The world-renowned Eva Lovia, also known by her alias, Mia Marx, has finally gotten her own line of Fleshlight Girl toys, both the Sugar (lady) and Spice (anal) versions are now available. She’s certainly one of the naughtiest porn actresses that TugBro’s would kill to get a night alone with.

This gorgeous dark-haired brunette’s looks are complimented by her perfectly round butt and firm, supple breasts. Her Spanish, American and Japanese mixed cultural background blend her into a stunning babe, after staring at her on your screen for a few hours, you’ll probably forget the time of day… or maybe even what year it is.

Penthouse magazine’s Miss December 2017 is famous for her solo and lesbian scenes performed in front of the camera. She can be seen courageously spreading her legs, revealing her superb and slick vagina or bending over showing off that perfect ass.

Although we may never get to have Eva all to ourselves, now you can get the next best thing thanks to Eva’s alluring new line of Fleshlight Girls.

Regardless of your size, age, or shape, Fleshlight Girl designers have mimicked the most life-like pink sleeves of both the Anus and Vagina openings of all your favorite PornStars. If you are a male who’s itching to taste Eva’s pussy while watching her play with herself or lick another gorgeous babe’s wet pussy, then you and your pecker should consider adding Eva Lovia’s Sugar and Spice Fleshlights to your collection of male sex toys.

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Eva Lovia’s Fleshlights

Sugar – (Vaginal/Lady Sleeve)


This is the standard vaginal entrance for any man who wants to slide into Eva’s cunt. The lips are soft and you’ll notice a general “fluttering” appearance that perfectly mimics Eva’s pussy. The Sugar orifice is distinct in that it has many ribs that are placed throughout the inner texture and they are either edged or rounded. This gives an extra level of intensity.

Spice – (Butt/Anal Sleeve)


A mimic to her firm butt is a tighter Fleshlight entrance that is more constricted for TugBros with a preference for males (we don’t judge) or for any person who may prefer a simulation of anal sex. Its inner texture is comprised of ribs that are twisted while others are placed lengthwise. 

When you dive to these two specialized molds of Eva’s lady parts, it feels incredibly realistic. Your sexual preference will most likely determine which sleeve is best for you.

Sleeve Designs & Features

The Sugar Sleeve Features

As we saw earlier, the Sugar sleeve is the replica of Eva Lovia’s beautiful pussy. It’s size clocks in at 9 inches. The design of the sugar sleeve is meant to reflect a mouth-watering blowjob and orgasm. The sleeve has four separate chambers that offer full stimulation.

The first chamber is the entry chamber. It’s an inch wide and 0.2 inches long free space.

On sliding your cock inside, you immediately meet a spiral that consists of a long rib throughout the whole chamber as it twists counterclockwise. The edges of the ribs are more rounded. This provides a more gentle stimulation. The first chamber’s long spiral is vital in providing entry-level pulling and pleasant stimulation. The chamber widens as we enter the second chamber.

On pushing deeper, we get into the revolver cylinder-shaped second chamber. It is 1.4 inches long and has a lot to offer. It has straight ribs and slightly inclined longitudinal bumps. These structures glide firmly on your hard willie as you push it through the second chamber. The inclined bumps offer a better massage and stimulation to the penis. Toward the end of the second chamber is a funnel-shaped constriction facing the end of the sleeve. This provides more stimulation and should give you the urge to thrust deeper. 

At about 4.7 inches from the entrance of our Sugar pocket pussy is the longest chamber. The chamber has two parts, one is composed of rows of densely packed nubs. When you glide against these nubs, you will get a gentle stimulation. The second part is wider and is comprised of a high cross rib that provides resistance and offers a more excellent stimulation during thrusts. The strategic location of the third chamber ensures the penis grinds with normal thrusting motions creating a next-level pleasant stimulation experience. 

Pushing deeper leads us to the final chamber. It is comprised of a 1.8-inch long spiral and a 0.2 inches wide and round cross rib stretches in the “vortex”. There are no gaps between these loops. This fourth chamber creates a heavenly stimulation as a result of the numerous little edges and vibrations constantly rubbing the head of your penis. 

Sugar is renowned for being well balanced, offering a variety. 

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The Spice (Anal) Sleeve Features

If you are keen on the Spice’s sleeve cross-section, you will observe that the first 2 inches comprise of tight ribs that grow tighter and tighter as you thrust deeper. Therefore, the penis is compressed, giving unbelievable pleasure. 

Thrusting deeper leads you to the second chamber, which is wide. The chamber provides waves of pleasure as you bump your penis in and out. At the point, the shaft experiences pressure while the head of the penis is rubbed gently by the small nodules in the second chambers. In other words, this spells premature ejaculation.

When fully pushed in, we get to the final part of the chamber. It is tighter, and the head of the penis is fully compressed. This means that the penis head is completely compressed, pushing boundaries to the absolute extreme.

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Price & Where To Buy It

To ensure you get the authentic Eva Lovia Fleshlight, visit the official Fleshlight website. Here you will always get the most legit products and the best possible expert advice. We’ve heard far too many horror stories of customers buying defective or fake products, going directly to the manufacturer will avoid any sort of risks.

A standard Eva Lovia sleeve along with its casing goes for around $69.95. The manufacturer currently offers a 15% discount so be sure to visit the site ASAP. The toy can last up to two decades with good maintenance, why not give it a shot TugBros?

Final Thoughts

While you’re at it, why not check out the Fleshwash and Fleshlight Lube products, for the best prices and quality, we recommend you buy straight from the official Fleshlight Website. When it comes to maintaining your pocket pussy, these are the most important tools you can find.

But, don’t take our word for it. Click here to redirect to the official Fleshlight Website and navigate to the “product review” section, these are the only reviews you’ll find that are guaranteed to be actual satisfied customers.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article helped guide you in your Fleshlight journey. Check out our homepage for more product reviews and TugTips.

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