It’s a very special day here at TugHQ, we’ve been graced with a brand new Fleshlight Girl – and not just any! It is none other than the curious, innocent-looking girl-next-door who you’d never expect to be such a freak in the sheets: Ella Hughes!

I was especially excited about this one, as Ella is one of Tugger Cox’s most beloved pornstars/tug-companions! I simply adore the sort of innocent, charismatic charm that Ella exudes! And after getting a chance to take Ella for a spin, I’m excited to tell you that it’s perhaps the tightest Fleshlight Girl thus far! I decided to take a quick break from playing with Ella to tell you all about what this new gorgeous Fleshlight Girl has to offer – and to give my wrist a bit of a break!

Why Choose Ella Hughes?

The newest addition to the FL girl club is a very special one indeed, Ella Hughes was a top student at a prestigious law school when the porn industry came calling! She started off with a career in modeling to earn money in the hopes of paying off her student debt – she was no stranger to the underground adult scene, once stating in an interview that she “used to go to S/M parties”.

Her insatiable sexual appetite along with her cute & innocent appearance quickly helped her rise to the top of the adult industry! Since then, she’s been adored for her open-mindedness, being open to all sorts of dirty/kinky acts in her scenes!

Her long, luscious red-hair is just the cherry on top of her already tantalizing & irresistible charm! She’s an intelligent girl with a gorgeous body, adorable aesthetic, and doesn’t hold back on anything in her videos! What more could you possibly ask for in an adult film star & Fleshlight girl?!

Ella Hughes’ Fleshlight

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As I mentioned before, this exciting new Fleshlight could very well be the tightest to date! We have the gorgeous Ella Hughes and her tight pussy to thank for that, she’s got that classic, pretty, pink pussy that we all go nuts for – Fleshlight has done a wonderful job of replicating Ella’s lovely pussy aesthetic!

The name “Candy” is quite fitting for such a sweet, scrumptiously naughty girl like Ella! I only wish she had a butt Fleshlight to go with it, as I’m positive her other holes are just as tight and mouth-watering! I can only hope that if you all love “Candy” as much as I do, Fleshlight will come through with an anal Fleshlight to go with it!

Ella Hughes “Candy” – Texture & Sleeve Design

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The intensely tight interior that the Candy sleeve is unlike any Fleshlight before it, it’s got plenty of ribs & nubs that fluctuate in intensity the deeper you go! It’s got a total of 9 inches of insertable length, meaning that it’ll be perfect for TugBros of any size! Even if you’re on the girthier side, that just means the tight Candy texture will wrap around your tugger that much more tightly! The girthier – the better!

The first two inches of Candy is quite smooth but also extremely tight, and the Real Feel Superskin will quickly envelop your head in its comfortable grip. But that’s just the beginning, once you’ve eased into the first few inches, you’ll quickly be met by those tantalizing ribs that I mentioned earlier!

The nubs & ribs continue to gently massage your tugger as you venture deeper into Ella! If you’re lucky enough to be longer than 6 Inches, you’ll get to experience the end/peak of this Fleshlight sleeve which rounds out evenly after penetrating those ribs that constantly change in tightness for a nice, comfortable section to blow your load into!

Rating The Ella Hughes Fleshlight


And now it’s time to rank this Fleshlight to ensure maximum accuracy for our readers. Be warned, I am personally in love with Ella Hughes so this may prove to be a little bit biased!

Realism – 5/5

Once again, the level of tightness that this sleeve offers is sensational! I think this is about as close to what it would actually feel like to the chance to sleep with Ella would feel like – it’s a TugBro’s wet dream!

Intensity – 4.5/5

The combination of an ultra-tight realistic Fleshlight resulted in possibly the most satisfying & intense Fleshlight experience I’ve ever had. Second, only, perhaps to the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit!

Cleaning Difficulty – 3/5

As with any tight Fleshlight, it takes a little bit more work to clean out those bodily fluids from the tighter sections! Though if you’re a Fleshlight connoisseur like myself, you know all about Fleshwash which simplifies the entire cleaning process! Just fill-up the orifice with some of the cleaning solution, allow it to sit, then rinse for a squeaky clean Fleshlight. Proper Fleshlight maintenance is the only way to ensure your sleeve will stand the test of time!

The Verdict – 4/5

The Candy sleeve is easily my favorite Fleshlight to come out in a long time, possibly my favorite of all time. I would easily give it a 5/5 if it weren’t for the hassle that comes with cleaning a tighter Fleshlight. All in all, this sleeve is truly a masterpiece, Fleshlight never fails to disappoint!

The Best Place To Get One

It might not come as a surprise that the best place to buy the Ella Hughes Fleshlight is directly from the official Fleshlight store.

Not only do they offer the lowest price available for this product, but you’ll also get free and discreet shipping.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to rest assured knowing you’ve received a legitimate Fleshlight sleeve. There’s countless fake Fleshlights available these days, I’d only ever recommend shopping directly with the company.

You’ll also get a cool 10% off when you use our coupon code “TUGBRO10” at checkout.


Final Thoughts

I am truly blown away by what Fleshlight has come up with, they’re still going strong and standing at the top of the male sex toy industry – and their dedication to continually producing sex toys of the highest quality is why they will always have a special place in the hearts of tuggers across the globe!


If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at Fleshlight’s other brand new Fleshlight Girl models, be sure to check out our Mia Malkova & Tera Patrick Fleshlight reviews!

Thanks for reading TugBros, be safe, and happy tugging!

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