Fleshlight has been around for nearly two decades, and it seems as if they’ll be around for much longer. They’ve grown to an unprecedented level of popularity and are now one of the few (probably the only!) male sex toy manufacturers that’s also a household name!

While they do have toys for women, the majority of their products are curated for men. If you haven’t heard of Fleshlight, maybe it’s time you checked out some of their Fleshlight lines! Today we’re gonna learn all about one of their most interesting series of toys!

Their products are always fun, interesting, reliable, and incredibly durable. Their products range from full-blown automatic male masturbators that come in a flashlight-like casing, all the way to smaller sleeves, like the Quickshot. They offer a variety of orifices and textures, such as butts, mouths, and vaginas. The textures are insanely detailed and range from basic sleeves all the way to intense, intricate interior sleeve designs. They even offer an extensive line of male masturbators designed after successful cam models and adult film stars!

Fleshlight has stayed on top of the market and are always offering something new for their hoards of horny fans. They have something for everyone, you’ll find anything from high-tech interactive toys to more compact, travel-friendly toys, but among the most interesting is today’s topic of discussion: the Fleshlight Ice line.

Fleshlight Ice is a unique line of transparent toys that gives the user a fantastic “x-ray vision” experience. Watch all the action while you tug!

What Is The Fleshlight ICE?

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Whether you’ve been a fan of Fleshlight for ages or you’re brand new to the brand, the Fleshlight Ice line may be just the sort of sex toy you need. It is great for voyeurs and anime lovers alike. Due to the clear nature of the casing and the sleeve, users can see every minute of action from start to finish. It’s really a next-level experience to watch yourself thrust into a toy and watch every second of the action until you finish.

This line is a fantastic series for men who enjoy the feeling and texture that Fleshlight offers, but not the realistic color or complete lack of visuals. If you’re a voyeur, like me, you’ll enjoy seeing the action from an eagle-eye perspective as it takes place. The ideal owner of a Fleshlight Ice product loves to explore exhibitionism.

While I have made this line of products sound like it’s best suited for men who enjoy watching themselves stroke, it is also very well suited for the average user. It is exactly like a regular Fleshlight, just with a clear case. Like a standard Fleshlight, it comes with three different orifices: non-descript, butt, and lady. The material used to make this line is made of their reliable and almost-better-than-the-real-thing silicone and hugs an erection just like the rest of their luxury Fleshlight products.

Fleshlight ICE Lady, Pure, and Butt

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All three of these Fleshlights cost $69.95 each, have an insertable length of 8.5 inches and are a total 9.75 inches long. They all offer a clear casing and sleeve to ensure you can see everything from beginning to end. Sadly they can be too much to handle for some users, which is great if you want to get off quickly, but can be a hassle if you’re trying to take your time. The only difference between the three is the orifice.

Having the option to get the same texture with any orifice is something that makes this line very appealing to most users, as the visuals (lady, butt, pure) come with a variety of options. While I don’t recommend having each one, as they are all the same texture, I do love that there is an orifice for everyone! That being said, let’s move on to the texture, it is the same texture for each sleeve, but it is incredibly intense and an amazing experience.

The Ice Fleshlight line features the typical Fleshlight vagina, butt, or pure orifice and they all start with a cone-like opening that is tight at first and widens into the first chamber.

Fleshlight ICE Lady

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First up is the classic lady design with an orifice modeled after a vagina. While the textures of each ICE fleshlight are largely the same, there are a few noticeable differences.

The base and widest part of the cone is lined with nubs to stimulate the head of the penis. After this comes a chamber that is lined with rings that cover the entire circle of the chamber. After this area is a wider, more open chamber with more defined rings, followed by another chamber with very large nubs.

This is followed by a very tight canal lined with ridges that open up into a larger canal with ridges spaced further apart. The tight part that I just mentioned is insanely tight and is a great place to gently thurst just the head into. This is also about the maximum insertion point for the average length male. Followed by that is a canal that starts off wide and narrows down, with very tightly spaced ridges.

Fleshlight ICE Pure

Next up is the pure, generic orifice which is far more basic in design. This may prove appealing to those who don’t necessarily enjoy the roleplay aspect of using a Fleshlight or those who just like to keep things simple!

Fleshlight ICE Butt

And finally, we’ve got the Fleshlight ICE Butt which utilizes an anal orifice to simulate a tight & intense anal penetration experience! Cleaning the sleeves with this texture can be daunting as it does have many nooks and crannies for bodily fluids and lube to hide in.

I found that I had to insert fingers into both ends of the sleeve and wipe around with soap and water to ensure a good cleaning. Due to the texture, it also takes forever to dry, I set mine above a box fan and let it dry for an hour or two before powdering it and putting it away.

Final Thoughts

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The combination of the intense and tight stimulation paired with watching myself stroke was an extraordinary experience. The visuals paired with the stimulation lead to an intense orgasm unlike any other. If you love the thought of watching yourself get off and enjoy intense stimulation, the Ice Sleeve collection may be worth looking into.

Even if you aren’t a voyeur, if you’re looking for something different, something novelty, Ice is still an excellent option. It is a great sleeve and I cannot recommend it enough. It definitely has the TugBro stamp of approval.

If you’re looking into giving the Fleshlight Ice a shot, I recommend buying straight from the official website as they offer superb customer service and have policies in place for the consumer’s protection.

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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