If you’re reading this article, I assume you know what a Fleshlight is, don’t you? 

Yeah… I figured. 

While you’ve probably used your toy (or toys!) in silence in your bedroom, you may have wondered if there was another way. Well, Tugger’s here to tell you that there is!

We all love to tug… but some of us especially love tuggin’ in the shower. 

And then there are those of us that would prefer the real thing, but since there is no chance in hell that’s happening any time soon, we wanna get the next best thing. For some people, the next best thing would be a blow-up doll and for some, (myself included) it’s a Fleshlight modeled after their favorite model/porn star

And sure – you can get the toy and jam yourself inside and everything will probably work fine. But that’s not always what you want… is it? 

Sometimes, you don’t wanna tug – you wanna thrust. You want a hands-free experience! If only there was a more eloquent way of playing with your Fleshlight…

That’s where the Fleshlight shower mount comes in!

I’ll answer any question you could possibly have about one of the simplest, yet most pleasurable devices to grace the brave new world of male sex toy accessories!

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What Is The Fleshlight Shower Mount?

Short version – it’s a shower mount.

On one end, it sticks to flat surfaces and on the other end, there’s a receptacle for your favorite Fleshlight. This bad boy will do wonders for your tug-time, especially in the shower.

You can just plop your favorite toy in it, fasten it securely and enjoy a fully hands-free experience. 

The mount is made out of plastic, but don’t let that fool you – it’s durable enough for its intended use. Of course, if you try to go mountain climbing with it, it’ll probably break – but you probably won’t break it with your Johnson…

On the front, this baby has nothing but a screw thread, (ha!) used to hold any Fleshlight of your choice, with the exception of the Flight models. If you have a Fleshlight Flight, you may want to look into getting an adapter for the mount.

Click here for the very best price on adapters! 

Also, you’ll be happy to know that this mount has a small tilt, which will allow you to place it a bit higher or lower than cock-height, but not by much!

How To Use It

I’m so glad you asked. First of all, find a nice smooth surface. Then, take your shower mount and stick it on that surface using the back end. 

You’ll want to be careful not to overestimate yourself and place the adapter a bit lower than waist height to ensure maximum penetration. Also, as always, you’ll want to make sure that whatever toy you’re penetrating is very lubed up! You may be in the shower but remember – water isn’t lube and if you just let the water take care of the lubrication, it may damage your Fleshlight.

If you’re gonna buy lube already, why not get it straight from the manufacturer?

Fleshlight sells their very own Fleshlube which, just like this adapter, is perfect for use in combination with their products. 

After you’ve stuck the mount to the wall, it’s time to install your Fleshlight. Take your toy of choice, unscrew the back cap and screw it on the shower mount. Make sure those pussy lips are nice and vertical so that you know the toy is fastened in there securely!

Now that you’ve successfully installed the device and you’re all lubed up, just put your man meat inside and thrust away.

Don’t worry – no matter how hard you thrust, the mount won’t slip or move. At least Fleshlight claims it won’t.. the sky is the limit! 

Where Can You Use It?

Now, I know we talked about how this mount can be used in the shower, but when you think about it, it can be stuck to pretty much any smooth, flat, non-porous and vertical surface!

Note the word “vertical” in there – it’s probably the most important one. I’ve heard a few tales about how people wanted to stick the mount on a countertop as it was the only smooth surface around, but the tilt wasn’t enough to get it to be horizontal. 

That’s not gonna work!

However, if you really don’t feel like having a wild and wet party, you can stick the shower mount on pretty much any smooth and flat surface. You can stick it to your windshield for all I care – just don’t get in a car accident. 

The shower is still the preferred place for most of us, and with good reason – people don’t tend to sneak up on you when they hear you hosing yourself off, so you can usually play with your hose in peace!

Also, and this is very important – cleanup only takes a few seconds when you’re literally standing under running water and we all hate dirty moldy Fleshlight sleeves.

If you wanna take care of your toy but you’ve got nothing more than water and some soap, get some Fleshlight Renewing Powder & Fleshwash *15% off now* which helps keep your Fleshlight bacteria-free!

Which Toys Are Compatible With The Shower Mount? 

That’s a great question! See, most people would think that this mount is compatible with every single masturbator toy in the world – that’s not the case. It’s not even compatible with all of Fleshlight’s toys!

Consider reading our “Ultimate Fleshlight Buyers Guide” for some recommendations.

However, it’s compatible with a large majority of Fleshlights!

Every toy modeled after a Fleshlight Girl will work with the shower mount, but the Fleshlight Flight needs a special adapter. Although the Fleshlight Go & Sex-In-A-Can Lines are incompatible. 

It works with the majority Fleshlights and even for the lines that are incompatible, you can find adapters or simply jury-rig them to work just fine!

The Benefits Of Owning The Shower Mount

Look, if you need me to tell you what the benefits are from being able to stick your portable pussy to the wall and fuck your entire house indirectly… maybe you shouldn’t be looking to buy a shower mount.

But let’s quickly run through the list anyway:

– You can enjoy a fully hands-free experience, thrusting to your heart’s desire. 

– By getting this shower mount, you pretty much cut your cleanup time to practically nothing, as you’ll probably use it in the shower most of the time. 

– You can tie your hands behind your back. 

– You can even put it on a large cutout of your favorite hot babe – maybe even the same one that your Fleshlight is modeled after!

– Your dick will thank you as it won’t be getting manhandled anymore, instead, it helps you do it the way nature intended – by thrusting!

– It’s the absolute most sanitary way of using a Fleshlight!

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy It?

Hmmm so now we’re down to the final question – should I buy it?!

Would you like to fuck in the shower? Are your shower walls covered in tiles and not textiles? Do you have people snooping about all the time and the only time you could possibly get in some tuggin’ time is in the shower?

Then yes… this toy was practically made for you!

If jerking your man meat is something you do all the time, you’ll want to improve on that experience and that’s exactly what the Fleshlight Shower Mount allows you to do. 

As always, the best/cheapest place to buy any Fleshlight product is directly from their official store. And what’s more, TugBro has teamed up with Fleshlight to bring you a 10% discount exclusively for TugBro users!

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Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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