If you’re looking for something that reminds you of all those sweet, smoking hot ladies of the Midwest, you’ll definitely wanna check out the Elsa Jean Fleshlights. This beautiful blonde babe appeared out of nowhere in 2016 and she hasn’t left anyone’s sights yet.

Her pouty lips, long, blonde hair and mouth-watering body have polarized the hearts, minds… and tuggers of men across the globe!

Her Fleshlights come in vaginal and anal models with two distinct sleeves, but before we get to them, let’s meet this sugar-sweet Ohio bombshell!

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Why Choose Elsa Jean?

Elsa Jean is one of the latest and greatest names in the porn industry. She’s only 23 but has already starred in over 480 features, she started off in 2015 as the highest-paid porn star in America! Impressive, I know!

This petite little blonde was everywhere and I mean – everywhere! Elsa Jean is a name everyone knows because let’s face it – her body is flawless and her skills are legendary

And so, of course, people wanted to get some of that action and Fleshlight responded by releasing two Elsa Jean Fleshlights – a vaginal and anal version. You can find these both at Fleshlight’s official store. Let’s check them out!

Elsa Jean – Sleeve Designs

Elsa Jean’s Fleshlight is available in two different sleeve models:

Tasty – Lady/Vaginal Sleeve


The Elsa Jean Lady Fleshlight is the vaginal variant, as it has her delicate pussy on the front. This Fleshlight carries the Tasty sleeve, which I’m sure you agree, literally describes Elsa Jean in one word. 

The Tasty is one of the tightest sleeves of all time, starting out with a half-inch width and only going above an inch once throughout its 9.5 inches of tuggin’ space. 

The sleeve starts with about an inch of the sleeve fit with ring protrusions that make it tighter and increase suction. Next, there are three more contractions with pressure balls and angled protrusions for about three inches. 

Afterward, there’s the largest expansion in the sleeve at 1-inch. There are two of these, separated by another contraction. Both of them are filled with clockwise moving ribs that apply pressure to literally every nerve ending on your tugger! 

The final two inches are filled with pressure balls decreasing in size as you go along and ending up with two ring-like expansions. 

This Fleshlight is as tight as they come so if you’re interested, you can find the best prices at their manufacturer – Fleshlight!

Click here for more info on Elsa’s “Tasty” sleeve

Treat – Butt/Anal Sleeve


The anal Elsa Jean Fleshlight has a perfect mold of her tug-tastic ass on the front and carries the Treat sleeve. I’m not even gonna make a pun, you get the idea… 

Surprisingly, this sleeve is a bit wider than its vaginal counterpart but they bear the same length at 9.5 inches! The first two inches of the sleeve is about an inch wide with semi-ring and angled protrusions. 

Next, the canal contracts right before the two-inch mark and has a further two inches of pressure balls and angles, before expanding two inches later.  Next is the largest contraction in the canal, coming down to a third of an inch which will certainly be snug enough for anyone! 

After that, there are two ring-like expansions that add suction and clockwise-rotating tentacles getting smaller as you go through the next two inches. Finally, there’s a large extension designed to collect all your tuggin’ juice! This is a tight sleeve, so make sure you get some water-based lube from Fleshlight!

Click here for more info on Elsa’s “Treat” sleeve

Are They Easy To Clean?

The Tasty

Cleaning Elsa Jean’s vaginal Fleshlight will be a little bit more problematic than most, but seeing as this is a really tight toy, it’s to be expected. You’ll have to clean out the first ringed section and the two larger expansions in the middle — they’ll need a bit more than running water. 

Clean thoroughly with water and Fleshwash which you can order from the Fleshlight website here, and let it dry for a few hours. 

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The Treat

The anal variant of the Elsa Jean Fleshlight is relatively easy to clean, as you can just use running water and some shaking to clean thoroughly. You will want to put a finger in the two ring-type expansions as they’re used for suction and may not be entirely cleaned out by running water. 

Now simply let the sleeve dry and reuse!

My Overall Ratings

Now let’s take a minute to rate these Fleshlights on four different crucial aspects.


The Elsa Jean vaginal Fleshlight is one of the tightest out there, but we’re sure it doesn’t compare with Elsa Jean’s actual and probably tighter pussy, judging from the guys she’s within the videos. 

Putting that aside, Fleshlight did a great job and we’re giving this one a 5/5 for realism. The anal Fleshlight gets a 4/5 for realism because of a looser sleeve fit. Speaking of which…


The vaginal sleeve is extra-tight. 5/5, no discussion necessary. 

The anal sleeve gets 4/5 as it does have a few wide expansions in the canal. 


With the anal version of the Elsa Jean and other Fleshlights, this may wildly depend on the size of your tugger, but the vaginal version doesn’t care – it’s gonna hug snugly whatever you have and apply specific pressure with its protrusions! 

Vaginal gets a 5/5; anal version gets a 4/5

Ease Of Use

Both of these Fleshlights are very easy to use and moderately easy to clean. If you can deal with sticking a finger or two to scoop everything out, and you don’t have a low-pressure tap, maintenance for these is gonna be pretty easy. 

The vaginal version gets a 3/5 while the anal version gets a 4/5

Overall Rating

Overall, the vaginal version gets an almost-perfect score at 4.5/5 and the anal version gets a 4/5. They’re pretty damn good. 

Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

I’d recommend the vaginal Fleshlight for literally anyone and the anal Fleshlight to those with thicker or possibly longer tuggers. Remember – like the vaginal version, it’ll feel great for anyone, but it’s more well-suited for those with more girth! 

As always, the only reliable place to buy these Fleshlights is at their official store.

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Don’t think this sleeve is for you? Click here to read more Fleshlight Girl reviews!

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