It’s true, if you can fit a dick in it, some guy will try to fuck it. We can’t help it. But as many things as you’ve attempted to jam your johnson in, I bet you’ve never thought about sticking it in a sawn off foot. Because .. well .. dreaming about fucking dismembered body parts is usually for the serial-killery type.

If you have dreamed of porking a detached foot though, then 2015 might just be your year!

The “Vajankle” by Los Angeles-based sex dolls company Sinthetics is a human foot made of silicon with a vagina on top of the ankle. Sinthetics usually produce realistic sex dolls which cost upwards of $6000 each, but if you can’t afford a whole fake human yet – start with the lower left foot for just $179 and work your way up. Literally. With a heap of creepy as shit options, like different shades of skin color and nail polish, a short leg up to half a leg, pedicures and anything else that floats your boat. You can order one left foot with a vagina by itself, or you can get the right foot too. The right foot doesn’t have a vagina. So it just gets to watch?

You better be damn good at hiding stuff too. Try explaining to guests why you have a dismembered foot hanging around the house. Either they’ll think your a psychopatch, or worse! You could be exposed as a guy who fucks feet with vaginas in them.

If you’re interested, quit ‘pussyfooting’ around and head over to synthetics! Pussyfooting – see what I did there?





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