What is Squirting?

Female ejaculation, also more joyously referred to as squirting or gushing is the release of sometimes large amounts of clear colored liquid through and around the urethra during sex, generally a signal that a women has reached a fairly mighty orgasm.

Squirting is a fascinating subject. For years, people have argued til they were blue in the face about whether the gush of liquid some women release during sexual stimulation was a type of female ‘cum’ or just plain old pee. The topic has been documented as far back as The 4th century Taoist text, “Secret Instructions Concerning the Jade Chamber,” . The argument usually gets heated because guys who have actually been present during squirting will attest to the fact the release is fairly clear with no real hint of a pee smell.

Is Squirting Pee?

So is squirting pee? Most guys who have got a woman to squirt will wear it as a badge of honor and proclaim it as a certified sexual ejaculate and definitely NOT pee. Guys who haven’t managed to get a girl to squirt will mockingly taunt that it was just pee, and you’ve just been ‘pee’d on’. There’s some truth in both it seems.

On December 24, a group of genius French scientists with the best freakin jobs ever published what is likely the first medical-journal article on female squirting. They used pelvic ultrasound scans on seven women who reported releasing about a cup full of liquid during sex. By taking scans of the womens abdomens after they’d peed, and then again twice during sexual stimulation, they were able to discover exactly where the clear liquid was ‘cumming’ from. Long story short; it’s pee.

What they were able to see (in between high fiving each other), was that during sexual excitement the bladder would fill and once the women had squirted their bladders were empty.

The scientists also analyzed chemical concentrations in the urine samples before and after squirting, as well as the actual squirting sample and found a very small amount of “prostatic secretions” (fluid from ‘Skene’ or female prostate gland), which means in a small way squirting is a little bit more than just wetting the bed. But as far as the bulk of the release, it’s pee. Argument over.

Whatever your feeling about squirting – and with it being one of the most searched terms on porn sites all over the world we’re pretty sure most guys are okay with it – if squirting means women are having a good time during sex, it’s something we should all get on board with.

So what if you got a little pee on your hand or whatever? How many girls do you think really enjoy taking a shot of man goo in the eye? Squirting is a fairly certain sign you’ve successfully brought a girl to orgasm and it looks awesome. Case closed!

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