Now that we’ve made numerous reviews and “best of” lists surrounding various male sex toys, I want to take a look at some of the very best penis milking machines on the market.

When you hear the phrase “penis milking machine” or “cock milking machine”, you may feel slightly perturbed and we don’t blame you.

Putting aside the apparent vulgarity of these labels, calling a sex toy a male milking machine only means it specializes in stroking your cock in the most pleasurable way possible – to milk out the biggest and best orgasms money can buy.

I want to break down all of the best electronic penis milking machines that are sure to improve your tug-time tenfold.

If you’ve been left in the dark about what the brave new world of electronic sex toys has to offer, prepare to be amazed.

The Best Penis Milking Machines Available


Our Top PickOur Top PickAutoblow AI


  • Most Realistic Blowjob Machine on the Market
  • Contains Built-In AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • 10 Different Realistic Blowjob Patterns
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Kiiroo Onyx 2


  • A Very Stimulating Automatic Toy
  • Syncs with Adult Content
  • Up to 240 Strokes/Minute
  • VR & Bluetooth Compatible
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Fleshlight Quickshot Launch


  • Cheapest Automatic Masturbator
  • 4 Stroke Length & Speed Settings
  • 14-inches of Insertable Length
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Lovense Max 2


  • Budget-Friendly Option
  • Mobile App for Long Distance Control
  • Sync With Other Lovense Toys
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Fleshlight Launch


  • Works With Regular Sized Fleshlight
  • Simple & Personalized Controls
  • Teledildonic Capabilities
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Now, let me go over each toy I just mentioned in detail.

#1 – The Autoblow AI$219.96

Sitting at the top of our list is the crowdfunded “Autoblow AI”. After selling nearly a million dollars worth of these toys on Indiegogo, they are finally available to the public!

After the hugely successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the original Autoblow, inventor Brian Sloan knew he had created something fresh and revolutionary, a blowjob machine.

The intricate interior of the original Autoblow perhaps made it the first truly realistic male milking machine on the market. During these years of development, Brian worked with scientists to perfect the interior motors and hyper-realistic texture.

The end result was a machine that almost perfectly mimics the sensation of a blowjob.

So how could they possibly improve on it if it’s already perfect?

I’m glad you asked… the Autoblow AI combines the already perfect design of the Autoblow with an intelligent A.I. (artificial intelligence).

After consulting with Ph.D. robotics engineers and artificial intelligence scientists, they used 1000+ hours of blowjob videos to program 10 different blowjob experiences into the toy – each based on an actual blowjob technique!


For their newest and most ambitious toy, Brian and his team wanted to cover all four factors that go into making a cock milking machine as pleasurable as possible.

The sleeve is a combination of 100% premium silicone sleeve with an open ABS carriage with the sleeve’s ridges resting atop and below the carriage.

The machine’s gripper then pulls the sleeve back and forth over your member, this creates intense friction that feels more realistic than ever before!

To use the toy, simple press the = button to cycle through the 10 different blowjob sensations and use the + or – buttons to increase or decrease the power and speed of the blowjob technique!

The Autoblow AI is completely hands-free and VR compatible!

You can even pick up an Autoblow VR Headset that’s specifically designed to get you the best (and cheapest) VR experience!

Here’s what Autoblow AI’s inventor had to say about the creation process:

“To obtain our dataset, we watched 8,333 minutes (almost 6 full days) of oral sex videos at 50% speed and manually moved a drawing of a head on a drawing of a penis to indicate the actions occurring in the films. The computer captured 30 screenshots of the video per second and captured the location data of the head using our input method. A quality controller then re-watched the recordings and eliminated ones that were inaccurate.”

It’s pretty clear just how much work went into making sure this toy was nothing less than the best penis milking machine on the planet. That’s why I think it’s only fair to give it the #1 spot!

Don’t just take my word for it though. See what hundreds of users had to say about it by reading verified user reviews!


#2 – The Onyx 2 by Kiiroo – $219

Ahhh… my personal favorite sex toy.

Putting the Onyx 2 near the top of this list was an easy choice, no other machine has milked as much out of me as this baby has!

If you’re familiar with our work, you already know just how much we love this modern feat of sexology!

We are truly living in the golden age of sex toys thanks to pioneering companies like Kiiroo and Lelo! The huge advancements we’ve seen in teledildonic technology & sex toy technology in general, are all thanks to the ingenuity they’ve shown in recent years!

Honestly, when I hear the term “male milking machine” the Onyx 2 is always the first thing that pops into my head. I’ve struggled to decide on what this machine should actually be classified as… it really is the penultimate sex toy with its complex interior and multi-purpose functions. 

And at long last, I think I’ve decided what title to bestow upon the Onyx 2: The Ultimate Cock Milking Machine

Fitting for such a powerful interactive stroking machine, isn’t it?

