Chaturbate is one of the highest-ranking live sex cam websites on the web today, but many people don’t understand why it is so popular.

The most successful cam sites are usually those that combine a fun, interactive chatroom with the ability to find any sort of kink/category you could think of. The best live cam streaming websites offer enjoyable visual and audio interaction with its amateur adult performers.

There are tons of websites offering camming services, but how does one distinguish between those that are there for high-quality entertainment and those that are just looking to churn out a quick buck?

The answer lies within the viewer service, the quality, and the value of the website.

In this review, I’ll be going over what makes Chaturbate stand out in the vast sea of adult entertainment websites. We will be going over the look, design, and what makes it stand out from the rest.

I will even go over the best ways to make money for those looking to broadcast!

What is Chaturbate?

Now if you want to go ahead and jump on this tug-train before continuing the review, you can click the button above to view the current most popular stream on Chaturbate!

Chaturbate is an amateur community of broadcasters offering free shows to view from the comfort of your own home. Camming has become a huge industry and there are hundreds upon thousands of websites trying to get in on the monopoly.

Since February of 2011, Chaturabte has managed to stand out due to its large community of amateur broadcasters and regular viewers. The term “Chaturbate” is a play on what the site is all about, “the act of masturbating while chatting online.”

It borrows from the classic look of online chat rooms and added even more elements of pleasure and interaction between the broadcaster and viewer.

Each chat room is supplemented with a live amateur webcam stream, featuring sexy women, hot men, and people from all genders and sexualities showing off their best assets. There are more than enough streamers to choose from and something for everyone!

All of the performers are amateurs and it is free to join the website and view their public “room.” Usually, the tone of the “room” is determined by tips and conversations between viewers. Most performers will set a target goal for the whole room, and when that target is hit, they will put on an explicit show.

Once the goal is met, the action usually gets fairly adult in nature. Many broadcasters will use toys, masturbate, or in the case of couples cams, go at it hardcore with the classic money shot!

Users can also be taken into more personal one-on-one private shows for something more immediate in exchange for a set price. It should go without saying that browsing this site can be addictive and fun in equal measures. Users have been addicted to and enjoying the sexual content found on Chaturbate since they launched in February of 2011.

Their community has become very popular and has steadily grown with viewers and broadcasters alike. But don’t just take my word for it, the numbers are there: they have over 153k followers on Twitter and rank the 213th most popular website in the world.

With over 55 pages worth of broadcasters to choose from, I was like a kid in a candy store – unsure what I wanted, but knowing that this is where my money was going to be spent! If I’m being completely honest, sometimes it can be difficult to choose which room to spend all my time in.

How Does Chaturbate Work?

Signing up is easy and free, this allows you to access most cams. Keep in mind, there are premium shows that will require payment and private shows that can be paid for or earned with tokens. This form of payment is used across the entire website and can be traded for various perks.

Every broadcaster on Chaturbate will perform for their audience and offer different perks for a certain amount of tokens.

If you want to see something special or specific, you will often be required to pay for it. Due to the way this works, cam performers can make a decent stream of income from their broadcasts, although, Chaturbate does take a percentage.

Chaturbate Vs. Other Cam Sites

To begin with, Chaturbate is all about amateur porn creators, making it a great place to start broadcasting if you’re looking to join the adult entertainment business.

Setting up an account requires you to agree to their ToS and verify your age, after that it is recommended that you read their detailed guide on how to get started.

The tokens a broadcaster earns can either be used to access other broadcaster’s private shows, to tip other broadcasters or can be exchanged for cash. This is the second biggest difference between Chaturbate and typical webcam sites.

There are plenty of people using it to make extra cash, which means there are more than enough options for viewers.

Top performers and occasional broadcasters alike keep coming back for more because Chaturbate is a great place for them to earn some extra cash!

This ensures a steady flow of dirty content for the average viewer.

You may be asking how you can make money (or spend it if you’re a viewer) if the site is free to use. Chaturbate allows all viewers to have access to the public cam rooms. You can coast by watching “free”  public shows put on by broadcasters and funded by the tipping viewers, but tipping does have its perks.

Tipping can get you into private chats, hook you up with select products, or even just gain the performer’s attention.

There are numerous ways to spend tokens on the website, and it’s easy to accidentally spend more than you intended – Chaturbate is not only fun but incredibly addictive.

As for making money on the website, 100 tokens come out to about $5 in cash – which runs the average viewer about $11. There are also competitions that cammers may participate in to earn $5 to $10 an hour for staying in the top cammer position.

Considering there are millions of viewers on Chaturbate, it isn’t unlikely for top performers to make some serious cash. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular and successful.

Chaturbate Room Options

Browse all Chaturbate categories here!

Chaturbate’s rooms are divided into five main sections, this makes it easier for the user to browse the gender they are looking for.

These cam categories include:

  • Featured
  • Female 
  • Male
  • Transgender
  • Couple

These are further broken down by tags that go into every kink from feet to hardcore BDSM. I enjoy exploring these tags and finding new styles, acts, and fetishes.

Then there is a tab that will allow you to access your “followed” so you won’t have to look them up every time you want to join their cam room. “Couples” – as defined by Chaturbate, is a straight man and woman. The most popular sections that are browsed are female, male, and trans – in that order.

Many rooms are open to the public with no limit on how many people can join in on the viewing. This is because the more people in a room, the easier and faster the broadcaster reaches their goal thus making the “free” show happen quicker.

There is, of course, etiquette that should be followed in each cam room; no harassing the performers or other viewers, no spamming the chat room, and no demanding that the performer do things if you aren’t tipping.

Even if you are tipping and your demands aren’t being met, it may be that the performer isn’t comfortable with your request or that you aren’t tipping enough for said act.

