At some point or another, you’ve surely heard of Fleshlight – the world-renowned masturbatory orifices made for men.

The so-called “pocket pussy” that promises to feel as good, or better than the real thing, their real feel texture was developed to feel as life-like as possible. 

With such innovation and careful attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that the Fleshlight is an industry-leading sex toy that has captured the hearts (and tuggers) of TugBros from all facets of life and sexual preferences. 

With oral, anal and vaginal orifice replicas available, plus exact replicas of your favorite porn star’s lady parts known as “Fleshlight Girls“, the Fleshlight is paving the way for advancement in the world of male sex toys and has become a must-have for millions of buyers across the globe.

If you’ve seen one, heard of them, or you’ve always been curious to try one out – you may have also wondered how much they actually cost…

Well, wonder no longer, because in this article I am going to break down exactly how much it would cost to get your hands on one.  

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What Are Your Options?

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that there are many different types of Fleshlight toys for you to choose from.

Some are even designed specifically for women and gay men while others designed for anal play. However, in this article, we’re strictly going to cover the standard Fleshlight designs.

Read our Fleshjack Review if you’re looking for Fleshlights marketed towards gay men!

With a whole host of Fleshlights built to meet every desire you may have, the question of “how much does a fleshlight cost” isn’t nearly as simple as it might seem.


Stamina Training Unit (STU) – $69.95

Naming your Fleshlight the Stamina training unit (STU) makes it fairly obvious what it’s intended for

The STU is designed to replicate the intense sensations of sex and train your sexual stamina and last longer in bed. 

There are 3 types of STU available to enjoy. 

STU Lady – Has a vaginal opening. 

STU Pure – Which just has a normal hole opening 

STU Butt – Which has yeah… you guessed it

All three are 9.75 inches long and come in a stunning gold case. 

The main aim of this number 1 seller is to help you improve your bedroom performance which should be an asset for any fertile man!

Get yours from the official Fleshlight store at $69.95


Fleshlight Classic$69.95

The original “Classic” Fleshlight is the traditional design that laid the foundation for all Fleshlights after it – not a bad place to start if you ask me.

Standing at just under 10 inches long when in its case, or just under 9 inches when you’re enjoying it – both models feature Fleshlight’s classic Superskin interior and feel amazing once you’ve passed through the opening.

You can get the Pink Lady or the Pink Butt Fleshlight for $69.95 at the official store!


Fleshlight Sleeves (without case) – $49.95

Click here to browse all Fleshlight sleeves!

If you want to be a little more economical when shopping for your Fleshlight then you may want to look into only buying a sleeve. 

Once you have your first Fleshlight, complete with case, you will see that the sleeves can be removed (for cleaning) and changed.

That means once you have a case, you can interchange it with as many different sleeves as you’d like 

If you have the space available to store alternate sleeves, buying a replacement sleeve could be a great way of getting more Fleshlights, for less money. 

Here are the sleeve choices at your disposal:

  • Destroya Pink Sleeve
  • Mini Lotus Pink Sleeve
  • Heavenly Pink Sleeve
  • Crush Pink Sleeve
  • Super Tight Sleeve
  • Wonder Wave Pink Sleeve
  • Original Pink Sleeve

Currently, Fleshlight has a buy 2 get 1 free deal on all Fleshlight skins with your choice between oral, anal, and vaginal!

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Fleshlight Quickshot$34.95

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a smaller, more compact version of the full-sized Fleshlight. 

With two open ends, it is very compact and your tugger will poke right through it! It gives a blowjob-like stimulation and has the same high-quality material that you’ll find in a regular Fleshlight. 

However, the main selling point with the Quickshot, aside from being much smaller than a traditional Fleshlight, is that there is very minimal clean up as you’re not busting all up inside of it as you normally would.

The Quickshot comes in two separate variants:

Vantage (transparent) & Boost (opaque) both retail for $34.95. 

Get your own Quickshot toy from the Fleshlight store today!


Fleshlight Turbo$69.95

The Fleshlight Turbo is perfect for anyone seeking a toy that stimulates a blowjob, with its complex 3 entry point system, you’ll feel like you’re getting mind-blowing oral sex every single time!

It doesn’t matter what your preference is and whether you like to feel your tip being stimulated or to receive leg shaking deep throat, the Fleshlight Turbo covers all bases. 

