ashleymadisonAccounts including names and email addresses were exposed in the hacking of Ashley Madison, a website for guy’s attempting to try their hand at cheating last month, and now researches have compiled the list of the 100 most commonly used passwords for account holders. If you think the geniuses who joined a website with 30,000,000 male members and only around 12,000 female (the ultimate web sausage-fest) would be smart enough to at least have semi decent passwords to their accounts, you would be wrong.

The top three passwords: 123456, 12345, and password.

Researchers also highlighted a few passwords that didn’t make the top 100 but were notable for other reasons:

ithinkilovemywife <<– But you love stranger pussy more
donteventhinkaboutit <<– looks like someone’s wife changed their password!

Bonus points go to the guys using passwords like ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Amanda’. Most likely the names of girlfriends or wifes so loved by their men they used their name’s to login into a site to cheat on them. Let’s just pretend/hope those aren’t the names of their children.

If your password appears on the list below, congratulations, you’re stupid!