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Suction Effect
Ease Of Cleaning
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