Brandi Love… swinger, hotwife and the ultimate MILF with a fierce passion for sex and the adult industry. The gorgeous Brandi Love has always kept a special place on my tug list, and now, with her very own Fleshlight, anyone can now get a taste of Brandi Love.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Tug HQ to try these beauties out and in this article, I’ll tell you all about my experience with the Brandi Love Fleshlights and what my verdict was. 

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Brandi Love’s Fleshlights

American pornstar Brandi love has been filming scenes since 2011 but was actually active long before that on her personal website, she began making contacts in the adult film industry as early as 2006. 

Using digital imaging to get the exact shape and size, both are life-like replicas of Brandi’s love-holes and both are made with the “Real Feel Superskin” that give Fleshlights their signature comfort and quality.

Heartthrob Lady Sleeve

Brandi has nice sized pussy lips, perfect for licking and the Fleshlight replica is exactly the same. As you pass the lips and slide inside her you’ll enter the elongated inner sleeve, which is slightly different from most other designs. The sleeve narrows then widens and is made up of different chambers that stroke and grip your penis as you thrust in and out of this busty MILF. It’s 9 inches in length and has different widths, meaning TugBros of any size should be able to enjoy this toy. 

Sleeve Design

The heartthrob chambers quickly merge into one, similar to how anal fleshlights are usually designed. As you push through the tight opening (0.5 inches wide) the sleeve starts at 1 inch deep and is full of rings and grooves set out in a zig-zag fashion, that help engross your shaft and pleases from all angles. These continue until the end of the sleeve as the width continually changes, anywhere from 0.25 inches to 0.75 inches wide at different parts of the sleeve. 

Shameless – Anal sleeve

The shameless sleeve is designed more like a typical vaginal sleeve, with separate chambers and multiple grooves, ridges, and rings. 

Sleeve Design

There are three separate chambers to the Shameless Butt Sleeve

  • Chamber 1: 2.5 inches long and full of medium-sized nodules before meeting a wider ring at the end. 
  • Chamber 2: lined with honeycomb-shaped bumps that stretch out, taking you to 6 inches in length. Most men will finish here. 
  • Chamber 3: the final chamber is full of larger nodules that get smaller and smaller, the walls get tighter and the penis is squeezed tight, as you get ready to blow your load. 

The anal sleeve is tight and full of different grooves and bumps to send a variety of sensations through your Johnson, pulsating with every thrust you make. Whether using the Anal or Vagina sleeve, I’d always recommend lubing up before using these models. 

It’s just common sense really, you want your willy to feel protected and while you’re sliding in and out of a life-like vagina replica, what better way to increase the realism than to have it nice and wet as you go to work. Check out Fleshlight’s selection of Male Lubricant for the best selection of lube made specifically for male sex-toys.

Where To Buy

The Heartthrob Fleshlight is simple yet effective and is Brandi love’s best seller. If you’re familiar with Brandi’s work then you’ll know she doesn’t do many Anal scenes as she prefers to stick to traditional sex. The way these Fleshlights have been designed backs that up. Both are quality products, as you’d expect, but the vaginal entrance has been designed with Brandi’s personal tastes in mind. 

It also gives you more options if you’re going to use the Fleshlight with a system like the Kiroo Onyx 2 or the Fleshlight launch, where you can sync it up to Brandi’s videos and watch as she bounces up and down on your willy. 

We’d always recommend buying your Fleshlights from the official Fleshlight store to not only get the best deals but also, free shipping, AND the truly authentic product. But for the ultimate tugging experience, I’d recommend going for the amazing deal on the Brandi Love Interactive Sex Pack

Brandi Love Interactive Sex Package

  • Brandi Love Heartthrob Fleshlight – The ultimate Brandi Love tugging experience
  • Fleshlight Launch – The interactive sex system that syncs up to any scene you’re watching and does all the tugging for you.
  • Fleshlube Water 250ml – Keeping your precious member healthy and fresh as you get off to Brandi
  • Fleshlube Sample & Care and usage instructions  – Gives you the chance to try Freshlight’s premium lube, for a silky smooth tug. 

Performance And Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed using both of these products even more than I thought I would. The design looked quite simple and the sleeve quite plain compared to most of the Fleshlights I’ve used, but wholly fuck was I wrong. 

The Heartthrob was amazing and the elongated sleeve, with its circular ridges and narrowing passage, felt heavenly. I’m always a fan of the reverse designs, where the vaginas are designed more like the typical anal Fleshlights, as it’s different to what I usually experience, and Brandi’s sleeves certainly gave me that. 

From the first stroke to the last, I felt amazing using Brandi as my own personal plaything and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy their first, or add to their current FleshlightGirl collection. 

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