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Girls ‘Naturally Select’ guys with bigger penises


Just be glad that women don’t usually get to see your penis until it’s too late to back out … unless you’re this guy.

“In a new and definitive scientific study on penis size sure to have global repercussions, a team of Australian National University researchers have put male genitalia under the microscope.In a nutshell, the research shows that penis size directly correlates with a man’s attractiveness to women. For some that may be bad enough news, but it gets worse – even the longest penis inspected by the women in the study may not be big enough.”

Equestrian Club - Degurić
This is great news for all the good looking studs (like us) who are tired of unwanted attention from salivating women. Just show them your average sized or even large penis, and the disappointment will send them running for the hills.

It does bring up the curious question of where woman are getting their penis size information. Animal Planet ?



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