Rooms are often moderated by the performer or a moderator appointed by the performer. The username of these members is often highlighted with a different color so they’re easy to differentiate from the normal users. Some performers will restrict their shows to only paying members, so it may be worth buying some tokens.

Key Features

While Chaturbate isn’t the only sex cam viewing website on the internet, it is one of the most popular, and for good reason. They offer a feature-rich environment that includes apps and bots that can help to enrich and customize your viewing or broadcasting experience.

These tools allow broadcasters to set up a tip goal for viewers to aim for to get a “free” show. There is also a way for performers to set up a slot machine of sorts and make their broadcast interactive with their wifi or Bluetooth connected sex toys, such as Lovense.

Most of these options are meant to help broadcasters collect tokens and there are hundreds of bots and apps. But if you can’t find the bot or app that works best for your needs, you can even write up your own!

Upgraded broadcasters can customize their channels, including changing the font and colors. Upgraded viewers can access multi-angle cams from select performers.

When tipping, there is the option to save private broadcasts. As a viewer, you can also buy collections of photos or premade videos. Some performers will also allow you to request custom videos! I save my favorite performers and visit them often, leaving tips or buying their new videos.

After logging in, there is a setting that allows broadcasters to block certain countries or regions so that they don’t have to worry about their neighbors coming across them on Chaturbate.

There is also the option to broadcast your room to a specific group of people or set a password for your room.

These options are some of the features that make Chaturbate stand out from the rest of the camming community by making it a safe and secure place for viewers and performers alike!

Chaturbate Costs/Prices

As I have already mentioned, the website is completely free to join and use, you can even get by with watching “free” shows that other members have tipped for!

The token system is confusing at first glance, it even took me a while to get used to it. The first thing to note is that members are grouped and color-coded on the website by how many tokens they have, how often they spend them, and a bit more info.

The color-coding system allows broadcasters to quickly see which members are more likely to tip them, and they are far more likely to respond to a request or question from a viewer who tips regularly.

It is entirely possible to watch the broadcasters who have met their goal on other tips and not spend any money, but it’s much more fun to participate.

The following list is how users are categorized and color-coded:

Red Appointed by a broadcaster to moderate during a live chat
Orange This is the broadcaster.
Grey This member has no tokens.
Green This member is a fan of the chat room.
Dark Blue This member has spent at least 50 tokens within two weeks.
Light Blue This member has spent less than 50 tokes within two weeks.
Light Purple This member has tipped at least 250 tokens within two weeks.
Dark Purple This member has spent at least 1000 tokens within two weeks.


All performers offer free previews that don’t require any tip and sitting in a room viewing the performer can cost you nothing. Obviously, if you have a request or want to get the attention of the broadcaster, you’ll have better luck if you tip.

Furthermore, if you want a private show, videos, or pictures, you will be required to pay for it. The costs of these services are set by each performer and widely vary.

Some performers will respond to gifts purchased from the wishlists they have on their profiles, but others do not. Some performers also have lists of other outlets where you can buy their dirty panties or used toys.

Here’s a list of all token purchasing options available to viewers:

Please remember, that Chaturbate does take a percentage from their performers, so while you may spend $10.99 on 100 tokens, those 100 tokens do not equal the same amount to the performer.

Token costs:

100 tokens – $10.99

200 tokens – $20.99

500 tokens – $44.99

750 tokens – $62.99

1000 tokens – $79.99

Simply click the button below and navigate to the top right of the homepage and click “get more”, to get 100 tokens right now for only $10.99! Or learn how to earn tokens for free!

There is also an option to subscribe to a premium membership for only $19.95 a month. This allows for an ad-free experience, customized chat screens, the option fo multi-cam angles, as well as private massaging!

There are often promotions ran with this subscription to sweeten the deal, the most common offer is to upgrade to a paid membership and get 200 free tokens!

Additionally, there’s an option for broadcasters to receive tips and gifts by referring friends and Chaturbate users can earn 200 free tokens by verifying the spending limit on their credit cards!


If you want to get started as a broadcaster, you will want to follow a couple of steps. You need to get age verified, this will require you to submit an official ID. It also pays off to learn how to put on a good show to get good tips and to learn how to take advantage of the various bots and apps available for broadcasters.

Ready to start broadcasting yourself on Chaturbate? Click the button below to get started!

The age verification process will take about a week or so, so this provides you enough time to learn how to get the most out of the website. I won’t go into too much detail here, but there is money available by becoming a broadcaster on Chaturbate.

I also recommend getting a couple of toys like the Lovense Max 2 or Pearl 2 in order to be more interactive with your clients. There are a ton of toys available for broadcasters that make camming more fun for everyone!

It’s worth getting one or two, or even setting up a goal for your viewers so they can help you save up for one!

Take a look at our individual sex toy reviews to learn how to save money on each and every toy we’ve covered.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Chaturbate has some key selling points that other live sex cam sites just don’t offer. Not only are they free to use for the most part, but they are also exclusively amateur broadcasters. For broadcasters, there is a huge opportunity to make money because of how popular the website is.

The website is easy to navigate and quick to load, although it does lack some basic search features. While this does make finding certain performers a pain, the chat rooms are categorized in such a way that it is easy to find the kink or fetish I’m in the mood for.

The shows you can get for “free” by riding on the backs of other tippers are a lot more hardcore than the free previews most cam websites off and often last much longer. Your tips also go much further on Chaturbator, as many models are there to have fun and will do a lot for small tips. I love the fact that when tipping in a public room the resources are pooled together for group viewings.

The best thing about Chaturbate is that there is nothing to lose, considering it’s completely free to sign up, why not give it a chance and see what you think.

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