If you’re familiar with our work, then you probably know all about the immensely popular Fleshlights or the numerous interactive sex toys that we’ve covered extensively. The fact that we now have a massive selection of male masturbators to choose from is certainly exciting – but also rather intimidating.

It can be hard to distinguish which toys are right for your particular needs or what purpose they serve. The purpose of this guide is to make the process a little easier for you by showcasing 7 of my personal favorites. If you’re looking for more in-depth guides on each of these toys…

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at TugBro’s top 7 male masturbators. 

TugBro’s Top 7 Male Masturbators

male masturbation toy

We’ll be ranking these male masturbators from Beginner to Advanced to help determine whether a toy is suited to your personal needs and experience.

Beginner: These are entry-level toys perfect for newcomers who want to start off slow with toys that are more affordable but still improve your tug-time tenfold.

Intermediate: These toys are meant for slightly more experienced tug-bros who want to take their tug-sessions to the next level with a more advanced/intense male masturbator.

Advanced: The best of the best, you’ll usually wound up paying a bit extra for these next-level toys but the results will be more than worth it. If you’re a hardened tugger or just looking for the most heavenly and intense orgasms money can buy… these are the toys for you.

#1 Onyx 2 by Kiiroo (Intermediate-Advanced)

My #1 pick was an easy choice, Kiiroo never fails to please with their revolutionary toys

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 holds a special place in my heart, it was the first hands-free sex toy I got my hands on and boy did it deliver… there’s a reason Kiiroo is #1 when it comes to interactive male sex toys.

In my opinion, the reason this toy works on so many levels stems from its collaboration with Fleshlight. We saw this partnership flourish with the Fleshlight Launch which we’ll discuss later but Kiiroo had a vastly different vision in mind for the Onyx 2.

Kiiroo’s advanced knowledge of teledildonics combined with the signature “Real Feel Superskin” Fleshlight sleeve results in a match made in heaven.

Let’s take a closer look at the hardware and functions of the Onyx 2 and find out why it sits at the top of my tug-list.

Hardware & Capabilities

Kiiroo has become the industry leader when it comes to hands-free, interactive male sex toys. It makes more sense to look at them as a tech company, rather than a sex toy company.

They combine their thorough knowledge of the adult toy industry with next-level teledildonics (remote sex technology) to continually produce the most technologically advanced toys on the market.

If you try to simplify what the Kiiroo really is, you might refer to it as a powerful mechanical vibrator combined with a Fleshlight sleeve. But this doesn’t come close to doing this machine justice.

It’s been marginalized as a blowjob machine, automated sex toy, hands-free masturbator and everything in between. While none of these labels are necessarily incorrect, I think the Onyx 2 is in a category of its own.

It couldn’t be any simpler to use, it’s built-in motors allow for a fully automated tug-session. This essentially eliminates any need for manual stimulation, which results in an immersive, hands-free masturbation experience.

Never again will you have to tire yourself out by manually stroking, the Onyx 2 does all the work for you.

Simply insert your tug-muscle into the toy, press the button and let the Onyx 2 lead you to the finish line…

The powerful interior motors are designed to contract several joints throughout the device in a smooth stroking motion that can provide up to 140 strokes per minute (around 2 strokes per second).

Additionally, there are individual rings that the motor manipulates to compliment the soft, minimally textured sleeve. The interior of the machine where your penis will spend most of its time is made from Superskin material, the same coveted sleeve that Fleshlight uses for all their high-quality toys.

The Onyx 2 is also notable for its long-distance capabilities, you can pair it up with a Kiiroo Pearl 2 dildo for a whole new mutual masturbation experience with your partner.

Kiiroo continues to help bridge the gap in long-distance relationships, bringing people together is something that most certainly deserves our recognition.

Where To Buy & Learn More

You’d be doing yourself a great disservice by not adding this next-level toy to your collection, but the intimidating 200$ price tag may turn you off (understandably)

Thankfully, we’ve got an exclusive offer to help you save on your purchase, this discount applies to all Kiiroo items storewide, so don’t be afraid to maximize this promotion by treating yourself to some extra accessories.

Click here and use code: KiirooTV at checkout to save 20% off your Onyx 2!

Or if you’re looking for a more in-depth guide/review for the Onyx 2 before getting your own, you can read my full review here.

#2 Lovense Max 2 (Beginner-Intermediate)

For our second must-have toy, we have another toy that utilizes teledildonic technology from another industry leader: Lovense.

What sets this toy apart from the rest on this list is the addition of mobile connectivity. The concept of being able to control a sex toy directly from my mobile device was a concept that immediately piqued my interest.

Similar to the Onyx 2, this toy comes with a built-in masturbatory orifice. Unlike Kiiroo who teamed up with Fleshlight, Lovense decided to design their very own sleeve made with TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). It’s a well-textured sleeve, housed in a hard shell. Unlike a standard Fleshlight sleeve, its shells have bells and whistles that help it stand out.

While there’s no doubt that Fleshlight’s sleeves are of higher quality considering they’ve spent years perfecting their Real Feel Superskin, the Lovense’s texture is nothing to scoff at. This is mostly mitigated by the fact that Lovense always has sales on their male masturbators so you’ll probably wound up paying much less.

