Germany, forever at the forefront of sexual exploration; if it weren’t enough striving for new and disturbing ways to have sex indoors, they’ve now erected a hotel where people will presumably have weird German sex, that looks like people banging too.

The hotel is actually a temporary installation/hotel capsule for VIP’s at the annual Ruhrtriennale Festival in Bochum, Germany.

It has been given the very Rammstein song sounding name ‘Domestikator’ by the creative firm who ‘erected’ the NSFW building.

The original aim of the installation was ‘to show the power of humanity over the natural world, and our disrupted relationship with nature’. But the only thing deeper than the meaning behind the building is how balls deep the dude hotel coming in from behind is.

If you ask Tugger, this thing looks more like a guy doing unspeakable things to a dog? Or a pornographic Minecraft scene.


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