Whether you’re just looking for a good tug or feel like engaging in some good old coital activities with your dearly beloved, the pinnacle of any sort of sexy time will always, and has always been the money shot!

I’m not making any huge revelations when I say it’s fun to bust a huge nut.

Shooting a powerful load that’s as thick as it is pungent is an undeniably satisfying feeling. Humans seem to have this fixation on cum that’s as endearing as it is strange – I like to think it’s about taking pride in your work, a pitiful dribble is hardly something worth feeling proud or manly about.

The secrets to increased seminal volume actually aren’t really secrets at all, you just need to give your body all of the right building blocks and within weeks, you’ll be throwing rope as opposed to shooting out a tiny length of a string.

How to Produce More Semen

Let’s start simple – just about any fluid, (bodily or otherwise), is made up primarily of water. Our loads are no exception to this rule.

While being extra-hydrated won’t help you, being dehydrated will do more than hinder your overall health, it’ll hurt your chances of the biggest possible load! Just make sure to drink the recommended amount of water for the average human being to give yourself a better chance of shooting an impressive nut.

Humans are supposed to ingest something like six to eight glasses of water per day so just ensure you’re drinking a healthy amount to give yourself a nice baseline for improving your semen output.

Now let’s move on the less obvious & more effective methods of strengthening your semen!

Male Enhancement Supplements: Semenax


Check out our full-length Senemax Review for more info!

While conducting some intensive tug-research, I thought it prudent to test out some of the most highly recommended male enhancement pills before I could justify recommending them to all of you.

Strictly for research purposes, of course…

The results went far beyond any sort of expectations I had. I went into this experiment with a fair amount of skepticism since I’ve fallen victim to the numerous amount of ads you find littered on porn sites that make empty promises of doubling your penis size.

Just to be clear, these are not male enlargement pills and I’d be very wary of any pill that claims to enlarge your tugger because… well… that’s impossible. With a heavy heart, I admit I’ve fallen for more than one male enlargement scam.

But, when I learned that these pills are all-natural and contain herbs that are proven to work for combatting sexual dysfunction and increasing sperm volume – I was intrigued, and so should you!

My research pointed me towards a clear winner, a pill that’s endorsed by satisfied customers & licensed doctors alike: Semenax!!

Semenax: Clinically Proven to Boost Semen Volume!

Semenax is the all in one dietary sexual health supplement for increased semen production & orgasm intensity which contains herbal ingredients used for generations in small, tribal communities as aphrodisiacs for combatting sexual confidence.

That’s right, not only does Semenax boost your semen volume, it also makes orgasms last longer and mind-blowingly intense!

No matter how amazing the sex or tug session might’ve been, male orgasms are short.

In stark contrast to female orgasms last anywhere from 1-3 minutes… it seems kinda unfair, doesn’t it?! Men tend to have much more limited sexual stamina and tend to get bored or apathetic with sexy time after one or two climaxes.

While I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Semenax, you shouldn’t take my word for it. Just read the countless user review found at the Semenax homepage.

Or better yet, take a look at this clinical study where 6 well-known, prestigious doctors & medical professionals personally vouched for the effectiveness of the pill!


How to Make Your Cum Taste Better

Now that you’ve got yourself a bottle of Semenax to strengthen your ejaculation trajectory & semen volume, there’s only more question to address – how can I pimp out my semen to make it look, taste, smell better?! Let’s find out.


If you want to ensure a thick, prominent white color then eat lots of celery.

It’s calorie neutral, gluten-free, and whatever people are saying they are now when making food decisions. Munch some, it literally can’t go wrong for your health and it can make your cum look significantly more exuberant!


It might sound cliche, but pineapple juice does work. It’s full of sugar and it could work through magic for all I care, it’s a crowd-pleaser based on my personal experience. To be honest, anything sweet can make your cum taste better – so try munching down some gummy worms before nutting in your lovely lady’s mouth! She’ll thank you later.

Eat, Pray, Cum

Some say that all cum is beautiful, but there’s no doubt in my mind there’s a biased towards whatever society’s particular tenses in cum are, it’s a matter of personal perspective.

All I’m saying is that the items on this list will consistently produce conventionally attractive semen time and time again.

Semenax is without a doubt your best option for getting the most of your loads, so I do hope you give it a shot!

Why not do some target practice to get used to your new godly loads?!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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