Ever since the concept of interacting with live-streaming naked people came into existence, camming has been a smash hit both for the models and for the fans. If you dive into the world of camming, you will inevitably come across all the legendary sites. Some of those will still have their old looks, sacrificing style for functionality. Some will have done the opposite, while some will have added other parts to their site over the years, new additions like dating services and separately themed sites. 

Finally, some will bombard you with a ton of ads and will be unwatchable. You generally wanna steer clear of these, ads can mess up a great tuggin’ session – as we all know. 

Anyway, when you look at the oldest cam site still operating, you learn there’s more than one thing that makes a site succeed. It has to have more than just one intriguing aspect to keep tuggers like us interested.

Finding one is tricky, but there is a cam site that hasn’t sacrificed soul, style or functionality in its 20-year existence. 

That site is, of course, Cams.com!


Cams.com – Tuggers’ Paradise

If a site doesn’t fail after 20 years, they’re doing something right. If they only keep growing and getting better in those 20 years, they become Cams.com. I don’t know who the admin of this site is but I wanna buy them a beer. I mean, just look at the site. It’s pure, simple functionality integrated into a sleek and eye-catching style. 

Cams.com is the perfect example of how a website can look when the people running it know what they’re doing – and I’m not just saying that. This site set out to be the most popular cam site out there as well as the kinkiest and the entire design of the site reflects this. 

For example, when you type Cams.com into your browser, there’s no lobby, no pop-ups, no intro to the site whatsoever. You’re instantly on the front page, looking at 50 thumbnails of hot babes beckoning for your attention. Now that’s attention to detail. 

Knowing this, you’re probably catching on about the purpose of Cams.com, already. I mean, it is in the name. Just pure, simple, fun cams. Nothing more, nothing less. No dating app attached to it, no ads, no bullshit. Click on a cam, tip, enjoy the attention, tug your heart out. 


Cams.com – Specials

Cams.com has one gigantic special – being a cam site that will always make your knees shiver while you’re massaging your tugger. The babes on this site are incredibly hot, but you can find incredibly hot anywhere! These girls have some more spunk, some more wildness. That’s why Cams.com claims they’re the kinkiest website. Hell, they may well be because the few girls I watched on there were definitely my kind of kinky! 

Even then, what good are beauty and kinkiness if you can’t see the model behind the pixels? Well, you’ll never have to ask yourself that question here. Cams.com streams only in HD with high-quality audio as well. This means that you’re gonna feel like you’re practically in the room when you tip the model and the vibrations in her pussy making her moan in your headphones. 

The models on Cams.com are guys, girls, threesomes, couples, trans models, orgies on cam, etc. On the left side of the screen you’ll also see different categorizations by age, ethnicity, specialty and so on – these let you find models that you’ll like very quickly. And as it often happens with really hot models, if a fan club should develop, you would have the option of joining it because of Cams.com’s forward-thinking. 

If that’s not enough, you can text models in a feature called TextMe. Here, it’s a one-on-one text chat but who knows, some people are more relaxed over words than over anything else including cams! That’s okay, Cams.com obviously thinks about the shyest TugBros among us, as well as the cockiest ones that wanna be high-rollers and make an entire room of people cheer them on as they empty their wallet. 

Aside from the regular cams, this site also has a few special, niche rooms for those who want a more personalized live cam experience.

Buzzmode room: Has Buzz and Superbuzz buttons that you can click for tokens to make the toy in the model’s pussy vibrate. 

Connexion room: If a model’s room is marked as a “Connexion” room, that means that they have the necessary toy for some teledildonic shenanigans with you. If you have the right toy, you can control the model’s vibrations and make her cum as long as you have tokens!

Cam-to-Cam: You can get a closed meeting with a cam model for some extra tokens. 

Private chat: You pay by the minute and have the model all to yourself to do anything she consents to do for an agreed amount of tokens – just for you and your man meat. 

Anyway, if you feel like you wanna tug your stick to these babes, you’re gonna need some tokens to get them to do what you want. Let’s check that out. 


Cams.com – Premiums

Okay, the first rule of paying for Cams.com is – you don’t have to pay a dime if you don’t want to.

You can just make a free account, the site will give you a hundred tokens to have fun with and you can be on your merry way. Once you have a free account, you’ll be able to watch the models and chat with them but you won’t be able to enjoy a custom fantasy just for you.

But, what if you really start liking one of the cam girls that you watched? Wouldn’t you wanna see more? Wouldn’t you wanna get her to do the exact same filthy shit you’re into? 

Me too! That’s why we get tokens or get a Premiere account. Let’s explain the site’s currency first. 

Cams.com sells tokens in several token packages:

100 tokens for $12

250 tokens for $26

500 tokens for $50

1000 tokens for $99


Also, the site has an upgraded membership type: the Premiere.

This bonus allows several opportunities like 5% cashback, free show videos, unlimited daily spending, etc. There are two options about the Premiere membership:

1 month ($19.99)

3 months ($13.99)

You can pay at Cams.com through a bank transfer or through credit card so PayPal won’t fly here. 

If you liked this presentation, I really can’t recommend this site enough. There’s no bullshit, no drama, no hassle – you just go and watch cams. You can talk or you can make them moan – your call. So, get some tokens in your pockets and have fun on Cams.com!

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