If you want advanced hardware that’s built to last, go for the Onyx 2.

If you want a more affordable toy with advanced connectivity options, go for Max 2.

Hardware & Capabilities

As I mentioned, earlier what distinguishes the Max 2 from the huge selection of male masturbators is its interconnectivity. You can fully control the Max 2 simply with your smartphone or… you can have your partner control it from their phone.

Additionally, you can sync with another Max 2 or a Lovense Nora for next-level mutual masturbation. Even if you aren’t in a long-distance relationship, it can be a really unique way of spicing up your sex life!

Where To Buy & Learn More

A few months ago, I made an even more in-depth review of the Lovense Max 2. You can read it here for even more information before you buy!

Luckily, at the time of writing this review, there’s a huge sale at the Lovense store storewide! There’s no better place to buy Lovense products than by going straight to the source, this ensures that you’ll only get high-quality, legitimate products with free shipping and the very best customer service.

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#3 Fleshlight STU (Beginner-Advanced)

We can’t discuss male masturbators without mentioning Fleshlight, they are #1 after all.

Now let’s take a look at one of Fleshlight’s most popular toys: The Stamina Training Unit. The primary aspect that helps this toy stand out is that it doubles as a pleasure and training device.

This toy was designed specifically to help train men to last longer in bed and improve their sexual stamina. The addition of the end cap to adjust suction allows you to incrementally raise the pressure you’ll receive from the STU. This is what makes this toy truly special – it may be Fleshlight’s most customizable toy to date.

Hardware & Capabilities

You might be saying to yourself “why do I need to train my stamina if I don’t have a girlfriend/significant other?”

I’ll tell you why, if you ever plan on putting down your Fleshlight and getting the real thing, you’ll want to be ready for it! Even if stamina training isn’t something that interests you, perhaps the customization options will.

After complex research and testing at our illustrious TugLab, it seems that all of the scientific evidence checks out. It’ll definitely work to desensitize the penis in a manageable and discreet way that translates well to real sexual encounters so when the moment of truth finally arrives… you’ll be ready to take your tuggin’ skills to the next level.

In order to get maximum pleasure out of your STU, we recommend using a water-based lube. This will help keep skin irritation to a minimum and pleasure/comfort to the max.

Where To Buy & Learn More

If you’re thinking about giving the Stamina Training Unit a shot, consider investing in the Fleshlight Launch + STU combo.

For the very best interactive Fleshlight experience, this is the absolute best option. With the training capabilities combined with the automatic tug experience from the launch, this combo has the ultimate package!

Since this has become one of Fleshlight’s most popular toys, it’s now available in lady, butt and pure orifices. This makes it a valid option for men with a preference for… men.

Still not convinced? You can click here for our full STU review or go straight to Fleshlight’s official website to learn more or buy your own!

#4 Fleshlight Launch (Beginner-Intermediate)

Now let’s take a look at Fleshlight’s own automated masturbator: The Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is another outstanding result of the partnership between Kiiroo & Fleshlight.

The vast amount of settings, interactivity, connectivity, and variety of compatible sleeves truly make this massive piece of hardware a feat of modern sex toy technology.

With a manual mode, interactive mode, VR compatibility, and even pornhub videos that you can perfectly sync, there’s never been a machine with so many tug-tastic options to get you to the finish line!

Hardware & Capabilities

Combining Kiroo’s advanced teledildonic technology with Fleshlight’s high-quality, comfortable Real-Feel Super Skin sleeves culminate in a completely new experience – thus, the Fleshlight Launch was born. The Launch can be used in conjunction with other teledildonic devices and promises both interactive and manual options.

Additionally, the Launch can even be combined with VR goggles for an even more interactive experience.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy your Fleshlight sleeve separately. The Launch is designed to hold almost any Fleshlight, with very few exceptions. Fleshjack Boys, standard and gold STU cases, and FleshlightGirls all fit perfectly.

Despite the advanced technology contained in this toy, the controls are quite simple to use.

In front of the device are two buttons. One is the Power button while the other is a Bluetooth button, used to switch between the interactive and manual modes. The other controls are on the sides of the device; one of the buttons controls the speed of the strokes while the other controls the length of a stroke.

If you’d rather have full control, then try out the manual mode. You can control the number of strokes per minute, up to a maximum of 180 TPM (thrusts per minute).

But if you’re more inclined to have all the work done for you, the interactive mode is for you. This is best used with the toy’s VR capabilities or while tuggin’ to your favorite porn videos.

Where To Buy & Learn More

As I mentioned before, you can give your wallet a break by getting the Launch + STU combo, this gives you the full package when it comes to interactive sex and stamina training!

We also covered the Launch more extensively in our in-depth Fleshlight Launch review.

Click here and use code: KiirooTV for 15% off your launch!

#5 – Kiiroo Titan (Intermediate-Advanced)

Now it’s time to take a look at the Onyx 2’s estranged half-brother, the Kiiroo Titan.

