In the beginning, there was nothing.

And then, there was Flirt 4 Free…

There really isn’t anything to introduce here – it’s as if I introduced LiveJasmin to you like it hasn’t popped up on half the porn sites you visit when you wanna tug it out! Everyone with at least a little bit of interest in cam sites knows Flirt 4 Free, simply because this site has been around since the very beginning. 

Flirt 4 Free helped create the modern concept of camming, making them one of the foundations for what the camming industry is today. While their status heyday is gone, they are still a pretty great camming site with plenty of unique features to attract specific groups of people that will make them and the models playing there competitive with other sites.

Well, Flirt 4 Free is alive and well and their babes and dudes are some of the hottest around! Anyway, let’s talk about the site for a bit. 

What Is Flirt4Free?

Flirt 4 Free was founded in 1996, is one of the first cam sites in history. Its 23-year existence currently results in having a bunch of awards for being a great cam site as well as over 300 models online at any time of the day.

The site accommodates girls, guys, all forms of LGBT camming as well as couples, so there’s something for everyone! Flirt 4 Free is exactly what it sounds like – you are in the room to flirt with the models and if you decide you like them and they decide they like you… Who am I kidding, you tip them and take them to a private show where they do whatever the hell you want! It’s a cam site, not a dating app. 

Anyway, a tuggin’ session at Flirt 4 Free can be one of the smoothest self-pleasuring experiences you can have simply because the site’s concept dictates that the models very rarely do naughty shit in public, preferring to be taken to private shows where they can be tipped per minute. But, and this is the pointer – they’re really hot once you get them private and they do pretty much anything, not on their will-not-perform list. So, make sure you ask any model you wanna take to a private if they will do your specific thing. Some are into weird shit too, but most will do your everyday run-of-the-mill sexy stuff. 

The site has a “Hall of Fame”, a “Flirt of the month” and “Flirt of the year”, as well as a Top 20 list of models. This means the models here get a bit more chances for recognition than those at other sites. Usually, cam girls will talk to you as soon as you enter the room, which means you only have to respond and begin communication.

The site even gives you 120 credits when you sign up for free – get’em and take your babe private! Maybe next time, you’ll be glad to pay to have her lead you through a tuggin’ adventure!


How Does It Work?

Flirt 4 Free has a very sleek dark look which goes easy on the eyes and makes you wanna stay longer. The site is divided into three categories – Girls, Guys, and Transgender, so you can pick whichever group you want and enjoy your man time as the creators of this site intended – by taking a model to a private show and enjoying them in full. Tipping for specific activities is still important and still goes on, but the best thing to do on this site is to take them to your own show or enjoy any of the other show alternatives. 

Flirt 4 Free allows you to watch their models in several ways. First of all, you can start off watching them in public or joining a group show (Party Chat, Group Chat or Multi-User Chat on the site) where you get in and then tip as much as you want for specific stuff. Also, you can take their models to private one-on-one shows where the site bills you by the minute, but you get an all-out experience. These are your Standard Private, Premiere Chat, Combo Chat, Featured Shows and Offered Shows.

Also, you can go in any non-public show as a voyeur, which also costs less and allows you to spy on the models and their tippers during the entire show, as long as you have enough credits because remember, this is billed per minute! All of these types of shows work differently so make sure you read Flirt 4 Free’s explanation on their differences to see which one would suit you and your kinks best! 

Not only does Flirt 4 Free have a calendar with all the best shows marked on it, but it also has a great search function which lets you find exactly what you feel like watching while tuggin’, as well as the option to save your favorite models in case they’re online next time. You can even talk to ‘em on the phone or go cam-to-cam while you’re tugging your Johnson! After that, you can enjoy the video from the private show! All of that’s not free which means you’d have to tip for it, so while we’re here, let’s talk about tipping and how to do it on this cam site. 


How Much Does It Cost?

Flirt 4 Free accepts PayPal and all major credit cards as payment processors, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the F4F version of the cam model currency – credits. You get 120 of them when you sign up, but as you go through the site you’ll see a bunch of girls that you really wanna tip for certain things to help you manhandle yourself or girls that you’d want to take private and enjoy a nice jerk sesh with them. This means that eventually, you’ll want to buy more credits to tip these babes, and the site is ready for you with several packages of credits, each more cost-effective than the last!

Also, Flirt 4 Free has a VIP membership which you can get for a fixed monthly fee of $40. This type of membership gives you 200 credits at the beginning and a number of assisting features such as archive access, exclusive galleries, a VIP forum, gold font and a bunch of other stuff to help you stand out. 

So, if you wanna spend your hard-earned money to give your tugger some pleasure, you’d be making the right choice with Flirt 4 Free. The babes are hot, the site works beautifully and the shows center on privacy – what better way to tug?!

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