We know that Fleshlight is the #1 best-selling male sex toy brand on the planet, so trying to compare it to other popular sex toy brands may seem unfair. To justify comparing such an obviously exceptional brand, I’ll be doing a comparison with a more cost-efficient/budget brand known as Tenga.

While Fleshlight clearly stands at the top of the industry in terms of product quality, they’ve always been more on the premium, luxurious end of the sex toy game – which means you’ll always wound up paying a little extra.

So… which company offers more bang for your buck – Fleshlight or Tenga?

Fleshlight vs. Tenga: The Contenders

For the purpose of simplifying this article, we’ll primarily be focusing on one or two toys for each company that I think best represents the brand as a whole.

I might make references to other products but the basis of my compare/contrast will come from my opinion on the following male sex toys!

Fleshlight’s Nominee:

Choosing a representative for Fleshlight was a no-brainer. It had to be their #1 best-selling, multi-purpose Fleshlight: The Stamina Training Unit!

After helping millions of TugBros across the globe improve their sexual stamina by practicing with the STU, it’s become the quintessential Fleshlight for helping men last longer with more powerful erections that last!

I’ve actually written an in-depth review of the STU.


Fleshlight’s Honorable Mention:

My second choice for a Fleshlight that I think best exemplifies the ingenuity, innovation, and attention to detail is none other than my personal favorite: Dillion Harper’s lady (vaginal) sleeve known as “Crush”

Fleshlight Girls is among Fleshlight’s most popular lines of toys. They’re meant to replicate the orifices (mouth, butt, vagina) of the most gorgeous adult film stars and models in the industry! Fleshlight really seems to understand its user base and the lovely Fleshlight girls perfectly display just how much they remain in touch with the wants/needs of their beloved consumers!

Tenga’s Nominee:

While Tenga may be known for being more of a budget-friendly brand, they do carry their fair share of luxury options as well.

If we’re going to compare any of their toys to the beloved STU, it’s only fair that we compare it to the very best Tenga has to offer – the Tenga Zero Flip stroker!


Tenga’s Honorable Mention:

Now it wouldn’t be right to talk about Tenga without featuring one of their cost-efficient toys that offer an affordable tug-alternative to Fleshlight or other luxury brand sex toy manufacturers. The toy in question is, of course, the Tenga Egg!


Customer Service & Delivery Quality


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing a Fleshlight for yourself, you know just how amazing their billing & shipping policies are. All orders 125$ are valid for free delivery, each box comes in a well-packaged, discreet shipping box, with the actual Fleshlight’s box being hidden within. Your privacy is highly respected and you won’t receive any embarrassing emails or charges on your card!

I can personally vouch for the Fleshlight website being a 100% safe & secure environment, you won’t ever be dissatisfied with a purchase!

Each Fleshlight comes with its own user-manual that will help newcomers get the most out of their experience and advise you on how to go about adjusting the tightness of your sleeve!


Now it’s only fair to mention that Tenga is nowhere near as big of a company as Fleshlight, they don’t even sell their products directly as of writing this article. Instead, you can find good deals on Tenga products through sites like Lovehoney that have the TugBro seal of approval.

Lovehoney similarly practices safe & secure shipping & billing practices though their size limitations mean that they can’t offer nearly as many shipping deals as Fleshlight can.


You wouldn’t expect a sex toy company to have higher quality delivery and billing practices than the majority of big businesses. But, low and behold, the shipping experience I had with Fleshlight blew me away in both the price and delivery speed, second only perhaps, to Amazon!

While Lovehoney & Tenga do have a great system, it just doesn’t compare!

Material & Design


The original design for Fleshlights was fairly basic, they came in a large, cylindrical case with the interior sleeve being removable to add the ability to switch between sleeves with ease.

They have since greatly expanded the number of Fleshlight designs to choose from. All the way from the Fleshlight Flight models that offer a sleeker, more discreet design perfect for travel – all the way to the Fleshlight Quickshot designs that are fully transparent letting you see all the action!

Overall, the sheer number of choices for different designs and functions is unprecedented but the original Fleshlight design (STU included) leaves much to be desired.

However, the Real Feel Superskin material that all Fleshlight sleeves are made of has become synonymous with quality, comfort & realism. Kiiroo (a high-tech sex toy company) has even teamed up with Fleshlight and used their Superskin material for some of their best-selling toys like the Onyx 2, Titan, and Fleshlight Launch (a joint Fleshlight-Kiiroo product).


Tenga has gone for more of a minimalist approach in terms of design, which I do really like. The Tenga Zero Flip is a powerful hands-free toy with simple, yet sleek design elements. After all, sex toys don’t need to be overly flashy, as long as they can tug you to completion, TugBro’s don’t really require a fancy design – but it doesn’t hurt.

While I do love the minimalist design that Tenga employs for most of their toys, the material they use for the interior is what the majority of sex toys are made of -Thermoplastic Elastomer, while the outside is made of soft plastic. Keep in mind that these toys are extremely affordable when compared to Fleshlights so it’s understandable that they don’t use fancy stuff like Fleshlight.

WINNER: FLESHLIGHT (for material) TENGA (for design)

As I said, I personally love the minimalist design that Tenga has chosen for their toys, so my opinion is fairly biased. Though if we’re judging this solely by the two nominees than the traditional Fleshlight design is pretty basic – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Tenga never stood a chance at measuring up to the coveted Real Feel Superskin that Fleshlight has spent years perfecting. It simply feels as close to the real thing as modern technology will allow – how can anything beat that?!

The Conclusion: Fleshlight is King!

No surprises here, even when you factor in the idea that Fleshlight is a major company – it’s their attention to detail, along with their dedication to making products of only the highest quality for their loyal fans is why they remain the #1 male sex toy company on the market!

Tenga most certainly has a permanent spot in the hearts, minds (and tuggers) of TugBros across the globe. They offer an affordable alternative without sacrificing too much in the way of quality. But trying to compare anything to the consistency we’ve seen from Fleshlight over the years is simply impossible!

Thanks for reading TugBros, let us know what your thoughts are on both Tenga & Fleshlight in the comments below!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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