The Titan is a handheld stroker with new-age touch-sensitive vibration technology. It once again features Fleshlight’s real-feel sleeve and houses 9 different “bullet” vibrators, each with their own specialty.

I think what sets the Titan apart from the rest is the extremely intense vibration it provides, the stamina training and intensity is unprecedented, not only for Kiiroo but for the entire male sex toy industry. Imagine a toy with the intensity of Max 2 and the training potential of the STU.

Hardware & Capabilities

In my opinion, the single most valuable thing that this toy and Kiiroo toys in general offers are that it can bring people together.

Kiiroo has been instrumental in helping long-distance relationships prosper since you can pair a number of Kiiroo’s male toys with their female counterparts such as the Pearl 2.

The Titan has a grand total of 8.7 inches in length and around 3.5 inches in diameter. Thankfully, it comes with a well-designed ribbed grip on the side of the toy to prevent any liquids causing it to slip out of your hands at the worst possible moment…

There are a number of touch-sensitive pads on the side that offer complete control over the vibrations so you can tailor the experience to your personal preference. This also grants control of your partners toy, granting an unprecedented mutual masturbation experience. There are also 9 distinct “bullet” motors in the interior that vibrate to your liking, this is what helps make the Titan so uniquely intense.

The Titan offers a modest battery life of 30-40 minutes after charging for 2-3 hours. The only real downside is that it cannot accommodate penises larger than 7.5 inches. Although most men won’t have to worry about this, I wasn’t able to get the full value out of this toy, I am the TugBro, after all…

Where To Buy & Learn More

Thirsty for more exclusive TugBro knowledge? You can read our full Titan review here.

Thanks to Kiiroo, we have an exclusive coupon code to help you save on all of Kiiroo’s premier male sex toys and accessories.

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#6 – Fleshlight Quickshot (Beginner)

Now for a more affordable, yet intricate toy: Fleshlight Quickshot

It’s no mystery why Fleshlight’s are so expensive, they’re made of the highest quality material and are years in the making. A typical Fleshlight retails for 100$.

What if I told you that there was an option that was not only more affordable but also extremely sleek and compact? Never again will you have to worry about prying eyes while carrying around your pocket-pussy. Enter the Fleshlight Quickshot.

Hardware & Capabilities

There are currently 2 different variations of the Quickshot, the Boost & Vantage sleeves.

These toys are among the easiest for traveling around with that you’ll find, they are only 4.3 inches long, being less than half the length of a full-sized sleeve. They are also narrower, having a width of 2.6-2.9 inches. Not only are they smaller than the average Fleshlight, but they are also more compact.

There is an opening on either end, making entry and use easy, and makes the cleanup process even easier. Their compact size makes them perfect for a variety of discreet activities.

The texture of these toys is really where they differentiate. While the Vantage has a series of spirals with ridges to offset them, the Boost is a bit blander when it comes to texture with small ridges, interrupted here and there with medium-sized nodules.

For stimulating texture, go for the Vantage.

For the most compact Fleshlight on the market, go for the Boost.

Need more convincing? Click here for our full, in-depth Quickshot Review.

#7 – Fleshlight Quickshot Launch (Beginner-Intermediate)

Now that we’ve talked about the Launch and the Quickshot, let’s look at their lovechild: The Quickshot Launch.

So we know that the Quickshot toys are simple enough, being Fleshlight’s answer to the problem of their original line being bulky, not travel-friendly, and too heavy for prolonged use.

Using a dab of lube and taking a second to warm it up, the Quickshot is the perfect solution for someone looking to get more bang for less buck.

The Quickshot Launch is a new version of the original Launch with the Quickshot toys in mind, if you’re looking for an interactive sex experience on a budget, look no further.

Hardware & Capabilities

I think of the QSL as the blowjob variant of the original Launch.

It has four stroke speeds and length settings. These are controlled by a touch-sensitive pad on either side of the device, the pad on the left speeds it up and slows it down, while the pad on the right controls the length of the strokes.

All in all, it’s 14 inches long, perfect for nearly any sized TugBro. The strokes can go up to 250 per minute and allow me to toggle through three pleasure zones, the base, shaft, and tip. This allows me to focus the strokes on any of these three areas.

The settings increase the strokes by one second, the first option is about one stroke per second and the highest setting is about four strokes per second. There is also the option to vary the stroke lengths, again, there are four settings. The quickest setting is intense and powerful, I take my time to work up to the highest setting and highly recommend avoiding it at the beginning of a session to avoid damaging your tug-muscle.

Trust me guys, it tugs amazingly

Where To Buy & Learn More

We did a full, in-depth review on the QSL that you can read here for more info.

There are a number of combo deals that you can take advantage of, if this is your first time buying an interactive sex-toy, I recommend buying one that comes with some of Fleshlight’s high-quality product care accessories.

Click here to browse all Quickshot Launch buying options

Final Thoughts

As I said, buying your first piece of sex toy hardware can be extremely intimidating, it’s my hope that this guide made it a bit less of a nervewracking experience. All of these toys are valid options and all of them have the TugBro seal of approval.

Still not sold on any of these toys?

Click here for our massive review collection of male tug-machines.


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