Fleshlight has earned its spot among the top male masturbator manufacturers on the globe.

Their toys are not only innovative and popular but also incredibly discreet in their appearance and more often than not, they deliver the most intense orgasms known to man.

Finding a good, affordable Fleshlight can be quite overwhelming, especially since their main line of products runs you around $70 to $90!

Most people don’t even realize that Fleshlight offers affordable options for those of us on a budget.

So, what is the cheapest Fleshlight? You might be wondering.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost is the cheapest Fleshlight on the market.

It only costs 34.95 at Fleshlight!

Besides the Quickshot, there are several other cheap Fleshlights available. I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best budget-friendly Fleshlights.

I’m going to go over the cheapest Fleshlights available that will prove that inexpensive doesn’t always mean low quality. Heck, everything on this list is manufactured by Fleshlight, so it’s basically guaranteed to be top-quality.

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What Are The Cheapest Fleshlights?

The Quickshot Boost$34.95 at Fleshlight ★★★★★ 

At a mere $34.95, the Quickshot Boost is the best cheap Fleshlight available.

It has two open ends and non-descript orifices. It is light, airy and easy to use. It is made with the same high-quality Real Feel SuperSkin that all Fleshlight products are made of.

The Quickshot Boost is the best cheap Fleshlight and delivers an insanely intense masturbation experience. It is great for new and experienced users alike. Whether you are on a budget or not, I highly recommend having a Quickshot Boost in your arsenal of masturbatory devices.

Thanks to the open-ended design, this Fleshlight makes any solo session phenomenal, but add it as a supplementary aid during blowjobs, and it’ll blow your mind.

The Quickshot is lined with thick bumps and tantalizing ribs. The open-end design also makes it the easiest Fleshlight on the market to clean!

This is a great Fleshlight for men on a budget looking for a cheap Fleshlight that allows room for partners to join in on the fun and is easy to clean. It is compact and comes in a discreet black case. The case can be used for storage or can be taken off completely to allow you complete control over the tightness.


Read my review of the Quickshot Boost for more in-depth info or learn more at Fleshlight!


The Fleshlight Flight Pilot & Aviator ★★★★☆ – 49.95 at Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot & Aviator cost a mere $49.95 and remains one of Fleshlight’s best sellers!

The Pilot is the #1 Fleshlight on this list for beginners who want to enhance their masturbation sessions.

The Aviator is the #1 Fleshlight on this list for advanced users who are looking for an intense ride. It boasts a compact and aerodynamic design that is great for traveling with and has a sleek and discreet look. While it is one of the more expensive “cheap” Fleshlights, it is more than worth it!

The Pilot was designed to provide a smooth, sensual masturbation session and provides stamina training to help you last longer in bed. Due to its smaller design, it feels better in the hand and is easier to grip than the standard Fleshlight. It has a smooth, hill-like texture and gives a thrilling ride.

The Aviator features numerous “pleasure rings” that make masturbating with this device incredibly intense. It has a hyper-realistic feel and offers a bumpy ride.

The best part of the Aviator is that it is made of transparent material – you can literally watch yourself penetrate it.

The Pilot & Aviator Fleshlights are great cheap Fleshlights for both beginner and advanced users alike who are looking for stamina training and relief from the dreaded “DSG”.

While it can get a little messy when you first start playing with it, after you figure it out and get the hang of it, it’s one hell of a ride.

They’re sleek, compact, discreet, and perfect for those looking to increase their stamina between the sheets.


The Quickshot Vantage: Blue Ice ★★★★☆ – $44.85 at Fleshlight

The Quickshot Vantage Blue Ice isn’t the cheapest on this list, but it is under $50, coming in at only $44.85.

It is made with the signature Real Feel SuperSkin that all Fleshlight products are made of. It is a compact sleeve with grinding and winding screw-like texture and blue color.

It delivers an amazing masturbation experience thanks to the unique texture that will produce a sheet clenching orgasm.

I absolutely love the stimulation in this sleeve and the fact that it’s a clear case and sleeve, allowing me to view myself penetrate it, is even more amazing. Despite its wonderfully detailed texture, it’s incredibly easy to clean as well.

*All Quickshot Products*

The Quickshot Vantage Blue Ice might be tricky to use for beginners, but for less than $50 it’s a great buy. I feel like it should come with a warning though, that beginners should be ready for a texture that will carry you away to the clouds!


The Cheapest Fleshlight Deal – Buy 2 Get 1 Free

If you already own a Fleshlight case and you’re looking to get more sleeves, the best deal on Fleshlight’s official website is the buy 2 get 1 free deal.

The price varies depending on what sleeves you get, but you do get one for free and generally save about $50!

There are tons of options to choose from and you can get three completely different stimulations in one go! If you add some Fleshlube or Fleshwash to your cart as well, you’ll also get free shipping! (don’t forget to use code TUGBRO10)

You can not only choose the texture, but you also get a choice between the original butt and vaginal openings for each individual sleeve.

There are four ribbed variations and two smooth sleeves.

The ribbed sleeves include popular textures like Wonder wave, Mini-Lotus, Heavenly, and Destroya.

The two smooth sleeves are the Lady Original Fleshlight and the super-tight sleeve.


Read my review of the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve for more info.


At just under $100, you can have your choice of three textures and save $50. This adds to your selection of sleeves for 2/3s of the original price.

What better way to diversify your Flesh-collection and save money at the same time?!

Why Buy a Cheap Fleshlight?

#1: The first and foremost benefit of buying cheap Fleshlights is that you will save money, of course. Getting a budget Fleshlight for $50 or less not only helps your bank account but also puts less stress on you in the financial department.

#2: Getting a cheap Fleshlight also helps to treat and prevent death grip syndrome (DGS). This is a common condition that affects men who masturbator often with a tight grip. Men who suffer from DGS often require more stimulation, and Fleshlight can help with that!

#3: Using a Fleshlight can help you increase your stamina (namely the STU).

Fleshlight can help to improve the sensitivity of your penis and prevent premature ejaculation. Stamina training with an inexpensive Fleshlight will help you to last longer in bed, without breaking the bank or putting unknown chemicals into your body.

#4: Improve your jerk-off experience tenfold. Yes, believe it or not, using a cheap Fleshlight still feels way better than your right hand.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a Fleshlight from our list, you may want to consider a few things.

If you enjoy the appearance of a Fleshlight, you’re going to enjoy the ride more than if you didn’t. The suction is another thing to consider. Nothing compares to the high-quality suction of expensive masturbators, but Fleshlight tries to include their signature suction in most of their products.

The suction will also depend on your girth and you need to pick a Fleshlight that will provide a suction level appropriate for your tightness needs.

Out of all of these, if you’re on the fence, I highly recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost.

It is by far the best affordable Fleshlight currently available and is incredibly versatile for its size and design.

My favorite feature of the Quickshot Boost is that I can have my partner blow me while we use it. That way she doesn’t have to focus on deep throating me and just tease my head (which I love) while we use the Quickshot Boost to stroke my shaft.

If you choose to purchase a cheap Fleshlight, I highly recommend only buying directly from the official Fleshlight website, as they provide the very best quality. Not only do they provide the safety of knowing you’re getting what you’re paying for, but you also get fantastic customer service!

*Don’t forget to take advantage of our coupon code “TUGBRO10” for an extra 10% off!*

Simply click the button below to redirect to Fleshlight and use code: TUGBRO10 at checkout for 10% off of your purchase storewide!

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I don’t recommend products just because I am an affiliate, I recommend them because I enjoy them and hope you will, too. I respect and value you as a reader and you can always expect my honest and unbiased opinion.

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