Ever since the Czech adult industry blessed us with the huge number of incredibly hot babes that they’ve produced, everyone and their tugger took an interest.

Today, Dominika is one of the most famous Czech adult stars on the planet, and for good reason – she makes your loins heat up and your brain think of a million nasty things you’d like to do to her.

The innocence, tenderness, and mysteriousness surrounding these Czech dames are almost always more than enough to get your tugger to stand at attention and wait patiently for a little meat beating – and that’s before they take off their clothes! But, once they do… 

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Dominika – The Petite Czech Butterfly

Becoming infamous for her tenacity in getting the most out of every undressing, Dominika quickly grew to one of the biggest Czech stars in the adult industry. This lusty brunette boasts a petite and extremely hot body that will drive your imagination up the wall. 

Of course, we’re not here for the imagination part – we’re here for her beautiful butterfly pussy slapped in the front of a tight, all-tugger-encompassing sleeve that wraps around your shaft with a snug fit. So, let’s get into it – literally!

Dominika Fleshlight – Sleeve Design

The Dominika Fleshlight has several distinctive features that you ought to know about before buying it. 

Butterfly – Lady/Vaginal Sleeve

Click here for more info on the “Butterfly” sleeve

The Butterfly sleeve can handle a total of 9.5 inches of manhood, so if you’ve got a 12-inch monster hiding in your drawers, you may wanna look somewhere else if you want complete penetration.

For the rest of us that have actually bought this Fleshlight and enjoy it (immensely!), there are several features that put the Dominika far above other similar toys. 

First of all, the lips. Oh. My. God. The lips. As they’re an exact mold of Dominika’s own curtained pussy, they have a distinctive butterfly look which wraps around your shaft with every thrust. But, that’s just the outer look and this toy hides a ton of features on the inside too. 

The Dominika Fleshlight has a suction-cap that you can loosen or tighten to create the exact suction level you want and it’s right at the end of the sleeve. These Fleshlights are fitted with the Butterfly sleeve, which is one of Fleshlight’s best-selling sleeves! 

The Butterfly starts with a 0.75-inch opening which quickly widens into a 1.25-inch orifice with three rows of ribs rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise, giving a distinct sensation to your pulsating tugger. 

After about three inches, this wide area contracts into a half-inch squeeze laden with “scales”, adding yet another different feeling. This squeeze goes on until the fifth inch of the sleeve when there’s a small expansion before diving into the tightest area on the sleeve – a single inch of nubbed tight space which applies focused pressure on your cock head from all directions. 

Next, there’s a half-inch expansion with a bottle-cap texture before going into the final two inches which are checkered with seven rows of a cube texture. All in all, this sleeve is going to fit snugly around pretty much any man meat out there, as long as it’s above 3-4 inches.


The best way to use this Fleshlight is with their own natural, water-based lube which you browse by clicking here!

Cleaning Process

Click here for our in-depth Fleshlight cleaning guide

The Dominika Fleshlight is very easy to clean, as it just needs some running water and maybe a finger around the entry parts to remove any remaining lube from the ribs. However, you may need to stick a finger in from the other side as well, to clean out the bottle-cap-textured area as lube is liable to get stuck in there.

After washing, let your toy dry out for a few hours and then you can fill it up again after recharging your milk cannon!


Now let’s grade this Fleshlight on four different scales to ensure maximum truthfulness for our readers.


I mean, have you seen Dominika’s juicy little wings? I’m not even gonna discuss the 5/5 grading for external realism. Internally, while no girl feels like half a dozen different textures, the tightness, suction, and variety contained inside remove your ability to care about the “realism” as soon as you penetrate that butterfly. 4/5 overall. 


This one’s a little more complicated. In the first three inches, the Dominika Fleshlight is kinda wide which is why people with smaller meat sticks will have a hard time (get it?) feeling much until the fourth inch. However, for literally anyone else, this Fleshlight will do wonders. 

If you’re short and thick, you’ll love it. If you’re long and thick, you’ll love it even more. If you’re long and thin, you’ll get every sensation possible and you’re probably looking at a second purchase. 4/5 for tightness. 


Again – it depends on your shape and size. For anyone at or above 5 inches in length, this sleeve is a god-send. For anyone below, other Fleshlights may be better – ones that start out tight too. 4/5 for intensity simply because of the wider entrance. 

Ease Of Access

Point and penetrate. That’s it. Nobody should be teaching you how to fuck a Fleshlight. As far as cleaning goes, this toy has some difficulties regarding the cleaning of specific textures, but it still cleans up pretty easily. 4/5 for ease of use as well. 


Overall, the Dominika Fleshlight gets a 4/5 since it’s all but perfect.


Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

If you want to answer the question of whether or not this toy is for you, go grab a ruler and a piece of string and measure your dimensions.

If you’re under 4 inches of length and 1.5 inches of width, look for something else that begins tighter. If you’re over that length and width, this sleeve will make you feel like the Czech goddess Dominika herself wrapped her butterfly around your tugger. 

The best place to buy this (and get the best price for it!) is Fleshlight’s official website so head on over to Fleshlight and get your butterfly queen to pound into oblivion today!

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If you’re not sold on Dominika and want a comprehensive list of all of Fleshlights toys and their functions, check out our “Ultimate Fleshlight Buyer’s Guide“.


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