Available in clear or copper with 2 separate models – Turbo Thrust & Turbo Ignition, the Fleshlight Turbo is sure to help you tug your way to the finish line!

These toys retail for $69.95 each

Pick up your very own turbo at the Fleshlight store!


Fleshlight Girls$79.95

The Fleshlight girls collection is modeled after your favorite pornstar’s anatomy (Riley Reid, Stoya, Abella Danger to name but a few) and most have both vaginal & anal sleeves available. 

I consider this line to be Fleshlight’s premier collection as each opening is an exact replica of the porn stars body and each internal sleeve is uniquely designed with that porn star in mind. 

The girl’s collection starts at $79.95

If you want more info on these Fleshlight Girls and their toys, check out TugBro’s “Fleshlight Girl” section and look for your favorite pornstar!

Or if you’ve already made up your mind, you can browse all currently available Fleshlight Girls.


Fleshlight Flight$49.95

A traditional Fleshlight can be quite big and bulky, making it harder to travel with or keep in your bag. 

The Fleshlight Flight is a smaller, more aerodynamic model that is designed to be perfect for travel and storage. 

The Fleshlight Flight, Aviator, Pilot and Flight instructor all retail for $49.95 and each offers a unique experience for those wanting to join the mile-high club!

Get your very own Flight toy from the Fleshlight store today!


Fleshlight “GO”$58.95

The Fleshlight Go line is similar to the Flight, giving you a compact and stylish Fleshlight which can be transported and stored easily. 

The Go is available in 2 styles: the Surge Lady, and the Torque ICE and both retail for $58.95

Pick up a GO Fleshlight from the official store today!


Fleshlight Vibro$89.95

Now that we’ve covered the very best traditional Fleshlight lines, let’s take a moment to examine their numerous interactive toys!

At just under 9 inches, the Fleshlight Vibro takes pleasure to a whole new level by adding in an element of interactivity to the already perfect Super Skin texture!

The Vibro offers an intense vibration feeling as you tug, sending shockwaves of pleasure up and down your body. 

The design is simple, yet effective and the added vibrations make this one hell of a wild ride. 

You can pick yours up for $89.95 and comes equipped with the vibrating bullets that get this thing moving. Replacement Bullets are only $9.95/pack

Get your own Vibro from the Fleshlight store today!


Fleshlight Launch$199.95

There was a time where having a completely hands-free Fleshlight experience was just a distant memory – but the future is here!

The Fleshlight Launch is a fully interactive piece of hardware that does all the hard work for you. 

By inserting your Fleshlight into the launch, you can then lay back and relax as the launch strokes your tugger to your heart’s content!

You can control the speed and length of the strokes and even sync it up to a virtual reality headset or porn video of your choice to make the experience even more realistic. 

The Launch provides you with an opportunity to take your pleasure to heights you never thought possible!

Simply lay back and watch your favorite porn star energetically bounce up and down as the launch moves to the same tempo to simulate her riding you. 

We truly live in an exciting time, my loyal TugBros!

This amazing piece of technology understandably costs a little more, at $199.95. 

Get your own Fleshlight Launch from the Fleshlight store today!


Quickshot Launch $189.95

The Quickshot launch is the interactive attachment to go with your Quickshot. Just like the Fleshlight Launch, this device does the stroking for you.

Although it doesn’t sync up to VR goggles like it’s larger predecessor does, it does come equipped with a phone holder, perfectly placed for you to watch and enjoy the action at the same time. 

The Quickshot launch is a bit cheaper than the original at only $189.95 

Grab your Quickshot Launch from Fleshlight today!

Final Thoughts

At the start of this article, you were wondering how much a Fleshlight would cost, and now you’re probably wondering which one is right for you but as you can see, it all depends on your individual needs. 

If you’re going for price alone then you will want to get a Quickshot ($34.95).

If you want something a little more traditional, in which case a Classic ($69.95) is your best bet and will give you the famous Fleshlight experience. 

The possibilities are endless, especially when you start looking at combo deals and special offers. 

If pressed for my personal pick, it would be for one of the Fleshlight Girls ($79.95) collection. 

And the reason is simple, at only 10 bucks more than a traditional Fleshlight you get the added inspiration and likeness of your favorite porn girl!

Simply click the button below and use code *TUGBRO10* at checkout for 10% off your next Fleshlight purchase!!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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