Ryan Reynolds has a new movie to promote which would usually bring out the cynical side in anyone viewing a ‘PSA’ based on said movie’s lead character. But when Deadpool tells you to check your man berries, you better do as he says. Testicular cancer is no joke. Also having a legitimate excuse to spend an extra 5 minutes using up all the hot water in the shower before your girlfriend gets in there is fine by us.

Watch the video to learn in less than 2 minutes what for – and how – you should be checking your testicles at least once a month!


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Ballboys raises awareness and educates the population (not just the guys) on the facts, figures and issues of testicular cancer. We provide easy access to resources and information to anyone who is concerned about, or directly affected by testicular cancer.
Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in young men aged 15-49 years old, but it is the most curable if detected early. Our aim is to educate men everywhere on how to check themselves for signs of testicular cancer and what to do next if worried.