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If you haven’t heard yet, a newly developed and specially designed sex toy is coming, and it’s coming hard. Namely, we’ve all seen what a Fleshlight can do, but, the Jenna Haze Fleshlight specifically, will absolutely blow you away. 

To be more precise, it’s not going to blow you away literally, but it will definitely ensure that you have an amazing time. Although, I can only speak from my own personal experience.

Anyhow, let’s dig a bit deeper into this review and find out exactly what this beauty stands for.

You may have heard some rumors about these elusive Fleshlight coupons that a select few websites have been graced with. It’s nearly impossible to find one that actually works or isn’t expired.

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Why Choose Jenna Haze?

First things first guys, we need to say a few words about this beautiful long-haired porn star, she’s the reason for countless male fantasies after all.

Jenna Haze, as we all know, is pretty famous for her ravenous sexual appetite. This girl was born back in 1982 in California where the sun shines the most and began her professional career at the ripe age of 19. Her first movie where she appeared was called “The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead #8”, and boy, that was a good one.

She didn’t take long to become one of the most famous “girls next door’’ actresses in California. Actually, she appeared in hundreds of movies that many of us are likely familiar with. 

But, the most noticeable thing about our loving Jenna Haze is that she does all of this out of pure joy. You simply can’t fake joy, and, I’ve rarely seen any hot actresses enjoying filming porn movies more than Jenna Haze. 

Anyway, Jenna Haze is now a Fleshlight model – long have we waited. And, to our joy, we have a chance to enjoy and explore every detail of the Jenna Haze Fleshlight. So, let’s see exactly what this sex toy has to offer, shall we?

Obsession: Texture & Sleeve Design

In case you didn’t know, Jenna Haze was the inspiration used for the so-called “Maze” texture. This texture represents a large number of Fleshlight Girls, but, this is not the case with this one.

In our case, this Fleshlight has a specially designed texture called “Obsession”. In my professional opinion, the Obsession Sleeve will definitely provide more joy than the old and unpopular Maze texture.

So, the Obsession sleeve, or as I refer to it “Bliss”, is a pretty dominant design among the Fleshlight Girls series. Simply put, the Jenna Haze Fleshlight begins with a short and tight entrance only to follow up with two chambers that are quite comfortable. 

Now, just imagine that your love muscle is constantly being massaged by soft nodes. It feels great, doesn’t it? Well, I can certainly agree. 

That right there is the case with our Jenna Haze Fleshlight. But, to give you the best insight, let’s discuss these two chambers after all.

Chamber One

When your rod enters the Fleshlight, it will first come into the 0.7’’ (18 mm) wide chamber. This chamber is made out of five circles that are perfectly spaced out between each other. 

To help ensure that you have maximum arousal, this chamber’s circles are actually quite comfortable since they will massage your love muscle from the tip, all the way to the base. 

Chamber Two

Boy, oh boy, what’s coming next will definitely amaze you. Now, the second chamber is filled with full-density and comfortable bumps. These bumps are placed inside the chamber on all the right spots to ensure maximum pleasure.

The key to this Fleshlight is exactly in the second chamber. Namely, these bumps are pointing at the beginning of the canal at a 45-degree angle. So, we can safely say that these bumps will be the first thing you hit when you enter the second chamber. 

And, by the force of the penetration, these bumps will slowly massage your manhood and bring you to a state of complete utter ejaculatory bliss. In some cases, the feeling is better than the real thing – but that’s always situational. 

What Does It Feel Like? The Obsession Rules.

The entrance of Jenna Haze Fleshlight is pretty tight, just like a new girlfriend. And, it really doesn’t matter which size you are since this Fleshlight can’t tell the difference between tiny or huge. 

Anyhow, the first thing you are going to feel when you enter this amazing Fleshlight are the ribs that go across the whole first chamber. They are quite noticeable and you will feel them rubbing the head of your penis. 

The close spacing feature of these ribs will stimulate your penis head as it goes directly into the chamber. This will ensure that your penis moves quickly through the first chamber so it can reach the real deal, the main event, the second chamber. 

That’s why this Fleshlight is considered to be of the most intense sex toys ever built for men. With its intense start, you can only imagine what’s coming next. Actually, you can’t – until you try it out for yourself.

To get back to the point, the second chamber is filled with bumps that are so close to one another. They are actually quite thick and there are so many of these bumps. That means that your penis will be stimulated more and more until you reach the ending (happy ending).

They are like moving fingers inside the Fleshlight that will stimulate your entire love muscle until you reach the “exit”. 

The sleeve is really hard to resist, many of us have fallen weak before this Fleshlight. You will be delivered into a world where everything is beautiful and where dreams come true, for at least a few seconds. 

Lust: Texture & Sleeve Design

Lust uses its own unique scintillating texture, starting off with an oh, so tight entrance, followed by an equally tight ribbed lining for the duration of the sleeve. With a total of 9-inches of insertable length, Lust is long enough to accommodate even the mightiest of TugBros!

Maintaining Jenna Haze’s Fleshlights

Playing with this beauty surely is a lovely time spent, but cleaning it will not be so easy. Well, I can’t say that this Fleshlight is difficult to clean, but it certainly isn’t easy. Any self-respecting tug bro should know the importance of product care.

Since the sleeve is specially designed to please with its many bumps, the cleaning process can be quite complicated. First, you need to carefully clean every inch of this Fleshlight. Second, the drying time is a bit longer than any other Fleshlight.

But, that’s the cost of having such a beautiful toy to play with, wouldn’t you agree boys? Well, I certainly do.

Here’s an image of my Jenna Haze Fleshlight:

She’s a little soggy since I just cleaned it prior to snapping that shot, and I also apologize for the low-quality image. I seldom take images since as you can tell, my camera skills are sub-par at best.


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All in all, this is one fine and excellent sex toy when it comes to feelings of joy. To be honest, the Jenna Haze Fleshlight gave me some really serious and intense orgasms. 

Even though the whole process of cleaning took me a bit more time, it certainly is worth it considering the orgasm it provided for me. 

If you do decide to purchase this toy for yourself, be sure to use this link. You’ll be taken directly to the Fleshlight website and you’ll get a discounted rate for being a TugBro.

That’s all, for now, dudes, take care!

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