There are lots of sites that have always dwelled within the realm of porn. It’s very rare to come across a web site that used to be something other than porn but then demand over the years got so high that they had to go deeper into the porn industry. 

But, that’s the kind of web site we’re talking about today. If you’re an XXX connoisseur, you probably know who I’m talking about already, but if you just wanna tug your man meat and not care about how the porn industry works, there’s a good chance you’ve overlooked the site we’re taking a look at today.

I’m talking, of course, about Digital Playground.

This company has gone from zero to millions during its existence and today it represents one of the largest libraries of tuggin’ content on the internet. And not just any content – some of the most unique and surprisingly hilarious videos and galleries in all of porn! Seriously, Digital Playground can make anything into porn and half the reason I watch them is to have a happy, chuckling tug session. 

So, if you wanna know more about this site, keep reading – and if you already know it but you’re curious as to how much it costs, we’ll cover that near the end of this article.


What Is Digital Playground?


Digital Playground started off back in 1993 and found its niche in the adult-rated games of the time. Of course, this wasn’t a very developed category and Digital Playground helped develop it, selling sexy games on CDs. Ever since then, the company’s owner has pushed the frontiers for the company with an even more innovative attitude. 

Who was among the first to make porn available to stream on mobile devices? Digital Playground.

Who was among the first to only offer HD porn? Digital Playground.

Who was among the first to re-master all older videos and offer them again in HD? You bet your tugger it was Digital Playground.

What I’m saying is, they’ve always kept with the times. So, as the world evolved into the hyper-connected sphere that it is in 2020, so did Digital Playground. Over time, they transitioned heavily into making porn, working closely with porn stars and industry people to create one of the biggest repositories of XXX-rated content on a single website – over 4200 videos and the same number of galleries can be found on Digital Playground and that’s just a part of what they have to offer! 

Digital Playground makes porn series. They make porn movies. They make full feature-length parodies of currently popular movies. While the X-rated CD games are almost three decades ago, DP has evolved even past the point of “just making porn”. They realized that porn was supposed to be about fun and they’re making porn for every type of fun they can think of.

None of Digital Playground’s parodies have a serious tone, as they don’t take themselves too seriously and that’s what makes them fun to watch! That’s what makes Digital Playground entertaining and what keeps members coming back every time there’s a new Marvel movie out in cinemas. 


What Makes Digital Playground Special?


Digital Playground has a ton of specials to offer its members. This site cares about its reputation which is why you will only find top of the line content here – no low-quality videos, no low-res pictures, no shitty scripts and definitely no less-than-gorgeous babes. Instead, Digital Playground only streams in HD and all of their content is very well made from a production point of view as well.

I know, I know, you’re there to tug but it does matter if the tone and lighting and acting are okay or not! My point is: DP cares enough to add that element of quality to your experience.

Other than that, you can also go to their website’s store and get everything you want in a physical copy with free shipping for orders over $25. You don’t even have to rely on the internet anymore! So, why would you want a CD of your favorite porn? Because Digital Playground makes porn worthy of being your favorite among everything else you tug your meat to. 

This company is the current leader in the porn world when it comes to making porn parodies of movies, shows, famous scenes, etc. They’re funny, extra spicy, and if you’re into the specific thing they’re parodying, it’s a damn good tug too. I fondly remember when Black Panther came out and Digital Playground released Dark Panther a while later – it was hilarious to watch, yet it was so hot I couldn’t stop pouring lube. Anyway, let’s get back to it. 

Digital Playground offers full-blown porn movies, original porn series with several episodes each, as well as videos in several categories. These include teen, creampie, lesbian, MILF, POV, big tits, big ass, blonde, Latina, Asian, ebony and many others – so you’ll certainly find some prime tug-material and it’s guaranteed to be hot!


How Much Does It Cost?

Like many other porn sites, Digital Playground offers a premium membership. And as with most porn sites that value quality, HD content, they offer a 2-day trial so you can catch a glimpse of what DP has to offer before committing to a membership.

We have a guide to assist those who want to claim their 2-Day Digital Playground trial that you can read here. Or, if you’re convinced and want to go right to a subscription, check out the pricing options below!

If you do sign up for a premium DP membership, you’ll be able to see all of their content and scroll through endless galleries of steamy naked bodies as well as watch all of their videos, new movies, and new series. However, before we talk about how much it costs, let’s look at how you can pay because Digital Playground offers two payment methods. As it usually goes with porn sites, you can pay by credit card or cryptocurrency. Let’s look at both as they both have specific plans.

Those paying with a credit card can choose one of these four membership plans: 

  •  2-day trial membership ($4.95)
  •  1-month membership ($24.99)
  •  12-month membership ($79.99, comes out to $6.66 per month)
  •  5-year membership ($299.99, comes out to an unbeaten $4.99 per month!)

If you’d rather pay using the cryptocurrency method, you can choose between these three plans instead of four:

  • 1-month membership ($29.99)
  • 12-month membership ($119.99, comes out to $9.99 per month!)’
  • 5-year membership ($499.99, comes out to $8.33 per month!)


So, there you have it – Digital Playground isn’t that expensive to watch and you get all of their new content as well for what can be under $5 per month. They are one of the most complete porn companies in the world simply because they dare to give you things first – things you haven’t experienced before.


If you wanna have a great tuggin’ session, Digital Playground’s hot babes will always keep you company. It’s more of a generalist site instead of a fetish site, but it has certain features that nobody else has – including porn parodies of Star Wars and Star Trek! That makes it more than tug-worthy in my book!

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