Its powerful interior motors are designed to contract several joints throughout the device in a smooth stroking motion that can provide a whopping 140 strokes per minute! 

The Onyx has adjustable vibration settings – meaning you don’t always have to jerk yourself into infinity… but you most certainly can!

The soft, comfortable interior of the machine (where your tugger will spend most of its time) is made from Real Feel Superskin material, the same top-quality, patented texture that we know and love from Fleshlight!

You may not know that we recently teamed up with Kiiroo to bring you an exclusive coupon code for 15% off all Kiiroo purchases!

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You can read my full Kiiroo Onyx 2 review to learn more!


#3 – The Quickshot Launch by Fleshlight$189.95

The Quickshot line of Fleshlights was created to solve the problem of traditional Fleshlights being bulky and inconvenient for travel. They are cheap, discreet, and most importantly – effective mini penis milking devices!

Their cheap price ($30) and compact design quickly made these toys sell like hotcakes!

When Fleshlight started to realize that automatic & interactive sex-toys were taking the adult industry by storm, they quickly teamed up with Kiiroo to create the Fleshlight Launch which was resoundingly successful!

After the success & popularity of both the Quickshot & Fleshlight Launch, the next logical step was to create an interactive, hands-free experience that accommodates both of these beloved toys.

The Quickshot Launch has four different stroke speeds and length settings to choose from. These are controlled by a touch-sensitive pad on both sides of the toy’s base.

The pad on the left controls the speed and power of the strokes while the pad on the right controls the length of said strokes.

All in all, it’s a total of 14 inches long – more than enough length for anyone who isn’t Liam Neeson… It’s capable of a maximum of 250 strokes per minute – you can even toggle through three different areas that the toy will stimulate: base, shaft, and tip.

This means that if you have a sensitive tip then you can opt for the toy to leave it alone. Or if you have a preference, you can select the pleasure zone you most want the stroking focused on!

It is completely rechargeable, with a USB adapter with no batteries required. Once fully charged you get a solid hour of playtime!

Thanks to our partnership with Fleshlight, we have a 10% discount code to help save you a bit of cash on the Quickshot Launch!

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Read my Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review to learn more!


#4 – The Max 2 by Lovense $109

For my third pick, I wanted to talk about a slightly cheaper male milking machine. While it’s not necessarily lower quality, the Lovense Max 2 is possibly the most quintessential penis milking machine on the market.

While Launch and Kiiroo toys might offer more in terms of power, Max 2 is an ideal starting point owing to its simple controls and modest intensity level.

The interior of this toy is quite similar to a Fleshlight orifice, only It’s made with TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) as opposed to the Superskin material we see in Fleshlights. I’ve tried both and it’s honestly hard to pick which one I like better, both Lovense and Fleshlight have spent years perfecting the material used in their toys and it shows!

The department where Lovense Max 2 truly shines is connectivity.

Long distance-relationships and spending time apart from your loved one can be extremely frustrating without having some way of releasing those sexual urges that come with being away from your special someone.

Lovense has effectively given a solution to that problem by offering toys like Max 2 that can be controlled remotely by your lady friend or even synced up with a female toy like the Lovense Nora.

You can even use the Max 2 hands-free by making use of its Bluetooth compatibility! Simply sync up your phone with the Lovense Max 2 and download their app to have full control in the palm of you (or your partner’s) hand!

Pick up Lovense Max 2 (40% off now!) from Lovense’s official store today!

Read my Lovense Max 2 review to learn more about it!


#5 – The Launch by Fleshlight$199

Now let’s take a look at where it all started – the first joint project by Kiiroo & Fleshlight!

The release of the OG Launch was undoubtedly a turning point in the world of interactive sex toys, that’s why it just doesn’t feel right to leave it out.

If you’re a Fleshlight enthusiast who wants to take their experience to the next level, the Launch was practically MADE for you!

You can stick nearly any traditional Fleshlight sleeve into the Launch to give it a whole new dimension of pleasure.

The launch uses Kiiroo’s advanced teledildonic technology combined with the premier Real Feel Superskin texture to bring these two worlds together!

The buttons of the Fleshlight Launch are incredibly simple to use, in front of the device are two buttons. One is the Power button and the other a Bluetooth button, used to switch between the interactive and manual modes.

The additional controls rest on either side of the device; one of the buttons controls the speed of the strokes while the other controls the length of a stroke, it couldn’t be simpler!

While the Launch may be a little bit dated, Fleshlight owners who want to find another use for their stash of Fleshlight sleeves will never be disappointed!

Be sure to use code: *TUGBRO* at checkout for 15% off your Launch from the Kiiroo Store!

Read my Fleshlight Launch review to learn more!


Well folks, that’s all I got for you. I’ll update this list of toys as I find more cock milking machines that I think are worthy of making this list.

Be sure to leave a comment down below if you have any questions regarding any toys mentioned above! I’ll do my best to answer all questions as quickly as I can.

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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