If you happen to be someone that fancies those “Girl Next Door” Fleshlight models, then the Dillion Harper Fleshlight is all you’ll ever need. Namely, this Fleshlight is possibly one of the best sex toys when it comes to feeling as realistic as possible.

Just after the first couple of uses, you’ll be begging for more – that’s a guarantee. Well, I guess that’s not strange at all, I imagine that the same goes for Dillion Harper and her sweet lady parts. 

But, let’s not jump to conclusions. First, let’s see everything that this amazing Fleshlight has to offer. 

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Why Choose Dillion Harper?

Kind and sweet, joyful and beautiful, Dillion Harper is a well-known adult film actress that was born and raised in Florida – the Sunshine State. It’s no wonder that she turned out to be such a beauty when she bathes in the sun all day long. 

Nevertheless, this gorgeous little angel entered this industry pretty much like most of the girls nowadays. She needed to make some cash and finance her studies in the field of dental hygiene. But, when she actually got a taste of the porn industry, that took a twist in her professional career and she decided to remain a porn actress.

I would do the same if they offered me that kind of money, let’s be honest! However, she has starred in lots of different movies and before she knew it, this young and attractive actress became one of the most popular ladies on the internet. 

Her nickname, the “Sweet Little Angel’’ was given to her because of her adorable, young face and puffy cheeks. But, as we can all see, she is more than skillful when it comes to pleasing a man. If you ask me, that nickname doesn’t really apply here. 

Anyhow, we are all grateful that she offered her lady parts to be the next model for the Fleshlight. And, let me tell you something, this Fleshlight will blow you away – literally. 

Dillion Harper’s Fleshlight Textures

Crush – (Lady/Vaginal Sleeve)



Did I mention that this Fleshlight will ensure the most realistic feel? No? Well, I am now. Listen carefully, this Fleshlight has a specially designed sleeve that feels like you are sticking your “love muscle” in the real thing. 

How? Well, that comes from the soft and comfortable material which is specially molded in the shape of Dillion’s pussy. So, in other words, you will experience the true feeling of Dillion’s lady parts around your strongest muscle. Dillion’s sleeve is among the most complex of any Fleshlight Girl.

That not enough for you? Well, my dear Tug fella, the three chambers that are equipped with all sorts of rings and bumps will definitely provide an intense feeling. This will leave no one unsatisfied or cold-hearted. Just because these three chambers are so well-designed, you can definitely benefit from a great experience and even more intense feeling. 

Anyhow, let’s see break down what’s going on inside the Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight, shall we?

Chamber #1

The fun starts from the very beginning, my dear Tug fellas. Namely, the first chamber is approximately 4.7 inches long and it has two different sections. First, there are a large number of bumps that are pointing directly at your penis as it is entering the Fleshlight. This will provide quite an intensive feeling, so be prepared. 

Next, the second part of the first chamber is filled with even more bumps, but it starts to widen a bit more, so you will have more space inside. This will create a bit less intensive feeling as you go through. However, this section has its own magic part – the longitudinal ribs which will massage your penis head as it goes through. 

Needless to say, the feeling is outstanding. 

Chamber #2

The first chamber ends with a slightly tighter section, but that’s only meant for a transition. Now, the second chamber starts with circular rights, which are excellent when it comes to rubbing your penis. The first six rings will gently massage your penis. But, the rest of them will increase those pleasurable feelings quite a bit.

You will actually feel like someone grabbed your penis and started to pull on it really hard. So, we can all agree, my dear Tug bros that this Fleshlight is only for the bravest among us.

At approximately 7.5 inches the third chamber beings, and boy oh boy, that’s where the real fun begins…

Chamber #3

Now, we must say that this chamber is designed only for those bigger tug bros. That’s why this chamber starts with a narrow entrance which is followed with cross-diagonal rings for the ultimate pleasure. 

It’s no wonder why this section is called the “head cruncher”. However, this section will not be reached by the majority of us dudes since only the ones with longer penises will be able to reach it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include me so I can’t really describe you the exact feeling of this chamber.

But, as I saw from the honest reviews of other “bigger” Tug bros, the real feel starts in this chamber and it lasts for a long time. 

The outer casing itself comes in a lovely pinkish-white:

I personally prefer the dark outer cased Fleshlights, but to be completely honest, I really don’t care. Honestly, who gives a f*ck about the outside.

You probably just want to know what it feels like on the inside…

What’s It Feel Like? – Overall Rating

Taken from the majority of men that actually gave this Fleshlight a try, the feeling is outstanding. If you love to feel a bit more of an intense feeling followed with a comfortable massaging of your penis, then this one is made for you.

There’s no better feeling than having your penis gently massaged by a large number of bumps and cross-diagonal rings. However, if you have a long penis, the feeling will be even better since you can reach the 3rd chamber. 

All in all, I strongly recommend Dillion Harper only to those more experienced Fleshlight lovers. If you want to pick this one for your first Fleshlight, then I wouldn’t recommend it. You might not be able to withstand the intense feeling it provides.

One thing I can’t stress enough is that if you decide to buy this product, be sure to buy directly from the official Fleshlight store. I recently had a reader reach out to me telling me about how he bought a fake Fleshlight from a website trying to pretend to be the real Fleshlight website. Be careful out there, my friends.

Dillion Harper “Crave” (Butt) Sleeve


Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at Dillion’s signature lady sleeve, let’s take a minute to check out her anal sleeve: The Crave. Now that anal sex has become so much less taboo, Fleshlight has gone out of their way to create a “butt” orifice for each one of their Fleshlight Girls. If you’re thinking about trying out a butt fleshlight for the first time, why not start off with one of the most famous bums in porn?…



Personally, I think this sleeve is the absolute best for beginners or TugBros on the smaller side. The orifice is tight enough to give you a genuine anal sex simulation without it being too uncomfortable for beginners or those TugBros who may be less endowed or lacking girth.

It uses Fleshlight’s Real Feel SuperSkin, a soft and non-irritating material that adds credibility to every Fleshlight product, you won’t find a higher quality sleeve anywhere else.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Again, the large number of bumps and a high variety of structures makes this Fleshlight a bit harder to clean. However, you can do it anytime you want, and it doesn’t take too long to completely dry up. Since this sleeve requires a bit more maintenance than usual, tug bros are encouraged to pay extra attention to maintenance to maximize its longevity and keep your sleeve looking and smelling great!

If you’re worried about keeping your pussy sleeve sanitary and feeling as pleasurable as possible, I recommend a combination of FleshWash and RenewingPowder. Use a combination of FleshWash and hot water to clean your sleeve after every use. I can’t stress enough how invaluable RenewingPowder is for keeping your FleshSleeve feeling brand new.

I, for one, can’t live without it.

However, the whole process requires you to give a bit more effort and spend more time. After all, you need to maintain your favorite Fleshlight in a proper manner. We Tug gentlemen are always looking after our sex toys – that’s the golden rule.

I’ve written a full guide to clean your Fleshlight.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! If your Tug time hasn’t been intense enough, just a few minutes with Dillion Harper Fleshlight and your outlook may just change.

Again, as always, I recommend buying straight from the official Fleshlight website for all your Fleshlight Girl needs. You won’t find a better price or selection anywhere else!

In that regard, this beauty surely is one of the Fleshlights that ensures a realistic feel that will last for a longer, more satisfying period of TugTime. 

That’s it for this wonderful pussy sleeve, thanks for reading and be sure to check out our homepage for more reviews!

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Suction Effect
Ease Of Cleaning
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