Over the last month or two, I’ve become totally enamored with all things male enhancement. It’s only natural to want to continually improve on your sexual performance to keep your relationships & bedroom performance feeling fresh and exciting!

There’s no escaping the fact that as we get older, it becomes more and more difficult to keep our bodies in tip-top shape for optimal sexual encounters.. and it can really take a toll on your self-confidence.

But that doesn’t mean we should wallow in self-pity while our sex drive and libido slowly decline.. and eventually disappear. Modern medicine has its fair share of solutions for male confidence and erectile dysfunction but often at a very steep price with no guarantees.

When all else fails, who/what else is there to turn to?

TugBro, of course!

Over the last few months, I’ve reviewed all of the most well-known and widely used male enhancement pills & supplements, all the while curating the best insider knowledge on how to get TugBros across the globe access to the very best products for helping you take charge of your sexual performance!

Without further ado, here are TugBro’s top 5 best male enhancement pills!

#1. BlueChew

Putting BlueChew at the top of this list was an easy choice since I’ve personally benefitted from the affordable, convenient service that they provide.

Getting access to over the counter Viagra & Cialis has never been easier with BlueChew’s alternative medical service that delivers fast-acting chewable tablets discreetly to your door!

For a lot of men struggling with erectile dysfunction, the solution that modern medicine presents just seems to cause more problems than it solves.

For far too long, getting access to ED pills like Viagra & Cialis has been needlessly complicated and embarrassing. Going to a doctor to explain that your tugger doesn’t work, talking to the cute pharmacist at the counter, then paying upwards of $60/per pill for treating ED was the only option…

Until now.

What if I told you that there was an online service that can hook you up with a prescription for either Sildenafil or Tadalafil (Viagra & Cialis) through a quick video conference with a licensed physician who will ask you questions to help determine what dosage & ed pills are best suited to your situation.

BlueChew may not be a male enhancement pill per se, but a more convenient & cost-efficient alternative medical service that gets you instant access to chewable tablets of the same medicine pharmacies charge 10 times as much for delivered discreetly to your door every week.

Sounds too good to be true… right?

Wrong, and the best part is that all new BlueChew customers get a free consultation with a doctor & free 1-month supply of chewable tablets that taste great and go down easily delivered right to your doorstep.

This means you can try out BlueChew for one month and get a real prescription for Sildenafil or Tadalafil risk-free! This just exemplifies how confident BlueChew is in their service, and I can personally vouch that this stuff really works.

Remember that you’re getting largely the same treatment you’d get from a doctor/pharmacy but for a fraction of the price! Though aside from the huge price difference, the real selling point, in my opinion, is the incredibly convenient service that makes the pharmacy dilemma a thing of the past!

Why not join the millions of TugBros getting convenient access to affordable ed pills from the comfort of their home and claim your 1-month free trial today?!

Check out our in-depth BlueChew Review for more info!


#2. VigRX Plus

Next up is my personal favorite male enhancement supplement that has helped send my sexual performance through the roof in the last few months I’ve been taking it. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of male enhancement supplements or “herbal viagra”, then allow me to illuminate you…

For men who don’t want to use chemical solutions like generic Viagra & Cialis, or for those who don’t find pharmaceutical ed pills to be effective and experience adverse side effects that just make everything worse – there just weren’t many other options… until now.

By combining potent, natural aphrodisiacs and sexual herbs like “Horny Goat Weed” that have been used since ancient times to combat sexual dysfunction, brands like VigRX Plus have created these supplements with all-natural ingredients that can work even better than chemical solutions and come with little to no side effects!

By taking just one VigRx tablet daily, you can strengthen erection quality/blood flow, boost your sex drive, enhance your sexual stamina, and have renewed sexual energy to help you fight back against bedroom confidence issues and take charge of your performance!!!

 Check out our full VigRX Plus Review for more in-depth info!!


#3. Max Performer


Max Performer, similar to VigRX, is a potent herbal male enhancement supplement that uses naturally occurring ingredients that boost antioxidants to increase blood flow to the erectile tissue for bigger, thicker, more rigid erections that last!

While I think VigRX Plus is the absolute best male enhancement supplement for renewed male virility and enhanced libido – Max Performer takes the cake for the best male enhancement pills for length & girth of erections!

If penis enlargement pills are what you’re looking for – I’m sorry to say that it just isn’t possible without some weird surgery – but don’t despair!

While “penis enlargement pills” may be somewhat of a myth, there are certain erection enhancers like Max Performer or Pro Enhance that can improve erection quality to the point where the increased blood flow to the erectile tissue makes your hard member appear far bigger and mightier than ever before!

So if penis size is something you’re struggling with, sex pills like Max Performer might be just what you’ve been looking for!

Check out our full Max Performer Review for more info!


#4. Male Extra

Male Extra is yet another herbal male enhancement pill that focuses primarily on erection quality & premature ejaculation.

What sets it apart from the rest of the “herbal viagra” on this list is in the unique ingredients like L-Methionine that regulate the production of histamines which play a crucial role in achieving climax.

By lowering histamine levels, Male Extra can help make premature ejaculation a thing of the past – along with all the usual benefits to erection quality, libido & sexual energy!

#5. Viasil

And finally, we have Viasil – while it’s far from the most popular item on this list (being a fairly new product) I’ve gotten the chance to try it out for myself and it works just as good, if not better than the other products on this list.

If you’re looking for a male enhancement pill that has a bunch of positive user reviews & testimonials from real doctors, Viasil has been extremely well received since it hit the shelf and you can read tons of real user reviews from satisfied customers and approvals from real Doctors that personally vouch for its effectiveness.

Viasil is proven to enhance all aspects of sexual function from erection quality, to sex drive – all the way to boosting testosterone & sperm count!

Check out our full Viasil Review for more info!!

Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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